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  1. You make a good case for why Gay's can't get married, since they aren't all the ones doing these acts. Also that those people who do commit these acts, homosexual or not cannot get married or whatever you're trying to use against homosexuals getting married.
  2. These people are different then homosexuals. They are criminals, homosexuals are not. Homosexuals deserve marriage they don't. You cannot compare these two things, so don't try and make it seem bigger then it really is.
  3. I disagreed with him, but exactly why was it deleted....?
  4. David Limbaugh Is the biggest idiot I've ever heard speak. Anything he says I will never listen too, nice try...but sadly Limbaugh is one of the people I most hate...
  5. Wow, I feel so sorry that gays getting marriage is so bad, and will lead to such corruption in America. Wow...you are blowing things out of proportion. You are making it seem like gays are such felons, when they aren’t. You are being extremely ignorant, and being very judgmental, and making broad generalizations that are indeed not true. Your concerns are so lame, and far-fetched they are not even worth responding to.
  6. They have broken a law and are criminals. These people are very different and are not to be compared. You are making this way out of proportion. We have a right to ban them, because they want sex from adolescences. Gay's don't. :angry:
  7. Don't forget moveon.org is helping with getting Bush out. That will provide help to John Kerry. This organization is huge, and it is funded by a billionaire...I think John Kerry is fine in the money situation. Bush right now has more money, but he has had way more time to get it. John Kerry has had endorsements from people, but some have been going to Edwards, Dean, etc. They will soon switch to giving money to Kerry...and that will help him (since he is a the clear pick) Then you have the majority of movie stars that usually endorse the democratic nominee. So John Kerry's money will get fairly equal to Bush's. If it doesn’t, we still have moveon.org to equal the playing field. They already have ads out, which are not getting criticism like Bush's has. Bush ads's were supposed to be positive, and it backfired in his poor little face. Your right he can't run on anything...so he has to go to this. Funny he does not have good old Dick in his ads... Just today: Kerry ahead of Bush by 8% in the polls...and he does not even have a vice president to help with his polling. Plus a sitting president should be way ahead of the competitor, when he isn't even officially been chosen. Kerry was ahead of Bush even before he beat out Edwards. 8% is a fairly large amount of people, and Bush’s ads haven’t helped weaken this lead. Proof: http://www.usatoday.com/news/politicselect...3-08-poll_x.htm
  8. DJ, don't humor me...that was the worst post I've seen in a long time. First of all, my friend Amanda said she'd much rather adopt...she is also a hetrosexual. These reasons apply: 1. She does not want to go through labor 2. She thinks that those children need parents too, and she feels bad for them 3. She thinks it would be doing a good deed to society, then to let that child go without a good family 4. She thinks the world is over-populated, and does not want to continue it. Simple equation: If my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great (you get the picture) Grandmother decided not to have kids do you know how many lives would not be on this planet? Or how may that will not be in the future? If my Grandmother decided not to have kids, there would be 6 less people on this earth. That are the reasons why she'd much rather adopt. The potential is there for half of straight marriages to turn out well. The majority of divorces are before children, so I’m going on that estimate. Then you count in the ones that have families that don’t turn out well. So I'm betting that about 3 out of 10 marriages that take place 1. Either fail in the first few years 2. Fail after having children, which creates a bad family relationship 3. Stay married have kids but suck at parenting With all of that I’m only guessing that roughly 30% of straight marriage creates a good, home, wonderful family structure. Plus how many homosexual parents do you know? Or for that matter that have a bad job at raising children? I know some, and they do a fine job. Plus the percent of kids to turn homosexual with homosexual parents is less likely. How the hell do you think homosexuals came about? Ummm, lets think from heterosexuals… Homosexuals can do just as good of a job as straights. If not better. Do you know how many straight fathers rape or have incest with their children? I highly doubt there is nearly the amount of reports of homosexuals doing that. The potential is there, but it’s not reality, face the facts.
  9. It helps, just as much as straight marriage helps. How would it be any different? Except hopefully they won't get nearly as many divorces...
