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  1. A lot of companies have a monopoly on the local job market, at least they do in my area where jobs are hard to come by, and thus don't care how others perceive them. Many of their employees have to work there because they have no where else to go.
  2. good point but i think the truth should always be told. maybe the population needs to be better educated and informed of the risks and benefits. I'm not the brightest of them but I don't see this deal helping ordinary Canadians, This stuff about monitoring the internet kind of scares me. Imagine if Harper knew I helped manage a forum critical of his policies. I could be charged with treason and thrown in jail. This country is heading down a dangerous road.
  3. It's a good idea but I don't think too many companies would sign on to something like this. Transparency isn't usually a priority for either business or government.
  4. That doesn't sound like a bad idea actually
  5. That actually wouldn't surprise me if Harper tried to do that. Robo-call scandals, secret trade deals, police brutality at the G20, and now secret enemy lists. I think our government is creeping closer to fascism every day. I think there would be a lot of dissent among the soldiers however, Harper's treatment of active duty soldiers and veterans has been appalling. I think Canadian Forces are more loyal to the people of Canada than the Stephen Harper government.
  6. you must be blind to the facts of life. Most HR departments are there to back managers and not the workers. Only if something very serious happened, like sexual harassment, are the managers held accountable (and even then not all the time). Also lawsuits are expensive and can usually only be launched by those with a lot of money.
  7. If this deal is so good for us, why is there not more transparency?
  8. Do you guys think that Trudeau or Mulcair will legalize it after Harper is removed from office in 2015?
  9. this poll was started in 2003? I just noticed that.
  10. Are you also anti-sex and anti-booze?
  11. Your opinion is backed up by scientific fact. Pot is safer than alcohol. I hope the OP is also crusading to make booze illegal because one needs to be consistent in their opinions. Booze is way more dangerous than alcohol. How many people died this year as a result of a pot overdose? None.
  12. It absolutely is essential for balanced mental health. I go to college with a few virgins and they have some mental issues.
  13. Agreed, Sweden is great in many ways. All the Northern European countries are but they have backwards views when it comes to prostitution. The government should not be able to tell consenting adults what they can and can not do with their bodies. I think the Netherlands has the best policy when it comes to prostitution.
  14. They could technically get laid but prostitution is in effect illegal because most of the activities surrounding it are illegal. The reason I keep bringing up socially awkward men is because I have several friends at university who fit that description. These guys are good fellows, kind, loyal, and smart but because they don't lift weights and never played sports as kids, they are socially awkward and women don't want to have sex with them. Many of them were bullied at school. Not so much the guys from Newfoundland because most people are nice here but some of these guys come from Ontario, Halifax, and places where respect isn't as common in the schools. Because of the fact that these guys are out of shape, not athletic, and because of their inhibitions due to bullying and possibly their innate temperment, they have trouble getting laid. If prostitution were legal, they could just go down to the local brothel, get it on with the hottest woman their, rid themselves of their virginity, and move on with their lives. I realize that if these guys started lifting weights and playing sports, women may start liking them more but I think age 18 to 22 is a little late to be starting that. Still I think that playing sports and being fit gives more benefits than simply getting women, I try to get these guys involved in intramurals and I invite them to come to the gym with me and out to parties. I get along with almost everyone so I'm not really worried about losing my rep for hanging out with "nerds", these guys are smart and I study with them because I only have a mediocre brain and they help me with university. I do sympathize with their lack of social skills. I tried to hook them up with some girls but the girls told me that the guys were nice but that their innate attraction mechanisms weren't triggered (they didn't exactly use those words, I'm summarizing them in my own). So the reason I keep bringing this up is because I know people in that situation. I remember back in high school where I had trouble getting women. I was a good athlete and strong physically but I didn't know all the lines and game that is required to pick up women. I wasn't captain of any teams or a star athlete, just another player and I played basketball not hockey and in Canada, hockey is king. Hockey players got most of the attention of the women at my school. Basketball was alright but hockey was were it was at. I was good at floor hockey but I can't skate so playing ice hockey was out of the question for me.I got some girls in HS but I wasn't a Casanova. Because I struggled with women while some of my buddies on the hockey team had a different chick every weekend, I appreciate what these guys are going through. I can't even imagine what being a virgin must be like, my heart goes out to these guys, When I got to college I was able to step my game up and learn what to say to women. Being 230 pounds doesn't hurt either. Women like big guys. I was kind of a beanpole in High school but college really packs the weight on, well some of that weight is beer. Anyways sorry about the long personal rant but that story I told you guys is why I support prostitution. It's not the only reason I support it. Safety of the women, the fact that the government shouldn't be able to tell people what they can and can't do with their bodies and tax revenue are all additional reasons why I think legal prostitution is a good idea.
  15. Exactly, the government does not have the moral authority over us to make prostitution illegal. The nation has no business in the bedrooms of Canadian citizens. What goes on between consenting adults is none of our business.
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