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  1. You mean that the Chinese will simply copy what Americans want to do? No, I ask what rich Chinese will do?
  2. Communism is dead. Some young people in the west have resurrected socialism. ==== In Vietnam now, people are free to trade and travel abroad. Vietnam was one battle in a larger war. America won the Cold War.
  3. Agreed. xul, you offer several examples. ====== I trust the West, specifically the US. Leftists blame America for everything.
  4. Bruce Beresford made this movie. And he made arguably the best canoe movie about Canada. Based on a good novel, it is about a young Australian girl, discovering life, in the 1950s. It misrepresents both Australians and Hungarians but somehow shows East and West.
  5. America won: Nowadays, in the west, gays are free to kiss in public.
  6. 1. What do rich Chinese do? 2. What do westerners do faced with rich Chinese? ===== Europeans were once rich (Greek/Roman), then poor (Medieval) then rich again (Renaissance). I reckon that we are in a new world.
  7. No, the Soviets/Marxists lost. Mao and Ho Chi Minh lost. ===== America, the market won: Vietnam is now a free trading economy.
  8. It's called irony. Sarcasm? It's the opposite of what you say. You look at the sky on a cloudy day and say: "The sky is blue! " (Sarcasm is the basis of all teenager and much of Ashkenakzi humour.) Irony? Everyone else sees the sky. It's obviously cloudy. And yet, you say: "The sky is blue!" ==== With irony, we all laugh - and maybe you too later, Argus. In irony.
  9. Like Argentina, Canada is a wonderful country that has everything. Sadly, we now choose leaders as Argentina once did.
  10. Climate Change is like Astrology or Marxist Theory or Freudian Dreams: You can change the theory to suit the result. Argus, Have you ever heard of Karl Popper? If "Climate change is unquestionably true", can a proponent make a specific prediction/hypothesis, and test it for all to see? If not, I suspect that "Climate Change" is another false belief like "Eugenics". === I preferred the hypothesis/term "Global Warming". This was testable. I also prefer references to "Carbon Dioxide Tax".
  11. Part of the story. We, Canadians, know alot about the environment - and how to conserve it.
  12. My point is that we now lack a leader, speaker, capable to respond wisely to this minor/ridiculous virus. ===== Trudeau Snr was a remarkable speaker. He could explain well, in both languages.
  13. My point: Erin O'Toole is no Winston Churchill. Canada (the western world) needs a leader - someone to face this Covid. ===== It is obvious that Trudeau Jnr is incompetent.
  14. But Churchill was not their leader. ====== Neither was Hitler. Nor Roosevelt. Neither chosen by a democratic 50% majority.
  15. Like Adam Smith, for example. ===== So, why is North Korea a disaster - but South Korea rich? Why did the Soviet Union collapse? ===== But I have two broader points: 1. Prices, markets are good. Numbers help people co-operate. 2. Individual freedom is good. When individuals choose their own way, it is good.
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