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  1. I have no patience for on-the-job-training when it comes to PM.
  2. Don't you think it's important that a Prime Minister prefer to live in our country over others? I'm shocked that the best the Greens can do are an American and that the Liberals can only find leaders from France and/or elsewhere. It's a PR problem more than anything, though it's not nearly as bad as it would be down south.
  3. Certainly a lot more than if you're living in the US or across the pond.
  4. Has anyone ever been elected leader of a country that he has lived in for less than 10% of his adult life? I don't mind Ignatieff, at least what he stands for, but how "in touch" can a guy like this be? I can't imagine this will play very well in an election.
  5. Today's COMPAS poll shows the Tories above 50%. COMPAS: CPC 51, LPC 20, NDP 10, BQ 8, GPC 6 http://www.compas.ca/pages/FrameMain.html
  6. From bourque.org: Breaking: New polls show huge Tory gains: Ipsos: CPC 46, LPC 23, NDP 13, BQ 9, GPC 8 Ekos: CPC 44, LPC 24, NDP 15, BQ 9, GPC 8 Compas: 72% biz leaders see worse economy under Dion coalition
  7. http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/f...r-pressure.aspx http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/f...-take-long.aspx
  8. I caught some comments by Ignatieff on CPAC where he seemed to be on the defensive about comments made by a Liberal caucus member who apparently characterized the Liberal caucus as in conflict. However, I could not catch the name of the MP or the specifics. Anyone?
  9. Dobby, I don't see anything that was signed. I could produce a letter agreement like this if you'll just give me a few minutes...
  10. 130,000+ signatures on the anti-coalition petition with dozens being added by the second. How is that petition gaining so much traction? That's impressive. By far the most active on petitiononline.com as far as I can tell (it hasn't been updated since December 1st, but the most active at that point has only 40,000 or so signatures). On the pro-coalition petition, there are less than 20,000 signatures.
  11. Have these recounts been completed? I'd love to see Ujjal lose his job.
  12. On CPAC today the Atlantic experts suggested Easter was certainly in trouble.
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