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  1. I say let them all go intot the first stages of bankrupcy so they can force the Unions to cut slaries, get rid of the job bank, hold pension pay-outs until a worker is 60 not just 25 years worked (my buddy retired at 47 and collects his full GM pension now plus has a new job.) Then do a top down reform cutting many managment positions, and trim the fat out of the company so it will be profitable like all the Japanese auto makers that have Auto factories in Canada and the USA.
  2. Come on, even I know the answers to these and I am the least religious person you will meet. Romans 1 is the answer about the gays not doing what is right. And in the 10 Commandments there is "Thou shall not kill" , Christians, Jews, Muslims and many non-religious people believe and hold firmly to the fact life begins at conception since the cells begin taking on their own form assisted by the mother's body but still independant in nature thus to abort is KILLING a human life. I love how so many "Save the whale, seals, trees, enviroment" people are also the first to choose Pro-choice. Is
  3. "How do we do this you ask? Simple, allow individuals to deduct interest payments from their major investment, their own homes. This will spur the housing industry and provide personal tax reductions which in turn will allow individual consumers to use those additional funds to purchase other consumer goods. Create a made in Canada policy that eliminates GST from goods produced and purchased in Canada. Provide tax incentives for the purchase of all green technology produced in Canada." Great ideas, I would also add a few: 1) Give tax breaks to companies that on their own choose to put in
  4. How about both Canadian and US Govt. get smart, forcefully remove the union in the Auto sector, abolish the guaranteed pension after 25years work and do a minor wage cut.(They will have more money as they are not paying into the union.) I have a buddy that started to work at GM when he was 19 years old fresh out of high school no training. 7 years ago when he turned 44 he took early retirement and has a 60% of his best 5 years of pay checks so earns like 55K /yr on pension. Then took 2 years off and then applied at Ford, because of his years of experience and all the management couses GM p
  5. If Iggy steps up to the bed and hops in with the NDP and BQ I hope the rest of Canada sees it for what it is: a sell out of party beliefs just to have a shot at being PM for a period of time but not for the good of the democratic system or the people of Canada. Politcial Party whoring for a chance to claim the PM hat.
  6. I am just wanting a demographic of the parties we all vote for. Is it 28% Liberal voters here, 37% CPC, 35% NDP or what. Please be honest! You all know I am X-Liberal and since Chretien the Liberals will never see another vote from me again. Now I am 100% Conservative supporter. If you do not want to say still vote in the poll please. This is not for any stereotyping or negative comments, keep answers short, honest and non-attacking. Thank you everyone for participating. Those that put bogus answers or post tons of negative crap will have to spend 1 week with George W. Bush, (SCARY!!!)
  7. http://www.petitiononline.com/CANADIAN/petition.html
  8. I read it, does it not say the wishes of the people are to be heard???? YES, the election made a clear statement, no NDP, no Liberal and NO BQ government! Joining them all together is just a way to be anarchist and cause a governmental mutiny or coo de ta!
  9. The GG should listen to the wishes of the voters of this country that was spoken so clearly only a few weeks ago and disapline the attempt at a coalition government.
  10. So did anyone here in this forum get turned awaaay from voting I aaaask??? I own my own businesses (pural), yes I have tons of staff but I was very busy that daaaay and yet at 4PM I left work eaaaarly (even though my main secretary was livid I had not signed a bunch of papers and you do not want to make Joyce mad she can kill a horse with her stare when she is maaaad.) becuse I was coming bck into the office in the evening so I went to my poll (1 hour away from office) then home for a quick dinner and back to the office. It is a priviledge to be able to vote in this country and too mny peopl
  11. Bill Bennett and Bill Jr were very hard line stance on crime and regulaaaarly went aginst the federal court system for being to easy on crime. But since it is all relly controlled by Ottawa we will hve to see what Hrper does to tighten the noose on crime in this country. I say bring back capital punishment for clearly guilty parties. I bet that would slow crime down!!!
  12. Send them on their way but tke ll the government vehicles and equipment and then we get 1 mile buffer zone off of the St.Laurence as tht is Caaanadin soil and if they do not like tht they can move to Quebec proper. They hand them a $100 bill as parting gift. I would not be sad to see them go (and rememeber I have mentioned I am French Candian in heritage!)
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