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  1. Chretien was great in English. ===== Levesque, Trudeau Snr were a product of the College classique. Even Chretien. The difference? Chretien was younger, poor. Levesque, rich, from Gaspe. Trudeau, rich, from Montreal.
  2. IMHO, Mulroney and Chretien were both good speakers but they were "politicians" while Trump is a "dealer". ===== IME, Mulroney was stiff in public. Chretien (like Diefenbaker) was a great retail politician. In a small country like Canada, it works. Justin Trudeau's also a retail politician. He should take care.
  3. In the short run, Canada's GDP was falling while its governments were spending. And in the short run, a small ship may be in the midst of a storm on the ocean - but in the long run, the seas will be calm. The short run situation of a ship in a storm is wrongly measured by its passenger's vomit - but it may indicate the ship's ballast. ==== BTW, I don't really care how our various governments pay for the spending. So, I ignore discussions about government debt unless it means a Ponzi scheme - Argentine style. Think about it: All Canadian governments (federal, provincial, municipal) have access to your credit cards and debit cards. What difference does it make which card they use? ==== It only matters if you don't have a credit/debit card.... But you can vote....
  4. I tend to agree. But as Americans say, I wouldn't sell Trump short. ==== Most Quebecers, almost without exception, think Trump is crazy, scary, a dictator. But then, they now say the same about Putin and Xi Jinping. 1. For many Quebecers (foreigners), it is strange/hypocritical that a US President would suddenly act in the sole interest of the people of the United States while these same foreigners expect the same of their own leaders. 2. Many foreigners don't understand how the US Constitution restricts what various governments can do.
  5. Taped? You entirely miss the point. ===== Kids today don't understand: Donald Trump is a pale imitation of Pierre Trudeau and Rene Lévesque. Like Trump, Trudeau and Lévesque attracted attention - and they said something. (Obama? For some time, I thought that he was like Laurier. He's not.)
  6. Argus, This is not the question. Trudeau Jnr chose her? Irrelevant. She's a female astronaut? Irrelevant. Francophone? Irrelevant. Heck, her criminal history? Irrelevant. At the federal level, our Governor-General is named by the Queen, an old protestant woman in England. This is the problem. ====== In this 21st century, Canada must become a Federal Republic. We need a better way to select a head of state.
  7. Pierre Trudeau was worth about 20 million when he died. He didn't do it for the money. His wife? She loves the limelight. His son? ===== To their credit, Lester Pearson, Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper, Pierre Trudeau managed to keep a federal state together without a civil war. Justin Trudeau has made Canada into a third world country: the family name.
  8. Mowich, I have to agree on two points: 1) Many columnists/posters claimed that Stephen Harper was bad/dishonest. Yet, Harper (and his family) never took a cent. 2) Other than the federal Liberal Party, this particular scandal has nothing to do with Quebec. It is people in Ontario who made the pay offs, bought favours. .
  9. Spanky, Like other countries, "Canada" is a complicated place. Fortunately, we have a federal State.
  10. I was thinking about this. Sarcasm is saying something obviously wrong - and knowing it's wrong. Irony is saying something obviously wrong - but not knowing it's wrong. In short, the Gods/audience are laughing at your ignorance. QED.
  11. I miss Trudeau Snr and Rene Levesque, and their use of language. Delight in French, good in English. Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien were pale in comparison. Nowadays, I have no one. Jacques Parizeau is dead.
  12. I remember that 1974 federal election. "Zap! You're frozen!" Then, Trudeau Snr did exactly that: he imposed a wage-price freeze, invoking John Kenneth Galbraith. ===== As kids say today, some 75 years after 1945, "Old guy. Whatever."
  13. WE? Money. These two brothers - like Epstein - gave money to people.
  14. Cougar, you are a zero-sum thinker. Are you a progressive? Not at all. BTW, I happen to be a conservative. ==== For some macroeconomists, a Ponzi scheme begins when government spending is rising faster than GDP. In Canada today, we are far from this.
  15. This is a complicated question: define "control". What do you "own"? Do you control/own the land/air above your home? If an Air Canada plane flies directly above your house, can you charge Air Canada for using the "air space" above your land? ===== Cougar, You ask good questions. Ask more.
  16. Canada -the country, the people, the rocks/trees, this space on this planet -is not in debt. 1. We have more real assets (rocks/trees) than paper claims on these assets. 2. We have a sustainable society. ========== Some Canadians are in debt. They borrowed to buy a house. Other Canadians have savings. They lent to to the Canadians in debt. Overall, added together, Canadians are not in debt. Even if we add what Justin Trudeau recently borrowed on our behalf, we are not collectively in debt. In 1946 for example, Canadian governments borrowed much more than our federal government is borrowing now. But if Trudeau Jnr keeps borrowing/spending as he's done recently, then we may have a problem. So far, the federal government is not a Ponzi scheme.
  17. Canada's federal government is not a Ponzi scheme. We all pay taxes. We pay more in than people take out.
  18. Ordinary people received money, bad? In a macro sense, bad?
  19. A Ponzi scheme is unsustainable: less money in than going out. Our Canadian governments are sustainable: whatever the government, they can pay. (Nfld is risky but... ) ===== Justin Trudeau can borrow/spend based on his power to tax all of us, at any time.
  20. I checked: Canadian governments (federal/provincial) are well below 100% of GDP. The federal government (Justin Trudeau) can borrow/spend alot more before the Canadian government becomes a Ponzi scheme. ====== Bill Morneau was right to borrow, in our name.
  21. Has anyone asked about the CO2 emissions of these charity works? ====== Why does Margaret Trudeau have to fly around the world?
  22. I imagine a world without the collapse of 1914. Prior to August 1914 in Vienna and Lviv, like Canada or California today, many people of different languages, different religions lived together in peace.
  23. Sustainable? Think of the British royal family. I'd like to see a DNA test of Queen Elizabeth II - the woman on my money - and, uh, Richard III. Compatible with what? ==== Nowadays, so many people around the world want to speak English. Why? The Beatles? America? Shakespeare? ============ Make no mistake: among the several billion people on this planet, few are learning Chinese as a second language; Arabic, only for prayer. Far more people want to learn English - a European language.
  24. How can you "lose" a war but win a "peace"? ==== b_c, the "Vietnam War" was a critical "battle" in a larger "Cold War" that you guys - for the good of us all - ultimately won. Imagine if these guys hadn't fought. Think.
  25. Like Dunkerque, America fought/lost an important Vietnam Battle - just as Russia lost Rostov/Crimea. Lost battles in a larger war. But as victors, the American government has no desire to occupy Vietnam.
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