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  1. August1991

    Donald Trump (in 3 paragraphs)

    Zeitgeist, given your thinking, I fear for our future as a civilized world. ===== The Berlin Wall did not fall because of gravity. It fell because of, among others - parmi d'autres - those guys in Vietnam.
  2. August1991

    Donald Trump (in 3 paragraphs)

    The US lost Vietnam in the same sense that Churchill/Dunkerque lost WWII. ===== America won. In Vietnam today, as in China - people use the market system to co-operate. ==== Everyone in Vietnam, every Vietnamese today, owes a tremendous debt to a name on that black wall in Washington. Everyone in Vietnam today knows that America won. But... why?
  3. August1991

    Donald Trump (in 3 paragraphs)

    Canada's military had little to do with Vietnam - except as a UN player. I was surprised about Australia until I learned about America and Japan and Darwin. ===== Canadian soldiers fought in Korea.
  4. August1991

    Donald Trump (in 3 paragraphs)

    The North was supported by the Soviets and the Maoist Red Chinese - both now defeated. Maoist China and the Soviet Union both lost, they no longer exist. America won. Vietnam was not a war. It was a battle. It was an important battle in winning a larger war which America ultimately won. ===== The resolve of JFK and LBJ was correct - and of many young American boys, I am simply truly, thankful. Reagan (and me in my travels) merely collected the benefit.
  5. August1991

    Donald Trump (in 3 paragraphs)

    Weird thread (wld love to quote better but software makes it difficult). I note that Zeitgeist wrote this: Zeitgeist: We support the US government in most areas. I don’t like the level of impact. It becomes an issue every so often: Vietnam, invasion of Iraq... Then... ===== I recently spent some time in Vietnam. IMHO, Vietnam (like China) has adopted the Lee Kuan Yew Singapore model: Free markets. Those young American men who died in Vietnam made it possible for me to travel in Asia. Like Dunkerque, Vietnam was a battle in a larger war. I reckon that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, America won. (Que Dieu nous bénisse - can I say that?)
  6. August1991

    Target of virus/hack attackj

    Other threads are still under attack. Why is this thread/topic/category immune?
  7. August1991

    Quote of the Day/Week/Month/Year

    John O'Sullivan, November 2018, Link
  8. August1991

    Target of virus/hack attackj

    So far, this thread is immune. Why?
  9. August1991

    Target of virus/hack attackj

    Wow! ===== Why? (2 minutes later...)
  10. August1991

    Is the federal NDP irrelevant?

    Blah, blah, Marxist blah... In Canada, about 30% of filers pay no federal income tax - assuming that such people bother to vote. ====== In English Canada, federal Liberals were once perceived as CCF/NDP in a hurry. Since French-Canadian (Quebec) nationalism is currently dormant, federal Liberals can occupy the leftist space. But federal parties in Canada (Liberals traditionally, uh, conservatively - but Conservatives also) work to keep us united. === Given this centenary, we in Canada have avoided a Civil War and avoided a Great War. We are a modern Austrian-Hungarian Empire: We live side by side.
  11. Greg,

    Delete this nonsense.

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  12. August1991

    God's Language

    I have asked several people that I know, Muslims, and they said that God speaks Arabic. I asked: "Mohammed - the Prophet - may speak Arabic. But God?" They answered: "Mohammed speaks the word of God. It is Arabic."
  13. August1991

    God's Language

    The Lutheran Bible makes for a better world. The Koran does not. To wit, Sweden is a place everyone wants to emulate. Mecca? No one wants to go there - except by superstition. ===== In fact, they want to go to America.
  14. August1991

    Is the federal NDP irrelevant?

    Look at the recent US numbers: The Democrats - across the board - win in the popular vote. Republicans only win - recently - because of gerrymandering. Long term, Republicans are (excuse the expression) fu*ked. ===== Trump? The last gasp of America.