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  1. I suppose this depends on your definition of war. For the purpose of it ending for Al Queda...well, they are still killing members of the US military and civilians, so to them it is still a war- they don't care what you think. They didn't care about Bush's "mission accomplished" either. No, but they never were in New York - Al Qaeda was. They are a different animal. If the Confederates/Federales/Germany/Korea went to New York, they would be killed. Same with Al Qaeda, but they don't care cause they will go to heaven and be given lots of women without face masks. I doubt "inspired" is
  2. Maybe it should have been done 12 years ago, but it should not have been done when it was. It was a huge strategic blunder, right up their with Hitler opening up a second front by invading Russia. You should finish your first war before you start another. In a war with Al Queda and Iran looking for nukes, Saddam, as weird as it seems, served US interests. The Iranians were afraid of Saddam and the only Al Queda members in Iraq were found in mass graves. Now Iran has left the reservation because they face no credible threats to their power. Al Queda has rebuit in large part due to the Ir
  3. No argument their. I never did understand the logic of a stimulus package. The US economy basic problem is that it runs on borrowed money. It consumes more than it produces and spends more than it brings in. You have record deficits and a rapidly aging population. You have an economy that is unready to face the future fuel crisis. The solution ? Borrow more money and give it to people who can go out and buy Ikea furniture to feel better. What they should be doing is letting the market work it out.
  4. It would be foolish to surrender control of our currency. Our ecomony is different than that of the US and we might end up needing a lower dollar, while the the US needs a higher one, or vis versa
  5. Iran has bankrolled many of the Shite groups in Iraq, both in the government and opposition. They could turn Iraq into a tinderbox tomorrow. They do the same thing in Afganistan - bankroll both sides. They control thousands and thousands of rockets in Lebanon. They control in Hizbolah, a sophisticated network of terrorists. They control the straight of Hormuz and could shut off a good hunk of the world oil supply. They have a very modern air defense system. If Bush didn't attack these people, Obama won't. They know that, so I don't think Obama is in a position of strength. Bush lega
  6. I think that remains to be seen. What Bush and Bernanke (the killer B's) will cause inflation. We have a record deficit and very low interest rates, both of which stimulate inflation. This will likely cause inflation to rise during the first part of his term. The rest depends on what Obama does. Is he going to move to the centre like Clinton, or go left like Carter. If he would tell the truth to the American people "you can't run an economy on borrowed money" and balance the budget, he might be okay. I would have prefered McCain, but anything is an improvement on Bush (even picking the f
  7. I really don't get what just happened. McCain lets the Democrats paint him as a clone of George Bush. In reality, McCain hates Bush more than I do. Outside of the guy who got his testicles blown off in Iraq, there is no greater victim of Bush than McCain. In any normal, ethical country, McCain would have been president 8 years ago. McCain said Bush was the Scare Crow, Tinman and Cowardly Lion all rolled into one (no heart, no brain, no courage). He said (indirectly) that he had a special place in hell. Why the heck did McCain stick by the frat-boy? Why the heck was there no response
  8. I think this is different though. Dion did not understand the nuances of partisan politics. Palin did not know Africa was a continent. Bumbling politicians can come back, people who can't spell potato don't.
  9. Yet he had to follow the wishes of the "base" who do not care if their candidate is brain dead, as long as he or she are right on the issues. He should have been honest, told the social conservative base where to go, and picked Liberman.
  10. :-). First post that made me laugh in a long time
  11. I don't know what is worse. Is it her performance in that piece, or that she has staff that would let a call like that get through. The people who did the call said they did not think it would work, until it became clear the people they were dealing with did not know who the Sarkozy was.
  12. Nobody is preventing Noam Chomsky from running for office.
  13. First of all, the great money raiser before Obama was Bush. With a few exceptions, the Republicans have out raised and outspent the Democrats. There was a case somewhere in the south were an incumbent Democrat was outspent over 50-1 by his Republican opponent, who won by something like 100 votes. Second of all, how much of a story was it that the Conservative party has outspent the Liberals in a huge way ? (those Dion attack ads were running long before the election). I might be wrong, but isn't the "60 seat majority" only applicable to a fillibuster ? I don't recall that tactic being use
  14. I don't think it was "made up". On the other hand, I don't think these idiots could ever pull it off. Just like the last "Obama assasination attempt", they were just dumbasses who could probably not assassinate a chicken. I really don't like the way it is covered on the news, why give these losers their 15 minutes of fame, but I doubt the coverage is politically motivated. Besides, if they really wanted to keep Obama out of office, they would shoot Palin :-)
  15. Dan Qualye made a run for the nomination to go against Clinton. So, I believe that would make her the second most deluded person on earth.
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