  10. Nothing is missing...but re-read what I said "A "Civil Union" is a great idea, but it fails to give everyone equal rights. A "Civil Union" to gays, is restaurants specific for African Americas in the south. Many people in the South had the attitude of, "We will give them the same right, to eat in a restaurant, but not in ours!" Is that correct? No! Just like a civil union’s are not right for gays." Marriage is a right, they cannot get. So even if a "civil union" isn't missing anything...it's still does not give gays equal marriage RIGHTS
  11. Wow, homosexuals can adopt... Saying heterosexuals provide things in society and homosexuals do not is ridiculous. Marriage is a right, and it's a law to have equal rights. So even if marriage isn't that "important" gays deserve to have it regardless.
  12. My picture won't show up...grr
  13. Bush = Stupid...mostly for going to war with Iraq...here is my take on it Countries, in Africa have many more problems then Iraq. With aids, mass murders, and many troublesome horrors. Iraq, on the other hand has a dictator, who kills his own men and women. That in itself is horrid. You should never kill your own people. But just because a country has this going on, does not give us the United States the right to ‘but’ in. That is what the Europeans did to Africa. They used ethnocentric ideas, which is believing your society is better then any other; thus it’s your common duty to change their ways of life. That is something that I long to disagree with. If we were going to be true to that statement we would pick African countries over Iraq. But then the game comes in, raw materials. Africa does not have oil…, which America needs. Making Iraq a prime target for American war. Not having actual factual information against Iraq makes this war a huge mistake. When a country strikes war, you must always have facts. Not having facts that they were tied to September 11, and not having facts that they have weapons of mass destruction makes this war more and more invalid. In the mean time, Iraq never had the weapons bush said they did. Did we forget North Korea? They have weapons, but what they don't have is oil! Muslim 97% (Shi'a 60%-65%, Sunni 32%-37%), Christian or other 3% Those are the percents of religions in Iraq, and if we were to have a democracy, what do you think would happen? Wouldn’t they just vote in someone of their religion, and then it just may turn into a dictatorship once again? Democracy is impossible in Iraq, at the very moment. So then we invade Iraq, to ride a murder. In doing so we bomb buildings that civilians work at, and kill innocent lives (10,000). We have now become no better then Saddam, we are ridding a murderer to become one ourselves. Yes Saddam has killed more then 10,000, but look at the amount of time he has had compared to ours. If you notice our terror alerts have gone up, even though they were suppose to go down once we got Saddam Hussein. Oh and our prime target Osama Bin Laden is now shoved into our memories. America has suffered the civil war, and the revolution. All of these wars were not fought on a world platform or considered a world war. All the people that lived through these wars are thus not living. We choose not to listen to Europe, when they speak out against our war. We don’t give two cents to the people that have had massive wars, that also have people who are still alive that have suffered a home front war. The United Nations, we left. We leave an organization that we are committed too. Then now asking for help in return. The only correct way to fix iraq, is to do it on a world platform. Iraq needs to be fought with the world support not just American and British support. Although most people in the United Kingdom don’t agree with this war... If you notice we got military support from Germany and France when we attacked Afghanistan. Those are the two countries that have fought out against our war. So my taking is we should maybe listen to the wise. Maybe that’s a wake up call, in saying this war isn’t correct…for they don’t support us like they did previously. The protests that were throughout America, and all around the world mean nothing. Thousands protested. None were heard. This brings me back to; bush senior didn’t get the job done. So now bush is getting it done for him. And in doing so, it’s costing billions to destroy Iraq, and billions more to rebuild it. :angry:
  14. Many democrats/green party members that voted for him in the last election will not risk letting Bush in office again. To them any democrat is better then George Bush. John Kerry is now the presidential nominee. I believe that everyone who hates Bush will come together under one party, which would have to be the Democrats, along with Green party members and defeat him. John Kerry!! (I want to vote )
  15. What has Bush done for us? (This is just a quick list I came up with)...I'm 14 and sadly I can't vote... ~Given us the biggest deficit…since the great depression. ~Our jobless rate has been rising to the biggest since the great depression ~Our economy is in a recession ~Cut money from my education ~Given the wealthy tax breaks ~Turned are once allies against us ~Lied to us about war ~500+ United States soldiers have died ~10,000+ innocent civilians in Iraq have been killed ~Not gotten Osama Bin Laden ~Got Saddam Hussein, but in doing so our terror alters have been going up, and down ~Divided America ~Cut down on environmental standards ~Patriot Act, with violates our constitution and our right to privacy ~Wants to ban flag burning (which will just make more people do it) ~Marriage Laws will be enforced
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