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  1. Strongly disagree. === Army Guy, we teach many kids, from around the world, to be civilised. Heck, some of the immigrants can even learn to speak French. Sugar Sammy
  2. The world does not lack for children. Like CO2, it has too much/many. taxme, we lack educated children. *** Large country? Our country is large, and cold in winter. Imagine how we could solve this possible problem of emitting too much CO2 if we had many more educated people.
  3. Disagree. Strongly. In Canada, you can vote for someone else. Speak another language. Yet still be, uh, Canadian. ==== "Canada", like "America", is a federal State.
  4. My conclusion of this poll is that many people are basing the success of the federal Liberal Party on Justin Trudeau, one guy.
  5. Serious. The CBC/Toronto Star both need another "analyst" of "French Canada".
  6. One day, years ago while in Toronto, I spoke to the wife of an immigrant - I'd met/known the family abroad. She asked, "Amazing. Different people here have no argument. How do you do this?" I answered, "We do. Such is Canada, and people here." ===== BTW, neither of us were speaking an official language.
  7. Disagree. Strongly. I reckon that like Butts, he'd seek another way.
  8. Disagree. ===== We simply didn't see the threat. I understood it later in life, once I had travelled behind the Iron Curtain, spoken to people. Trudeau Snr/Nixon were wrong. Reagan/Thatcher - like Churchill with Hitler - dealt with it correctly. (By nature, Canadians prefer that everyone get along.) ===== I reckon that Nixon had no political principle - except winning. (IMHO, he's the ideal politician.) Trudeau Snr, unlike Nixon, had a political principle - which justified him in Canada. In either case, both were wrong on the world scene. As I say, both Nixon and Trudeau Snr were wrong. Detente was wrong. The Soviet Union is now no more. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were correct.
  9. Because like many Westerners at the time, we were confused.
  10. How clueless can one be? ====== The "Vietnam War" is better described as the "Battle of Vietnam" since it was one fight in a larger "Cold War" that America ultimately won. Evidence? The Soviet Union no longer exists.
  11. I have been talking about this with others. I reckon that Justin Trudeau doesn't really like the job of PM. Moreover, I reckon that he's doing it because he thought that he could "do some good". But now, he's more part of the problem than the solution. Like Butts. ===== Will he resign?
  12. Mike, define the "US" - or even, "American". Their current flag has 13 bars and 50 stripes. (Subject to change. Many disagree about the bars - and even stripes.) ==== IMV, America is a place with 50 different states/countries, united under some very basic, simple principles. Abroad, we always see them as American. And they always describe themselves that way. But in fact, they're not.
  13. John Adams surrendered power to Thomas Jefferson. This is what makes America great. The peaceful/civilized transfer of State power without someone's death, between opponents. ===== Some 200 years later, we saw this tradition in evidence when Barack Obama stood beside Donald Trump.
  14. The last "world" wars started/ended in 1914-1945. Before that? 1789-1815. Before that? 1618-1648. Europeans always seem to fight every 100 years or so. And bring the rest of us into their disagreement. ===== Most wars are fought by young men, male teenagers. The next world war? I reckon that African, Chinese will lose. Americans too. West Europeans (Latin) will lose too. I reckon that Eastern European (Slavic) males will win.
  15. ".. aspire to be ... standards... right balance.... " Blah, blah.... ===== Trudeau Snr said: "how the majority treats the minority". I describe it differently: someone who perceives to be a minority: "a franco Catholic voting for a WASP - when given the choice of a franco Catholic". Others: Une mentalité de colonisé... ==== Yet, we Canadians do it.
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