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  1. Turn The Page The latest ad from the Federal Liberal Party. Looks like Dion is realizing he has to attack Harper because Harper is vulnerable on a lot of issues, especially the economy. He's a dinosaur, and we are a progressive country. It's time to evolve.
  2. Exactly... when you have to resort to his clothing choice and a scripted attempt to show he's not a robot as 'accomplishments'... then you probably shouldn't be questioning a guy who's led the UN's leadership.
  3. I am neither... merely a Canadian citizen and proud Liberal supporter tired of my party and a great man being smeared with lies.
  4. I notice you're still unable to say one thing Harper HAS done. Because you can't name one, and neither can your party
  5. This Is Dion Check out the REAL Stephane Dion in this new site which will debunk all of the myths perpetuated by the Conservatives. Dion is a nice, compassionate, honest, accomplished leader, with a proven track record of getting things done on a national and international level. He passed the Clarity Act, legislation which kept Canada a united country and stopped separitists from breaking this country up. He also led 182 countries to fight climate change, LED BY CANADA, when he was the president of the UN conference on climate change hosted in Montreal. Dion is a leader, and has the reco
  6. THE GREEN SHIFT The thing people don't understand is that the green shift will cut taxes and create jobs. Not only that, it will create GOOD, DECENT and PROGRESSIVE jobs. It's a fantastic and innovative piece of politics. Doing Canada proud and putting us ahead of the rest of the world.
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