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  1. Oh, and you are a member of an alien species yourself so you can give us that uniquely alien perspective? All that stuff you mentioned is old hat. Very old hat. Mind you so is the rest of the stuff on this thread now. In order to crawl outside the box you have to do some novel thinking and what you just uncrated was your mental brain run-on mixed with a heaping spoonful of condescension and delivered from the back of the bus. Try harder. You forgot to link your verbosity to the subject of the thread which in itself has become mundane. It's hard to believe this thread lasted this long.
  2. Those were good answers but we always get stuck on how to get something from nothing. My contention is that there has never been a state of absolute nothing. Even nothingness takes space.
  3. An article in the Toronto Star this morning December 12, 2013 reveals the Harper administration for what it is - crooks looking to hide their less than stellar activities from ever being made public. In particular Stephen Harper may have the largest stake in this as his office staff likely are privy to things he'd prefer were never made public. Who else can we think of in that same pickle? The name Dalton McGuinty comes to mind. I've spent a lot of time investigating his activities and they read like he orchestrated a crime wave against Ontario. Harper seems to have his own skeletons in t
  4. godfacturing falls apart when you stop to consider; who made God? My theory is that there has never ever been nothing. The state of 'is' demands that there is always something. You know that from the fact that nature is conservative and always uses previous solutions and adapts them to solve evolving challenges. You know there is always something because every time you think you've done something really great, there is always something that spoils it's absolute perfection. There is always a fatal flaw to allow for the disruption of the whole. Our state of being and the entire cosmos operate
  5. If you want to get picky, there is no such thing as intelligent design. There is such a thing as an intelligent designer. Design is the work done by a designer. It has no life, no decision making abilities one way or the other and while a design can form spontaneously on its own, once started it can't reverse it's position and start over. A designer can. The important events that occur in the universe happen on the sub-molecular scale. If we were able to backtrack to the beginning of nothingness, we would find that nothingness wasn't empty. All the basic elements needed probably existed as s
  6. I agree with everything you've said Bleeding Heart. Christianity has been the cause of more brutality, bloodshed, and every other form of abuse we could imagine and then some. However, one thing we have come to understand in recent years is that we don't need to convert everyone to Christianity. We don't have to kill everyone who disagrees with us. Islam has not arrived at that enlightened state and I doubt it ever will. Not because they lack the intelligence but because we are all going to lack the time. Global Warming and Climate Change, the weather components of Chemical Winter are going
  7. My original post is based on Christianity because that is the religion I'm most familiar with not because abuse of women is less in other religions. In fact it is generally worse. As for the length, well I don't write in point form. Some misconceptions that need to be cleared up: Abuse of women existed long before the printing press. It's a form of bullying and bullying is part of the nature of all living things as a survival of the fittest trait we are all hardwired with. We educated humans strive to rise above this because we see value in all people, weak or strong. Indeed that is one of
  8. Margrace what you did was commendable. Clement "jumping" on you tells you something important - you did the right thing and you struck a nerve. Do you seriously think McGuinty will thank me for stirring up a hornet nest in the Legislature by asking him for him to be charged with criminal offenses? Is Premier Wynne likely to give me a hug when she sees me? Tim Hudak, PC Leader, Ontario RE: Your staffer e-mail earlier today on your behalf Dear Tim, Kathleen and Andrea, The item below is posted on a Canadian website devoted to political discussions. It’s a reply to a previous post but it h
  9. Yeah maybe the fact that I spelled it out for Hudak in simplistic terms nudged a switch in his brain. At least his brain has a switch to switch. So Boges, what would it take for you to agree with criminal charges against McGuinty? Murder? The criminal charges that I said could be laid against McGuinty, his staff and the Energy Minister Chris Bentley are only a few of the charges that could be laid. There are lots more that could be laid if they choose to throw the book at him as he richly deserves. Having leaders take advantage of the public as McGuinty has is the way democracies ar
  10. If you have not yet written your MPP about this, now is the time before you forget. Democracy is fragile. Use it or lose it.
  11. Boges, that is exactly right. McGuinty and his style of governance has been more than a threat to democracy in Ontario. He rule had been a steady erosion of democracy from beginning to end. The Ford thing does not affect democracy. The Harper/Senate issue may end up improving democracy. The reason this site exists is so people can learn what their rights are and start to exercise them. When I was posting here years ago I found the people here were all talk no action. A waste of cyberspace which is saying something. Here it is years later and unless I'm very much mistaken, nothing has c
  12. Read Section 397 of the Criminal Code - that is the applicable legislation. That act does not come with jail time.
  13. One thing for sure, we won't keep our credit rating unless Ontarians show they deserve it and are prepared to hold reckless politicians accountable. Why would any credit company believe we should have a good credit rating if we are not prepared to hold the money managers and spenders to account for what they do? That is exactly why McGuinty has to be indicted! Whew! Heeellllooooo! All three of you have failed to grasp an essential point. It is not about the ability of taxpayers to pay it back. It's about making sure the money is used to create wealth and not misspent. The debt doesn't matter
  14. Thank your lucky stars for each and every good teacher you had. Hope like hell you escaped relatively unscathed from the bad ones. The problem as I see it is one where there is a systemic lack of respect going both ways that has generated a race to the bottom. Who's to blame? Well in the sixties a social revolution occurred. Students started to rebel against their teachers and got away with it to the point where dress codes changed, faltered and were discontinued. There were no drugs. Then there were. The students of the sixties became parents of the seventies and eighties and their drug
  15. Well I've defined for you CliffStir how the thieves can be sent to jail. If you really want to put your money where your mouth is, you need to say so under the proper thread where we can use it to make your wish reality. That I think would make both of us happy and strengthen democracy in Ontario.
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