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  1. August1991

    Andrew Scheer Drinks Milk

    Heck, Trudeau Jnr and his staff ignore this at their peril too. ===== Lévesque et Trudeau Snr ? Au moins, je savais que j'allais entendre quelque choses de claires, intéressantes avec eux.
  2. August1991

    Andrew Scheer Drinks Milk

    This is a serious problem for Andrew Scheer, and his staff ignores it at their peril.
  3. August1991

    New American States

    b_c2004, Trump? Whatta a guy! He gets people from A to B.
  4. August1991

    New American States

    Freedom to choose... But how to live together.... ===== b_c2004, you Americans are the best neighbours that I could ever imagine. From Germany to France, Russia to Poland, China to Vietnam, Japan to Hawaii, you guys have never invaded us - except in 1812, over 200 years ago. And when you guys dropped nuclear bombs - you didn't drop them on us. You have never threatened us/invaded/taken our territory - as Japan did in China, the Soviet Union did in Hungary/Finland/Poland. Trump? Canada and America = we'll work it out.
  5. August1991

    New American States

    Those people? IMHO, the great thing about Canada is that no federal PM - at least since Diefenbaker - can get elected unless she/he sorta speaks two languages. ==== Wilber, did Diefenbaker speak German?
  6. Two languages? Half of Canada's milk is produced in Quebec. Do cows speak a language? ===== I happen to think that if I pay a tax, the government tax bureaucrat collecting the tax should - at least - speak my language.
  7. August1991

    Québec Provincial Election

    Watched the debate - not all - most. ===== Given world events, there are two elephants in this Quebec election: 1. Quebec as Iceland = an island, alone in the world 2. Quebecers as people who share among themselves.
  8. August1991

    New American States

    Those people? In Canada, you can argue with a federal bureaucrat, in French or English, when paying taxes. French and English are Official Languages in federal government dealings (and with the New Brunswick government). We have no Official Culture - we live in a bilingual, federal, multicultural State. ====== And let me repeat, to Swedes/Danes and Americans, the Canadian model works. Why? Our politicians are guys like Pearson/Harper/Bernier who try to learn the other language.
  9. August1991

    New American States

    Which Canadians? What is "Canada"? Many people living in Canada do not speak English. It is not their mother tongue. ===== Does this mean that any language is Canadian? Zeitgeist, our federal government has only two official languages - but it has no official culture. In Canada, we live in a bilingual, multicultural federal state. It works. We're civilized. Unlike Norway/Sweden - even the USA, we've done this for ages.
  10. August1991

    New American States

    You guys figured out how to change a flag from 48 stars to 50. I reckon that you'll manage to make it look good at 53 stars. ======== The CBC will refer to "Anschluss". The NPR will refer to "merging". Radio-Canada will refer to "Québec". I'll refer to Donald Trump thinking out of the box. Go figure.
  11. August1991

    NAFTA negotiations.

    When I put mushrooms in my omelette, I want to know that the mushrooms are safe, free of OGM, normal DNA, free range, biological - organic. I trust produce from Canada; you Americans - in particular from New Jersey - are a dishonest lot.
  12. August1991

    NAFTA negotiations.

    As if Canada were not rich too. By world standards, we're also rich - like Norway. But according to you, we're not mean-spirited - unlike America.
  13. August1991

    NAFTA negotiations.

    Wilber, There are about 12,000 dairy farms in Canada - half in Quebec. Milk production is concentrated among a few farms. These are not "mom & pop" businesses. ======= But I have a few different questions: why don't we have supply management for onions? Cauliflower? Beef? Brussels sprouts? Why not alfalfa? Barley? Why do we have supply management specifically for milk? Why milk? (True, we also have supply management for eggs and chicken.... ) If "supply management" is so good, maybe we should extend the concept to onions, beef, canola - heck, why not crude oil? Gasoline? Maybe the federal government should even "supply manage" the production of beer - and take this critical question away from provincial governments.
  14. August1991

    NAFTA negotiations.

    Donald Trump is explicitly seeking/trying to get the best deal for Americans. What is Justin Trudeau trying to do? What was Obama trying to do? What is Putin doing? A US president explicitly promotes Americans -and some people are surprised. Sad.
  15. Donald Trump is the kind of President/guy to propose/do/manage such a deal - out of the box thinking. Given the choice, would people in Alberta/Saskatchewan - most of BC - choose to join the US?