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  1. FUCK THE WHOLE GOD DMN WORKS OF YOU ASSHOLE REDNECK LOSERS!!!!!!!!!! go to other forums and its the same old crap--CANADA is shit pile full of dumb fuckin redneck losersssssssssssssss BUNCH of BACKWARDS ASSHOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU ALLLLLLLLLL!! IF YOU SKIN IS WHITE YOURE GOIN TO WIPE OYUT YOUR FAMILY FOR THE INSUANCE YOU [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Who wrote the laws you retard? Dumb twits like you give natives heck over your laws--whine about equality when you're the idiots who wrote the laws--grow up retard or better yet ask your local politician to write laws if the indians have it so good and call it DUMB REDNECK ACT! and rewrite the Canadian Constitution and call it the Dumb Redneck Constitution of Canada.
  3. Why would I want respect from a bunch of lightbulb clowns from some dinky assed forum? You guys are hilarious and make me laugh with your twisted so-called conversation, racist jibberish, DOP do you actually call those people that are out to use you your friends? I got you oon everyone of your points! No matter what the dumb scientists say--the aboriginal people were here first! The rest of you squatted! In fact all you rightwong nuts should lobby to change the name of your party The Squatters Party of Canada...the biggest welfare bums around who got free land
  4. Hence the term squatter...you didnt get permission you just squatted, squatter..
  5. If it'll make you happy native canadian DOGONPORCH then so be it--I mean really--who gives a crap whatever appeases that lttle brain of yours. Native is not used in the constitution ehh...
  6. Well they did jump off the boats and spread their diseases to millions of aboriginal people...yes gentle caucasian reader--great gramm and pappa were murderers
  7. Native is very general term nowadays. I think that is why aboriginal, First NAtions are used instead. Are you either? Or are you playing a twist with the term "native."
  8. I find it hard to believe that Dogonporch is a native. But I have noticed one thing--some of the real hated\ful ones are prt First Nations themselves...maybe Dog is one of them...people like him bleed the system then blaime the natives for everything. Nothing can be farther from the truth with Topaz's statement. There are a lot of dickhead arses in Canada who treat the natives like crap ovr laws that were written by whites--Go figure? It is those arses that give the decent ones a bad name on both sides...why do some of the non natives complain? Because they are sadly misinformed on the truth...basically they base all their opnions--including the right-wing nuts--on gossip and when things don't go there way--they jump up and down like some little kid who didnt get his way in a candy store--these are so-called grown men
  9. To me it's all crap! Everybody except natives are running around with dollar signs buggin out of their eyeballs and are out to use everybody they can in this plastic, shallow-phony world. Which begs the question, with such narrowminded phoniness, what is the glue that holds the shallow rightwing element together? Knowing tht you just use and will stab your socalled friends in the back--buy lots of insurance for your socalled loved ones with a scotty petersen lurking underneath
  10. Obviously you don't understand that laws contradict values...and this certain thing called precedence....who wrote those laws Mr Brainwave Lightbulb? The Indians sure didnt and to give them crap over that is childish! Racist? The Indian Act is the most racist piece of legislation that was written by whites you bozo brain
  11. "Most people " would interpret my comments about going back over to Europe as a teasing comment. I mean think of it? DO you honestly thing all 35 million of you "so-called Canadians" along with 350 million yanks would go back to Europe? You fell for my little joke lightbulb rightwinger? Secondly, you can try to prove otherwise with Bering Strait etc but it still does not change the fact that the aboriginal people were the "first ones here." SO once again we have lightbulb scientists trying to prove otherwise. If is not such a big deal then why did Columbus, and the history books that have shaped your brainwashed brain keep saying that Columbus discovered the America's when the natives were already here? Yet another lightbulb moment...one day you and countless others will graduate from flickering candle in the wind to 20 watt lightbulb, Then maybe the so-called grown, men of the rightwing element will start looking more mature...and Canada and the dumb-asses further south will grow up
  12. The only satisfactory compensation would be to ship the whole works of you back to Europe. And take your cranky, bald-headed arses with you and your right wing retarded mentality. And don't take a shower on the boat and when you get back to Europe you'll be replicating history when you walk off the boats smelling like pee and poop. The when you get there start writing laws on how the people there should live and watch the reaction
  13. If they want to start talking about shipping people then Borg and company should be shipped back to Europe...too often lightbulbs like Borg talk as though he was the first here yet his type came in a boat long ago---if you don't like it--go back it's as simple as that...what about the acts of terrorism committed to Canada's aboriginal people? Is that business as usual?
  14. Why would I want to flatter some cranky old fart?
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