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  1. August1991

    Signals: How do honest people show themselves

    Angus, How to show/signal that you're honest? Abroad, I often merely want to show that I am truly Canadian. An ability to speak French and English, like Harper's French or the English of Marois is enough to show/signal that I am Canadian: the accent is obvious, eh. Then, foreigners trust me as a, uh, genuine Canadian - je pense.
  2. August1991

    Toxic Masculinity ad from Gillette.

    Dollar Shave gets it right vs P&G (at great cost, attempts an imitation) getting it wrong https://stratechery.com/2016/dollar-shave-club-and-the-disruption-of-everything/
  3. August1991

    Older women are not attractive to men?

    Argus, using your logic, surely men would seek older women who have survived at least one child birth. ===== My general thinking now about all these intriguing/moral/Internet questions: the human brain is capable of numerous connections. We can justify anything.
  4. August1991

    Should Canada suspend relations with China?

    I reckon that the current Chinese government is working under the 1980s Singapore model of Lee Kuan Yew. But the laws of the universe are neither Buddhist nor Confucian. ==== IMHO, if we followed the Buddha or Confucius, I reckon, there would never have been someone like Mozart who yearned, desired. So, I'm a bastard of Voltaire.
  5. August1991

    Signals: How do honest people show themselves

    But how to signal that you're honest? (Like bird calls, dishonest people can imitate honest people.) At issue, how to show/signal that you are who you say you are. ====== Canadians typically speak English and French - with some very bad accents. Few foreigners can imitate Stephen Harper's French or François Legault's English. And Justin Trudeau? To Butts' gratitude, he's gotta be Canadian.
  6. August1991

    Should Canada suspend relations with China?

    The Canadian government can close our embassy in Beijing and close our consulates elsewhere in China. It can order all Chinese government officials to leave Canada. ===== In 2019, we are well beyond this. Millions of Chinese people live in Canada. Thousands of Canadians live in China. Hundreds of millions of people, Canadians and Chinese, deal daily with one another.
  7. August1991

    The Trump Tax Plan for Individuals

    1. Any government has the right to take money from your bank account whenever it wants. Hence, the idea of government "debt" is irrelevant - as long as people have savings. 2. As a Quebecer, Trump's tax plan was, uh, surprising. I was surprised to learn that - before Trump - Californians could reduce their federal income tax by declaring their Californian state income tax as a federal deduction. Even in Quebec, I cannot declare my federal tax payment as a legitimate tax deduction. ===== IMV, Trump is making America more civilized, like Canada.
  8. August1991

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    I reckon that Justin, like his father and Mulroney, even Harper, sees the future as better.
  9. August1991

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Justin Trudeau is at 40+ in the polls. Unless he's a weird Hillary Clinton (and she won a majority of votes), Justin Trudeau will be our next federal PM. In 2019, with Trudeau Jnr, I reckon that the federal Liberals will win a majority - despite Alberta.
  10. August1991

    As seen on YouTube

    Dick Cheney? Maybe. Whatever. b_c, it's all about eyeballs - and which eyeballs see whatever. ===== Yet, reality exists. There is something we can all touch.
  11. August1991

    As seen on YouTube

    As seen on Youtube? Argus, wtf? ==== I may have noted/posted this idea before, even in this thread. The world changes: people can now use a telegraph to transmit a message across an ocean.
  12. August1991

    Target of virus/hack attackj

    Greg, Charles. Thanks. 1000x thanks. What did you guys do to solve this problem? ====== Make no mistake, this was not "fake news". This was foreign characters.
  13. August1991

    Target of virus/hack attackj

    WHATEVER, Why is this thread free from Korean/Chinese nonsense? 15/5000 한국어 넌센스 or 16/5000 中國人胡說八道
  14. August1991

    Target of virus/hack attackj

    Whatever... Greg, in this forum, what you are doing is good for... ... une société civilisée. ==== Yet, you seem to worry about a Just Society more than a Civil Society.
  15. August1991

    Target of virus/hack attackj

    Greg, As the kids say: whatever. ====== This website makes English-speaking Canada more civilised.