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  1. As much as I hate to note this, Queen Elizabeth II is on our money, coins - since about 1953 or so. The modern, post 2000 absurdity is that the Bank of Canada wants more women on our money!
  2. Argus, true, but you are also dead wrong. === Trudeau Jnr is spending like a drunk sailor. But Trudeau Jnr, unlike a drunk sailor, can borrow on Mafia terms.
  3. Agree. Pierre Trudeau was a meddler. Justin Trudeau, like his mother, is foolish but ambitious.
  4. Argus, you describe - with hindsight - a Churchill in 1940 or so. You don't help to distinguish a Churchill in 1935 from the many people in 2010 claiming Climate Change. ==== I reckon that to win, the next federal Canadian Conservative leader will have to get a few more votes from low-information female, suburban voters - Trump style.
  5. Big Daddy Trump? Base monthly Social Security in the US at age 62: US $2209 Link Base monthly OAP + CPP + GAINS at age 65: Cdn $2000 == Despite popular opinion, the US offers generally better treatment of older people than Canada. Why? The US is a richer country.
  6. Scheer did not lose because he happened to be an American citizen. IMHO, he lost the election because he was a) stupid and b) not a people person. ===== I reckon that Putin and Trump are on to a key idea: These leaders want to defend/help/protect the people who "elect" them.
  7. This is 1972, but Trudeau Jnr is not facing Stanfield (Scheer has resigned) in 1974. Heck, this is not Trudeau Snr. The federal Liberals have Margaret for the next election. ----- On a much more serious point, I reckon that a few more voters will soon realize that the success of Canada is not based on the name "Trudeau" or the brand "Liberal". Canada works well because of ordinary Canadians.
  8. I met Andrew Scheer, in person, in Montreal, before his selection as Conservative leader. He sat at the bar and flipped through his phone and ignored me and the hundred or so other people in the room. I figured that he was either very smart or not a people person. During the election, in the French debate in particular, I understood that he was not very smart. He was clearly not a people person.
  9. I voted Yes for the simple reason that Scheer is now unelectable.
  10. I just returned from a trip abroad, trying to understand airports, taxis. If I were a foreigner, YUL is seriously f*cked up. ========= En passant: À Bruxelles, avant embarquement, j'ai vu de jeunes filles couraient à joie, malgré la mère couverte. Destination : Montréal.
  11. Nefarious, What will federal Liberals - Trudeau Jnr - do on October 22?
  12. The sharp decline in cigarette smoking occurred in the late 1950s when numerous reliable studies were first published. (Watch any Hollywood movie made in the 1940s compared to a movie made in, say, the 1990s or so. And they say society follows culture.... ) ===== Eyeball, You make a very good point. The issue is about the scientific method. Smoking cigarettes is potential harm to one person. Issuing CO2 is potential harm to our planet.
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