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  1. No, if I wanted to attack the source I would have have called you an idiot and questioned your expertise in the study of climate change... What I did instead was google the title, and all that came up we numerous right-wing blogs, message board posts... so I "asked" for a legitimate news source...
  2. So plan on posting a link to a legitimate news source...? As for what is going to be done to "discredit" him, I'm guessing reliance on objective scientific fact, reasoned and scholarly arguments... a dearth of which seems to constantly afflict the "Global Warming skeptics" crowd...
  3. Well, people used to believe that the world was flat, and more recently that wife abuse didn't happen, so... if you don't care to know the truth, feel free to keep wallowing in complete ignorance...
  4. We all need to keep in mind that tango's opinion on this is born of the fact that she considers Six Nations to be in a similar boat, and for the world to start dealing more directly with petty terrorist states would create a climate in which Six Nations would be dealt with as it should be.
  5. Seems to me like you're just trying to cover your tracks for fear of being labelled a "homophobe".
  6. Well, it's a process that would take hundreds of millions of years to occur, so perhaps "fling" is a bit of a mis-characterization.
  7. No, I mean what you wrote--eg. "attempting out 'out' here"--is complete gibberish. It makes no sense, it's improper use of the English language.
  8. Boy, you really seem to have a reading comprehension problem. There's a considerable difference between the statements: Homosexuals are pedophiles, and pedophiles who abuse boy are homosexuals. I would suggest reading a few books on intoductory Logic, but it seems to me that you would just be wasting your time.
  9. There isn't? Try "The Autobiography of an Englishman" by 'Y', or from the lesbian perspective "The Vagina Monologues"...
  10. Of course they want it, they're not here to be faithful, loyal, and obedient Canadian citizen.
  11. The problem is, pedophelia is openly advocated by some in the gay community under the guide of "pederastry". You know full well that deviant sexual behaviour is viewed by the Church as a sin, but there will always be individuals who will exploit the Chruch and its trusting environment to fulfill their sexual urges. The Canadian pedophile caught in Malaysia or wherever is one such example. I wouldn't say that they "protected" these people, rather have a different notion on how the sinner should be treated; I'm sure these people were expected to seek a solution through their faith, but w
  12. You mean people who actually think is a "problem" in your opinion? There's a surprise...
  13. AH HA!!!! I was right!!! It's happening over in England, so it's just a matter of time...
  14. No, not anti-military, per se; I just think that the current Canadian Forces is filled with a bunch of trigger-happy, bloodlusting goons and social misfits. A real military is founded on a true militaristic tradition, and that is something Canada does not have. I have the utmost respect for the men of WWI and WWII, but they were of a completely different breed than the spoiled, hedonistic middle class suburbanites that make the Canadian Forces their vocation.
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