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  1. To any Russian, this movie/series is obviously fake. To anyone who plays chess, this movie/series is obviously fake. ==== Yet, around the world, Netflix is popular with many people - women more than men. My fear is when something becomes popular with men, and women.
  2. Money? Michael, before money, people first had to be able to write - heck, they first had to be able to count. Imagine a world of 50,000 years ago - the first person who could count. ==== 1) Are we creating numbers? 2) Or, are we discovering numbers?
  3. But you Americans, for the good of us all, you have made it possible to travel easily everywhere. Can I repeat this: you won the Cold War. I am always surprised when young back-packers (often American, west European) complain about delays in visa issues to enter some country. Ferchrissakes, you have no idea. You have no idea how we got to this world.
  4. Like Nelson Mandela, Michael gets my point. Maybe some others will understand -like Donald Trump- the future is a better/richer place. How do we get there? To this future? -prices, numbers, markets seem to work, they make us richer, better off, discover more -sharing, communal thinking, centralisation, such thinking doesn't work - they will keep us in poverty
  5. Let me consider any random person alive 5000 years ago and any person alive now. An aboriginal in North America lives better now than before - 5000 years ago. Even a poor Egyptian lives better now than before - 5000 years ago.
  6. Thank God for our federal State. The federal Liberals with Trudeau Jnr have seats in Ontario/Montreal only because of his family name.
  7. Trudeau Jnr speaks like Chavez. "Protecting the poor... Making society equal... "
  8. Many Americans choose to live abroad. Many foreigners choose to live in America. What's the difference?
  9. Some people chose to be here. Other people were forced to be here. And some people were simply here. ==== For some reason, for many people, this seems a big deal. IMHO, the future is a better place.
  10. The United States is not collapsing into dictatorship. And unlike China and Russia, the United States (250 years later) is still a civilised society.
  11. America split apart in 1861. Trust me, as a foreigner, this current American red/blue split is nothing similar.
  12. Michael, America is a place where a child of mixed race parents/language/religion can live. In America, the individual exists. In Russia and China and India and elsewhere, you are defined.
  13. In 2016, there is no question that FISA allowed people in the Obama Administration to listen to phone conversations in the Trump campaign. In 1972, the Nixon Administration attempted to do this. They mostly heard about hair-dressing appointments. ======= I am no qanon conspiracy theorist. I have no dog in this fight. But it is obvious to me that some Americans, for whatever reason, don't like Donald Trump. Trump? To me, he's just another American. Like Clinton, Bush or De Niro, another typical American. Biden? Same deal. Whatever.
  14. Trump? Dictator? Who recorded conversations of an opposing candidate and his staff? Nixon. And Obama. ====== All things considered, I reckon that you misunderstand America, and its Constitution.
  15. I am very tired of reading about leftist Americans who believe that 50,000 American deaths in Vietnam were a pointless war. Vietnam was an important battle in the Cold War. America won the Cold War. Let me repeat this: America won the Cold War. Nowadays, Germany is civilised and united. People like Putin and Xi wonder about prices, markets, exchange rates, interest rates.
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