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  1. "Is Justin Trudeau the worst Canadian prime minister since his father, Pierre Trudeau ?" Yep....enough said.
  2. Well just a guess but the Conservatives will probably win a majority by a landslide in 2019.
  3. Of course at this point it is merely a discussion and a suggestion, but how would that work and would there be any benefit to such a union if it actually happened? Logistically speaking having a Canadian Province on the other side of the pond would seem like a nightmare. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/04/06/scotland-join-canada_n_15851320.html
  4. Here is to hoping you are right but the USA sure seems to be preparing for a fight...it just feels different than the normal posturing we have all grown used to. I think the reason the USA hasn't attacked is exactly because of what I mentioned in my first comment...Seoul will be hit be a massive artillery barrage in the opening phase of war...nobody that is rational wants that outcome but I think the US has reached the conclusion that sooner or later it is going to happen anyway so might as well deal with it now.
  5. In my opinion this situation is heading for an all out War and before it is over millions could perish, appeasing North Korea over the years has only embolden it to become more aggressive. Now the USA and her allies are in the unfortunate position that they will have to act militarily against NK before they get more Nukes and become even more dangerous; there is little doubt that the USA will militarily defeat NK in an all out war but not before NK unleashes all hell on South Korea and Japan first.....crazy world we live in.
  6. Understood, but it seems the UN has become one sided focusing more on Israel and not much else. I think you are going to see now more than ever the UN will have less and less influence on other Countries, eventually it will cease to exist as Countries drop out.
  7. I suspect Israel will likely not comply with the resolution in the least bit.....maybe the UN has outlived it's usefulness in today's world?. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/un-west-bank-settlement-israel-1.3910741
  8. Good for Britain, the British made their choice despite all the fear mongering to remain.
  9. I truly hope Peter MacKay returns as the leader of the Conservatives.
  10. Honestly I thought when Russia went into the Ukraine that was going to trigger off a major confrontation...hopefully the World will get through ISIS and N Korea situation without a War.
  11. The time has come for a strong Leader....8 years of weak leadership from Obama and left-wing failure in Europe has all contributed to the rise of Trump.
  12. Yes there have been dark times in the past but things seem different today. Russia seems more like a loose cannon and the ISIS/Syria situation isn't helping.
  13. I must say reading the news in the morning can get quite depressing, It makes me think where is our World heading? With dwindling worldwide natural resources....a more aggressive militaristic Russia/China and North Korea ....spreading ISIS.... USA testing and upgrading their nuclear weapons and Trump possibly winning future President....Turkey(NATO) and Russia tensions after Turkey shot down a Russian Jet. So how long do people here think it will be before this will all leads into an all out conventional world conflict and maybe possibly leading into a full Nuclear exchange between various ac
  14. This has to be extremely unsettling for Japan, I would suspect the Japanese will soon start on a crash Nuclear Weapons program to counter the N Koreans. They already have functioning Nuclear reactors it would be little effort to create a small Nuclear deterrent against their crazy N K neighbor.
  15. We will see if that is true next election i guess.
  16. Should be an interesting election this time around! http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/945363--conservatives-looking-at-a-majority-new-poll-shows?bn=1
  17. I couldn't agree more! There should be no prisoners taken when it comes to these Pirates from this point on. The Navies patrolling that area can certainly use some good ole target practice with their deck guns and missiles. All Freighter and Tanker Ships should have heavily armed crews with side arms and automatic weapons along with having small deck guns mounted. I don't understand why that hasn't been done already, seems like the cost of arming these crews and Ships is a small price to pay for security against these animals.
  18. Looks like these Pirates have changed their tactics from simple kidnapping for ransom to all out murder! Maybe the rules of engagement should change as well to blowing these animals out of the water on sight with no exceptions. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2011/02/22/somali-pirates-yacht.html
  19. Well that would be up to them but if they soon don't speak out they will start seeing a backlash from Europeans....the Germans and French are already heading that way.
  20. This statement does seem to hold some truth to it. Muslim's should be jumping all over this terrorist act that occurred in Sweden and the same goes for the Cartoon thing! they should speak out against violence and although many do, many do not and that is what needs to change.
  21. They must have thought that they would assimilate into Western/European Culture nicely and i am sure that many of them have...however it looks like there are many who have not!
  22. Saayyy Whaaaa??? who said a word about Genocide??? by taking action i meant changing Immigration policies with better screening of who is allowed into the Country.
  23. If the Muslim's ever wish to be accepted in Europe they should come out and denounce this terrorism or it will be Sweden and Europe that will "take action" against the Muslims.
  24. According to the news this attack has an Islamic link...wasn't that cartoonist that depicted Allah come from Sweden? My thinking it may be related to that. I agree with you though! i believe we are witnessing the beginning of the end of Civilization as we know it....10-15 years from now it will come down to the law of the jungle world wide and survival of the fittest...sad but true.
  25. This type of attack will likely only continue to increase and get worse in the coming years in Western Countries, unfortunately it is only a matter of time before it happens here in Canada.
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