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  1. I think the Liberals will want an early election since who knows what other scandal will come out from this inquiry. The recent exposure of corruptions may very well be just the tip of the iceberg. All it takes is for more courageous public servants to come out and spill more beans.
  2. I think the kind of action that the public saw from the Liberal government is the biggest reason why an overhaul will be welcomed. Some former Liberal supporters that I know of are saying "anyone will do. Just get rid of the Liberals from power!"
  3. The UN inspection team were all initially complaining about Iraq's uncooperative behaviour. But when it became clear that Bush was going to deal with this farce that makes a mockery of the UN and its members....the inspection team changed their tune to support the UN's stance regarding the war. Aren't we letting an absolute hatred for a president cloud our better judgement by being very unrealistic with this statement? If governments can easily determine where and when and how an attack is going to be made before it happens....then there wouldn't be anymore unnecessary slaughtering of innocents...for it makes them all preventable! Just consider this scenario: The government learned that an attack will be made on the Golden Gate bridge on this date at this hour. So they warn the public to avoid this place at this date and time. How do you warn the public in such a way that the terrorists don't know that we know? If a public warning is made naming the specifics....what terrorist will be dumb enought to still go on and do it as planned? So of course, it will be a no-show! See? Nothing happened, everyone will say! Boy, even in ordinary investigative/intelligence work...like for example a drug sting....intelligence usually don't alert the would-be perpetrators of the crime. Besides, for someone who questions the reliability and capability of the intelligence in the war...and a government whom you obviously distrust.....why do you put so much faith in them to the point of ENTIRELY entrusting your safety...and very existence? That, to me, is a contradiction. Yeah...come to think of it, the two are like apples and oranges....but both fruits, nevertheless. You're right...the gravity and conditions of the situations are incomparable....but the results are the same in both being disastrous to the public. Only all the more so with terrorist attacks for we're dealing with someone with obvious intelligence, with the capacity to think and plan....with the full intention to seek victims to hurt. Red Cross and Disaster Preparedness had always adviced evberyone to have at least a stock of one week's grocery and water handy at all times, safety kit, flashlights and emergency plans. Same as in any disasters, including terrorist attacks that may upset the normal food distribution, power outage etc., Being prepared will help lessen the panic of people if indeed such disasters ever happen. So, there's hardly any difference as far as preparedness goes...except that when there's an alert warning on terrorist attacks, we can also do our share of being vigilant of suspicious acts. What's ticking you off is the sudden rise in duct tapes sales. I mean, what's with the duct tapes? Aren't we being a little bit too unrealistically critical here? Well, not all terrorist acts were done in places that give symbolic meanings. What you said may be true of the 9/11 attack...however a lot of terrorist acts happen in mostly crowded places. I wouldn't attempt to assume and believe an assumption what logic or reason goes in a lunatic mind. Aren't we using the word "right" quite loosely here? There's no such things as a "right to live free of fear...for no one can control one's own personal make-up. We all have our own fear one way or another....how can one be free entirely of fear? I've got fear of heights....so what are we gonna do about that to protect my rights? And there's no such thing as a "right" to live free of propaganda! C'mon...you know you agree with me on this.
  4. Note: I've expanded my views above, therefore it's been revised. Sorry.
  5. You gotta admit there's a big difference between bombing a country to distract from alleged failing domestic polices, after the fact that Ground Zero happened....and bombing a country over a bj and investigation of sexual harrassment, with the sole excuse that there were WMD's in existence (which btw, I believe). Clinton's were over improprieties, abuse of power and conduct unbecoming a president. Let me get this straight: Bush is pilloried for attacking Iraq when he accused Iraq of having hidden WMD, and of having had anything to do with funding of terrorists and ties with Al-Qaeda....prompted by simultaneous attacks on American soil that shocked the nation to its core, and by Iraq's repeated ignoring of the UN's demands for inspection! But Clinton's bombing of Iraq over an allegation that WMD exists in Iraq, (which Bush also said)....happening suspiciously around the time he was being investigated for sexual harrassment, which was the biggest scandal around that time being followed and lapped at all over the world....and people outraged by the war now hardly even said boo. Bush' allegations were backed by the drama over Iraq's inspection by the UN and by the actual attacks that happened on American soil. Clinton's allegation were....well, I mean...we gotta take his word for it, right? Can you see the glaring comparison between those two acts by those two presidents? But it's hard to really pinpoint where and when and what form of attack will be done by terrorists, isn't it? Though we'd all want to have specificity as to what kind of danger it will be....the very nature of this act of crime relies on unpredictability and it is an INTENTIONAL inflicting of harm. Ask Spain. Fires....who can really pinpoint where and when we're going to have one? Only an arsonist can. Same way with terrorism...who can really pinpoint where and when and how it's gonna be? Only the terrorist assigned to do that job can. And if the government just keep mum about things...and something does happen...you bet, there'll be screams to high heavens blasting the government for failing to warn! Preparing is a sign of fear and paranoia? What happened to the boy scouts' rule "be prepared!" What about the standard emergency preparedness by the Red Cross or health and safety...JUST IN CASE we got a brown out...or a freak storm....or a tornado? Those are examples of fear and paranoia? What about SARS? Boy, that paranoia really cost Toronto big-time. They should not have said anything at all about SARS? Should've kept it under wraps? See, we've all got our own way of looking at this. To you, preparedness is a sign of paranoia...whereas to me, it's not. This is not about who's right and who's wrong. This is more about ....do what you will or not on this matter, and I wil choose to do what I will or not. But by demanding the government to shut up about these what you took upon yourself to decide as "vague" and "useless" alerts, (therefore deciding for everyone else)...you are imposing your belief and denying me my rights to free choice. Same answer as the one I gave above regarding fires. "Describe what you mean exactly by "identifiable threats". SARS is much more "vague" than those airliners slamming against the twin towers ! I saw it all on tv! The planes just slamming right through....people jumping to their deaths...the collapse... To me, the threat of terorism is very very identifiable....although in what form it may take...or when...we never know. We can "identify" the nature and consequences of terrorism....there's lots of them. Buses or buildings or planes blow up. Death is usually the result. Limbs get scattered and lost. Victims of all kinds! Who would've thought thousands would get slaughtered on that beautiful morning? For this is what terrorism specializes in....slaughtering of the innocents. Whatever it is they wish to prepare for...or not prepare for. That's the good thing of having the freedom to choose.
