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  1. You mean that the Chinese will simply copy what Americans want to do? No, I ask what rich Chinese will do?
  2. Communism is dead. Some young people in the west have resurrected socialism. ==== In Vietnam now, people are free to trade and travel abroad. Vietnam was one battle in a larger war. America won the Cold War.
  3. Agreed. xul, you offer several examples. ====== I trust the West, specifically the US. Leftists blame America for everything.
  4. Bruce Beresford made this movie. And he made arguably the best canoe movie about Canada. Based on a good novel, it is about a young Australian girl, discovering life, in the 1950s. It misrepresents both Australians and Hungarians but somehow shows East and West.
  5. America won: Nowadays, in the west, gays are free to kiss in public.
  6. 1. What do rich Chinese do? 2. What do westerners do faced with rich Chinese? ===== Europeans were once rich (Greek/Roman), then poor (Medieval) then rich again (Renaissance). I reckon that we are in a new world.
  7. No, the Soviets/Marxists lost. Mao and Ho Chi Minh lost. ===== America, the market won: Vietnam is now a free trading economy.
  8. It's called irony. Sarcasm? It's the opposite of what you say. You look at the sky on a cloudy day and say: "The sky is blue! " (Sarcasm is the basis of all teenager and much of Ashkenakzi humour.) Irony? Everyone else sees the sky. It's obviously cloudy. And yet, you say: "The sky is blue!" ==== With irony, we all laugh - and maybe you too later, Argus. In irony.
  9. Like Argentina, Canada is a wonderful country that has everything. Sadly, we now choose leaders as Argentina once did.
  10. Climate Change is like Astrology or Marxist Theory or Freudian Dreams: You can change the theory to suit the result. Argus, Have you ever heard of Karl Popper? If "Climate change is unquestionably true", can a proponent make a specific prediction/hypothesis, and test it for all to see? If not, I suspect that "Climate Change" is another false belief like "Eugenics". === I preferred the hypothesis/term "Global Warming". This was testable. I also prefer references to "Carbon Dioxide Tax".
  11. Part of the story. We, Canadians, know alot about the environment - and how to conserve it.
  12. My point is that we now lack a leader, speaker, capable to respond wisely to this minor/ridiculous virus. ===== Trudeau Snr was a remarkable speaker. He could explain well, in both languages.
  13. My point: Erin O'Toole is no Winston Churchill. Canada (the western world) needs a leader - someone to face this Covid. ===== It is obvious that Trudeau Jnr is incompetent.
  14. But Churchill was not their leader. ====== Neither was Hitler. Nor Roosevelt. Neither chosen by a democratic 50% majority.
  15. Like Adam Smith, for example. ===== So, why is North Korea a disaster - but South Korea rich? Why did the Soviet Union collapse? ===== But I have two broader points: 1. Prices, markets are good. Numbers help people co-operate. 2. Individual freedom is good. When individuals choose their own way, it is good.
  16. 1. Trudeau Jr response to Covid: Disaster 2. O'Toole response to voters: Disaster ==== I feel like a voter in Warsaw in 1939 - who sadly, couldn't vote for Winston Churchill. Heck, even British voters didn't vote for Churchill's party in 1938.
  17. No, I mean conserving/protecting nature. Letting farmers be farmers...
  18. I am simply amazed that "progressives" - who want to change the world - have taken this issue. Surely, conservatives, want to preserve what we have.
  19. I met briefly Erin O'Toole. I liked him. I met briefly Andrew Scheer. I didn't like him. ==== Likeability is not the issue. Conservatives have an obvious answer to conserving nature.
  20. I reckon that O'Toole will be overthrown, soon. In the US, a president requires partisan senate support. In Canada, a PM requires caucus support.
  21. xul, you don't get it. ===== America has won on two fronts: 1. The market system works and makes people better off: (Khruschev was wrong, Deng Xiao-Ping was correct). 2. An individual should be free to be what the person is. (The 1700s writers of America's constitution were correct; Lee Quan Yew was wrong.) My OP: Why and how did this American victory happen?
  22. I reckon that the written US Constitution will last longer than any culture or oral language. Hey, look at Islam.
  23. It happens to be 9 Jan 2021 as I write this. Will this Covid continue? - And people like me suffer lock down - to 9 Jan 2022? Dunno. In hindsight, people like MacMillan will no doubt have an explanation.
  24. The Origin of WWI is one thing. Why it lasted so long is another? IMHO, these are two distinct questions that historians (eg. Margaret MacMillan) largely ignore. In hindsight, we see that these European wars, economic collapse, lasted from 1914 to 1945. But for a person on, say, 9 Jan 1926 - it's not clear what will happen in the future.
  25. The Americas have been largely peaceful continents - except a violent war in the 1860s. Europe? The Europeans fought around 1630, then the 1790s., then around 1940s or so. Europeans are a violent people. I reckon that they start a war every third generation. Han Chinese? 5000 years of "civilized" peace - until the Europeans arrived. Of course, the Chinese have no Mozart nor Leibnitz. Only Confucious and Buddha, tradition. ==== I prefer America: creative but peaceful.
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