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  1. What's shameful is how "disdane" could "implicate" tax dollars. That makes about as much sense as Canadian citizens voting "more and more" for Harper! I'm sure an English teacher would be in full agreement with you... NOT.
  2. Omar is just one who is Canadian. Remember?
  3. Hi. Sorry Admin. But can I ask which is a worse insult, "twit" or "arrogant bastard"? How about "idiot"? I think `twit' is mild in comparison to both.... I actually think it is quite rude for students to be surfing the net or texting each other during lectures but I can't blame them for using a digital device instead of a pen to take notes, it's simply more efficient. Gunrutz, as a leftie, I refrain from the reactionary, more hurtful insults that the right can't help but use. It is a question of etiquette and apostrophes....
  4. Geeze, someone forgot to inform the occupants of that mud hut that the government had changed and they were to obey whatever the foreign army approaching their home demanded. Because Afghanistan was such a stable country to begin with, eh? And with such advanced modes of communication.... How could they have missed the news? I guess Omar's guardians hadn't read that day's edition of The Khost Chronicles, eh?
  5. Mr. Halton Hills, since you seem to be such an expert, which `socialists' are you judging?
  6. As a `leftie', I understand you're insulting me. I just find it funny that you bother living in Canada when you're so infatuated with Americana and all its cliches... Perhaps you could rephrase the famous sentence in terms us `lefties' could understand? I pay a lot of taxes so idiots like Harper can pretend to know how to run a country.... why should I help them further when they do such a poor job? BTW, Kennedy was a Democrat. In the States, that means `leftie'.
  7. You're right, but the rest of `what you say' is an `American Woman's gibberish.
  8. University and College should be publicly funded too, you twit.
  9. Why is it always the right who will claim moral superiority and a superior attempt at politeness when they run out of bullshit reasons for their backward opinions?
  10. Please don't let "Mr. Canada" or any other hate-mongering twit distract us from the historical truth that confronts us; they aren't as important as what happens now. The best we can do is be vigilant to what we believe, regardless of the twits rumours. Omar was a mistreated child soldier, Hooeh?!
  11. ooh, look, I can be smart too by choosing italics.....
  12. Why don't you narrow down where you're actually from, Mr. Vague... So far, you're from 3 different locations... what's your point? That you're `pan-Canadian'? Pfft! You're obviously from the oil-drunk province......
  13. Of course, most of your fun probably revolves around a petroleum fuel of some sort.... so I understand why you're protective of the shit. Imagine if you had to hike or sail or cross country ski, eh?!?!
  14. No, it takes a twit to think that Tar is profitable in the long run. I won't stop telling you that.
  15. When you say "eeevil", are you mimicking Mike Myers and those silly movies? Do you think yourself culturally powerful by employing that reference? Wow. Wish I could be so clever..... Monkeys are good at mimicking....
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