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  1. I think that Trump is a very smart buffoon, but wise like a fox. Trump says that he wants to make America great; as a foreigner, I trust him.
  2. The Old Testament, the Book of Leviticus, was written by God-knows-whom, God-knows-when. Nevertheless, I read the words of such people - years later, maybe they have something wise to say. Superstition? Not at all.
  3. The CPP/EI are payroll taxes, and people stop paying after about $50,000 or so. People with high incomes don't pay - or they stop paying well before August. GST? You buy, you pay. To collect the CPP/EI/Income tax, the CRA people must collect data from millions of transactions. GST? CRA needs only to verify a few hundred thousand collection points. ==== Mulroney wisely created the GST and managed to create the Free Trade Agreement. Meech Lake was a bridge too far. IMHO, Donald Trump is Brian Mulroney, American version.
  4. "Of course?" WTF? Taxme, did this "better world" magically occur? ===== This world - Hitler/Stalin/Socialist - could have easily gone sideways, and become fu**-up Venezuela or even a dinosaur cemetery. So far, meteors aside, we're sustainable. We've dodged a bullet.
  5. Bush Snr vs Dukakis: 1988 https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/01/politics/willie-horton-ad-1988-expla iner-trnd/index.html Trump vs Biden: 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mUoogvEZu0
  6. 1. Punish the sinner? This is how you justify capital punishment? Heck, even the Old Testament states: "Thou shalt not kill." (I won't quote the New Testament on this.) 2. "A fetus cannot survive on its own... " When? Caretakers? Whatever.
  7. Compared to Trudeau Jnr and Gerald Butts? Or the NDP? Or the BQ? ==== In federal Canada today, this is our alternative. I reckon that O'Toole is a civilised leader for all Canadians.
  8. Taxme, by any measure, ordinary people live in a far better world now (2020) than in (1920). Why? Men born around 1920 defeated the Nazis and then men born later defeated the Soviet Communists. America won the Cold War. For the good of us all. ===== The US Constitution was designed to be changed/criticised. Go for it.
  9. When you buy a car or a house, you check many factors. When you vote, do you do the same? Yet your annual tax payments are probably similar to your rent/mortgage//Freenchcar payments. (In Quebec, I pay about $800/month in fed/prov tax. My car is less. My rent more.) Trust me. I spent much more time choosing my car/apartment than I did choosing my political party. And I'm interested in politics! ===== FPTP? As a start, I would prefer elections on the date that we pay taxes. I also prefer the Quebec property/French tax system: you meet an official once a year and pay the tax.
  10. dialamah, Christians? I have always been confused why some people oppose abortion yet accept capital punishment. While other people want to permit abortion yet oppose capital punishment.
  11. You lost me at "globalist". The Brit/American guys who fought in WWII - heck, the guys who fought in Vietnam - wanted a world where people could live as freely as they did. Russian guys in WWII? They were fighting for their life. (American guys? Never, ever forget that until June 1941, socialist Stalin was an ally of Hitler. Every time that you meet a Russian, ask them when the "Patriotic War" started.) ===== The Russian guys won WWII but the Brit/American guys won the Cold War. We are all better off because of "globalism". Nowadays, people are free to go where they wa
  12. I posted/started this thread before March 2020 and the Covid Panic. My questions seem more germane.
  13. Exodus 20.13 "Thou shalt not kill." (King James Version) ===== Yet, we send soldiers to kill on our behalf. Heck, policeman now kill people -presumably to protect us. And still many more people condone the killing of infants in a womb. Some prefer capital punishment, others oppose the State killing anyone. There is a debate about "life", when it starts. ---- Most women, like Milton Friedman, prefer the Freedom to Choose. Capital Punishment? In Canada, I wonder why Crown Prosecutors cannot use it as a threat: our soldiers do - heck, pregnant Canadian women can too, .
  14. Sarcasm: You spill milk and say sarcastically: "Smart move." Irony: You spill milk and say ironically: "I'm a careful person."
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