  6. I agree with you. It's just in our present social climate....every given privileges are deemed as "rights" and twisted about to mean and are eventually demanded and fought for as "rights".
  7. Nope. I say, "let's not hastily open the can until we know what we are really getting into." My argument does not stand on those stats and research findings alone. They are heavily supported by the UN allegations...newsletter from a pedophile group...and related article about the encroachment into our school system, which was published by a Gay newspaper itself. There is more to this than just a simple granting of gay marriage rights. It's about the strings attached. Once we've bestowed a "right"...and stitch it into our society's fabric....it will be impossible to change things around. Hence, we better make sure before we dole out these so-called "rights".
  8. And what is considered mainstream psychological and sociological organizations' credibility had also been called to question! If sites like FRC, etc are branded as "purveyors of idealogically-motivated junk science",....then the same can also be said of all your sources! So it all boils down to providing proofs that these said articles....not the sites that posted them....are based on credible foundations. So far, almost all articles from the sources I posted that made claims had backed up their claims by naming and listing all sources of data and information gathered. Isn't that what it's like to do crdible researches? The point is they have proven that there is indeed a co-relation between homosexuality and pedophilia! The point is that they confirmed the UN allegation about ILGA....and UN's allegation about ILGA is thus proven as facts! The point is there is a valid cause for concern...and the real agenda of the Gay Rights Movement is called into question. The point is, the real issue is about the possible consequences that will inevitably happen once a precedent happens....and that "Equal Rights" is just being used to distract from the real issue at hand! That's why lefties are throwing the "women's rights"....and the black movement...into the pot! And of course religion is being used to fan the flames of fear that this issue is all about religion and that all religious fanatics are out to impose a talibanesque society!
  9. How can you say horribly biased? It doesn't matter where the articles were posted....what matters is the content and and how the claims were backed up by the writer of the articles. Sources were given in most said articles...all detailed. Just the research finidngs, if you read all the way to the end you'll see all the sources given. My attempts to prove the co-relation of pedophilia with homosexuality....is a matter of concern. To me, the issue of "equal rights" is the mere distraction from the dark reality that the lefties are trying to sweep under the rug. How can it be biased information when the pedophile website IPCE itself provided an insight...as shown on those excerpts from their own newsletter! IPCE confirmed what was alleged by the other articles...when almost half of ILGA's members refused to sign the anti-pedophile declaration! The Gay magazine gave the news about encroaching into our school system....indoctrinating school kids, which according to the queer teacher ought to be started among the very young. The "re-programming" of our children is not just to accept homosexuality. They are being indoctrinated to accept as normal all kinds of sexuality! The gay magazine and the latest news only confirmed what other articles are alleging. And the confirmation came right from the horse's mouth, so to speak. The Gay Community is divided, obviously. Some are determinedly supportive of pedophile groups....and are laying this groundwork to open the way for pedophile rights...and other rights by ANY sexual orientation.
  10. Kurtz' article regarding the "slippery slide down the slope"...the polygamy and polyamorists....is not far-fetched. http://www.weeklystandard.com/Utilities/pr...938&R=78081E1AD For me, it's not a question of "what we will lose"....but what worms will come out of the can we open. And once they start marching out....there's no stopping them. Please read the additional posts in the other topic Nambla and the Gay Rights movement. It includes, among other things articles and statements from gay magazines and a pedophile group. Way back orgies, wife-swapping and one-night stands were almost unheard of until the sexual revolution had made it mainstream and common. Now we also have "f**k buddies". We know that the indoctrination of our children had already begun in schools, in picture books etc..,...that the teachings of new lifestyles being bisexual, transexual, sado-masochism, etc. is just normal. So why not polygamy and polyamorists? Child pornography ain't so shocking anymore...and probably on its way to becoming mainstream ...and perhaps next will be bestiality and authentic snuff films and necrophilia. Oh well, everybody got their "rights". I too, think that there's no stopping gay marriages based on the social climate we now have. They're all gonna come.
  11. Excerpts from... Planned Parenthood Corrupts Our Kids BEHIND OUR BACKS Pacific Justice Institute - Press Release ^ | April 4, 2002 | Pacific Justice Institute http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/661907/posts
  12. Excerpts from... Christians will win the culture war Elizabeth Nickson National Post Friday, March 05, 2004
  13. Note: Xtra! is a gay magazine Excerpt from.... School board goes all the way EDUCATION / New policy ‘embraces’ gay-friendly schools story by Robin Perelle / Xtra! West Mar 4 2004 http://www.xtra.ca/site/toronto2/VXnews/body3.shtm
  14. An excerpt from...Liberation Journal's A War for the Hearts and Minds of Humanity Pedophilia as a Civil Right http://www.libertocracy.com/Webessays/soci...aroverminds.htm
  15. Excerpts from... I P C E N E W S L E T T E R Number E 2, October 1997 http://home.wanadoo.nl/ipce/newsletters/nl...e_2.html#CANADA
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