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  1. Ordinary people received money, bad? In a macro sense, bad?
  2. A Ponzi scheme is unsustainable: less money in than going out. Our Canadian governments are sustainable: whatever the government, they can pay. (Nfld is risky but... ) ===== Justin Trudeau can borrow/spend based on his power to tax all of us, at any time.
  3. I checked: Canadian governments (federal/provincial) are well below 100% of GDP. The federal government (Justin Trudeau) can borrow/spend alot more before the Canadian government becomes a Ponzi scheme. ====== Bill Morneau was right to borrow, in our name.
  4. Has anyone asked about the CO2 emissions of these charity works? ====== Why does Margaret Trudeau have to fly around the world?
  5. I imagine a world without the collapse of 1914. Prior to August 1914 in Vienna and Lviv, like Canada or California today, many people of different languages, different religions lived together in peace.
  6. Sustainable? Think of the British royal family. I'd like to see a DNA test of Queen Elizabeth II - the woman on my money - and, uh, Richard III. Compatible with what? ==== Nowadays, so many people around the world want to speak English. Why? The Beatles? America? Shakespeare? ============ Make no mistake: among the several billion people on this planet, few are learning Chinese as a second language; Arabic, only for prayer. Far more people want to learn English - a European language.
  7. How can you "lose" a war but win a "peace"? ==== b_c, the "Vietnam War" was a critical "battle" in a larger "Cold War" that you guys - for the good of us all - ultimately won. Imagine if these guys hadn't fought. Think.
  8. Like Dunkerque, America fought/lost an important Vietnam Battle - just as Russia lost Rostov/Crimea. Lost battles in a larger war. But as victors, the American government has no desire to occupy Vietnam.
  9. Michael, Trudeau, several years later, talks about "power": https://www.cbc.ca/archives/entry/frum-questions-trudeau-on-his-criticism-of-the-meech-lake-accord
  10. CITIZEN_2005 You are dead wrong. Vietnam is successful today because America defeated the Soviet Union, and Deng Xiao-Peng took power after Mao's death. ====== If there had be no Communist China, Maoism, Leninism, Marxism, Soviet Union, the world would have avoided so much disaster, tragedy, harm and personal pain. === As a foreigner, I do not agree with the US federal government in every thing it does - there are several hundred million Americans, who speaks for such a country? As Charles de Gaulle asked: "Comment voulez-vous gouverner un pays où il existe 258 variétés de fromage ?"
  11. And to return to my point, walls are not the issue. In civilised societies (Norway. Sweden, Saskatchewan, Iceland - even Alberta), people voluntarily go to an office and pay their taxes.
  12. Vietnam, Cambodia? Both are now more successful following free market principles. Chile too. (Socialist Venezuela/Cuba are disasters.) And make no mistake that Lee Kwan Yew/Deng Xiao-Peng both followed market principles. Issue: Is China like Singapore or is it like America? ===== Note: I thank the guys who fought in Vietnam. Like Dunkerque, it was an important battle in a war that we ultimately won. America won the Cold War. The Soviet Union no longer exists. Thank God.
  13. If two people decide not to be together/trade - for whatever reason - that is their choice. The State should not force two people to be together. So, I fundamentally disagree with the US federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. ===== Should a civilised State be indifferent to a person's skin colour/sex/gender/choice of life? Yes, why not? Can I speak to my State in my own language? Uh, what language?
  14. Eyeball, wrong. In most of Canada, America (Red-State/Republican-voting), Australia - people do not have walls around their homes. OTOH, in most of the Middle East, rich China/Russia/India, families build walls around their homes. ===== Your example of Tofino is Third World/Fucked-Up Creep into Canada. I saw the same walls in Toronto recently. I haven't yet seen them in Montreal. ========= But to return to my point, did any of these homeowners pay their taxes? And how much did they pay? I recall that one State took aerial photographs to decide taxes.
  15. Can I make this make more clear? A Civilised State should never restrict relations between adult/consenting individuals. ===== Trudeau Snr talked about a "Just Society". I prefer a "Civilised Society".
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