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  1. Strongly disagree. 1. Define "deficit". Canada - the millions of people living here - we have created a large sustainable wealth. What real wealth has Norway created that is sustainable? And in Quebec, what is sustainable? America? 2. Money terms? English Canada now has a CPPIB. Quebec has a "Catholic" Caisse. Typical Lutherans, Norwegians also believe that they have saved for the future. 3. Yet, how has any person in Canada, Norway, Quebec truly saved - compared to a mother/father in China/India? ===== The Norwegian "Statens pensjonsfond" has about $1 trillion - on paper. This wealth is entirely based on typical Lutheran belief that a paper claim on a real asset is legitimate, and will be honoured.
  2. Disagree. Left? Right? Team A? B? The problem with "leftists" is not "necessities/bad habits". The problem is that "some people" want to decide/control the choices of "other people". Yet, to co-operate, we need to get along. ==== Egghead, True - it may take time before the price of stupid changes choices. But look around the universe. When the price of stupid is high, there's less stupid.
  3. Armchairprophet, I admire both your naivety and your cynicism. ==== So, let's agree: Changing incentives changes behaviour. The greater the cost of doing something stupid, the less people do stupid.
  4. Raising the price/tax of cigarettes reduces the consumption/purchase of cigarettes - even if the government gives back all the money raised to everyone, including non-smokers.
  5. Absolutely not. ===== As I was walking home today in Montreal (I took a Bixi en passant... ), I wondered about this exact question. What is a "Canadian"? What is a "Québécois"? ==== I'm with Trudeau Snr: a language/religion does not define a State.
  6. Every time I walk by a drunk Indian, I don't think of Justin Trudeau. I think of Albert Einstein. And what this person could have created done.
  7. Years later, I largely stand by this post above. With this additional point: It is easier to reduce a CO2 tax than change a government regulation.
  8. 1. 100 hundred million dollars? Welcome to how politicians/bureaucrats spend "other people's money". 2. In derivative options, there's sometimes only a downside value (put options) - and other times, only an upside value (call options). I reckon that the current federal Liberal staff/people are exercising a put option. 3. Money, options. "Leftists" generally want to give them more of my money - as if that will solve the problem. 4. Residential schools. Other "Leftists" (years ago) wanted to educate them, bring them into the modern world. ==== The truly sad thing is that most aboriginals in Canada live so badly. Many are in prison. I walk by them in Montreal - typically drunk, high - near metro stations.
  9. The Toronto Star, Chantal Hebert - it is hard to find more federal Liberal. ==== Yet, "Canada" - this civilised place - is far more than her or the Toronto Star.
  10. https://www.thestar.com/politics/federal/2019/05/28/liberal-insiders-looking-at-mark-carney-as-trudeaus-successor.html Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership has not emerged unscathed from his trouble-plagued pre-election season. With a possible Liberal defeat this fall in mind, some insiders are already strategizing a path to the party leadership for former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney.
  11. Argus, Some 100 years ago, Norway had about 2 million people. Canada about the same. Nowadays, Norway has about 5 million people. Canada has about 35 million people. Yet we Canadians have two languages, and we're still part of a federal system. ==== Which "system" is sustainable?
  12. Aside the mountains,, water, snow, wilderness, ski hills, (Norway has all those - and dark winters too) - why has Canada remained civilized with several million immigrants arriving every decade or so while Norway remains basically, uh, Norway. 1900 Norway 2.2 million Canada 5.3 million 2000 Norway 4.5 million Canada 30 million ====== In the world context, we may be small but we Canadians have created a civilised society for tens of millions of people.
  13. Is he having fun? ====== I reckon that like his Mom in 1976, it's no longer fun.
  14. Strongly disagree. === Army Guy, we teach many kids, from around the world, to be civilised. Heck, some of the immigrants can even learn to speak French. Sugar Sammy
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