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  1. Well, I'll be fair - if the US, Canada, Britain and other Nato allies attacked Iran, Iran can attack Turkey. But this will mean the end of the regime.
  2. He did it well - the way I remember, he was charming when he said it, which is a better approach.
  3. I heard this somewhere, when he told some demonstrators, "Come on, get off your asses; get a job". Can someone point me to a video where he said that? I think I heard that quote on "The Greatest Canadians", though I'm not sure. Thanks for your help.
  4. I have very little sympathies for the CBC.
  5. I'm a neocon, and I'm ready to intervene, though I think Iran deserves our attention first, because it's getting close to getting a nuke. And the current team at the White House are NOT neocons; they're liberal interventionists.
  6. Then we should break up the camps. We don't want to create cesspools in our city. If they're homeless and druggies, they should go to homeless shelters and treatment centres respectively, not the front of Vancouver. And the purpose of Occupy Wherever is NOT to provide a tent for such people; the purpose is to protest against whoever they've got a beef with at the moment.
  7. If they OD and turn their site into a junkie's paradise, then they're proving that they're no better than the druggies elsewhere, in which case they should leave and go to treatment centres. I don't see druggies camping out on Hastings and Main - some do go to homeless shelters, you know.
  8. And it's turning violent - in Vancouver, the occupiers have bitten two police officers. I hope the constables get checked for rabies.
  9. A death has occurred at Occupy Vancouver. This phenomenon isn't going to last long.
  10. The movement has no leadership and no real solutions to very difficult problems, so, in the end, it can't accomplish anything above a protest message. And, without leadership or a platform, it will fizzle out. One more thing - some have said they don't need leadership, and they don't have a central agenda, so they're trying something new. They have forgotten the lessons of history, because that was tried in the 1960's and 1970's, with anti-business businesses and so on, but that didn't go anywhere, because any social organization needs leadership and management, and it also needs a central mission and core values.
  11. Many people, including me, are upset at the Liberals for introducing the HST after they said they wouldn't do it, and they're not too happy with the sloppy response to the recent riots, so they may not want to vote for the governing party. OTOH, they also don't want to vote for the NDP, which had an even more disastrous run. So the only alternative, it seems, is the Conservative Party. The question then is if they can create a proper team so as to win the next election.
  12. When I think of the CBC, I can only say, "privatize, privatize, privatize."
  13. Yesss! The thing is that the Liberal government said it wouldn't do it, then, after the election, turned around and did it. And it had to be punished for that.
  14. They should also be charged with manslaughter, because they tasered him several times while he was down.
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