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  1. Stop smelling the dead roses already.
  2. Where did you go to school? Your English is absolutely atrocious. It's hard to understand what the hell you are trying to say. Get someone to read your posts before you "add reply". Good grief!!!
  3. Gotta admire Phil Anselmo`s intensity.

  4. HA HA.....OK....MICHAEL. You must live an exciting life. haha I can`t wait for you to find out more. hahahha Have fun.
  5. Too bad most of you refuse to seek the truth. Look where else tax dollars are spent.
  6. If the residents of B.C. want their province destroyed...then sure....why not?
  7. Too bad he's always wrong. The guy makes a career of posting on this forum . Nuff said. Mind you punked, you haven't been right about anything yet, so what would you really know.
  8. Why do you have to ruin a thread by insulting someone you disagree with? Grow the #@$# up buddy.
  9. Charlie Angus is an opportunist. Just a typical NDPer. But nobody should be surprised at that.
  10. The NDP is a sinking ship. They should enjoy their first and last term of prominence. People are growing tired of union thuggery.
  11. Your post is all hearsay.I don't subscribe to hearsay. don't respond to my posts unless you are willing to deal with the truth.
  12. What are you? The forum mother?
  13. 1%. That's laughable. More like 40% of NDP membership leans to the Socialist Caucus.
  14. You are wrong again. The socialist Caucus is quite prominent within the NDP rank and file.
  15. Umm.... Assholiness aside, here's a start. http://www.ndpsocialists.ca/
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