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  1. Twitter won't auto-ban Nazis because the AI can't reliably distinguish between them and Republican politicians. I wish I were making this up.
  2. "One would assume" incorrectly. The NDP's record on the environment is not much different from that of other parties.
  3. Here's a comment that hasn't aged well. Yesterday, Trump said on TV he'd never heard of a category 5 hurricane, a claim he has made 3 times during previous category 5 hurricanes. Today, he congratulated Poland on the 80th anniversary of it being overrun by Nazi Germany. Can he make a more idiotic comment tomorrow? It's impossible to say anymore.
  4. Americans, you should feel very comfortable with this guy in charge. He sounds so... competent. Trump has repeatedly said over the years he's never heard of a Category 5 hurricane.
  5. Anyone who thinks Bernie is a socialist should try and get a refund on their education. Same goes for anyone who thinks a socialist and a fascist or remotely similar concepts. It seems even here Trumpism has managed to dumb down the discourse. You're one step away from making your arguments using fart noises.
  6. Nice. I see that MLW is following Trump by descending into racist, delusional conspiracy mongering. Well, done.
  7. This statement is simply idiotic. AOC never said that and people who claim she did have zero credibility. Get your facts straight or stay out of the debate. The 12 year timeframe has been repeated in dozens of news stories such as this one which is quoting an IPCC report that says:
  8. Yes, but I hopefully we get a clue quickly. A Harvard study has shown that levels over 1000 ppm lower certain types of cognitive abilities - the very ones that we'll need to deal with climate change!
  9. Every time you get involved in a discussion, it culminates in the logical equivalent of you chanting U-S-A!! Find a new schtick so I don't have to block you.
  10. I think Dunning and Kruger might have been reading the nonsense you write when they had their insights.
  11. Well. We're all gonna die then. Let's just give up. Good thing you're not one of those "alarmists".
  12. It is pretty simple. The most difficult part is getting people to stop denying the change and looking for excuses why it shouldn't affect them. Stanford University Mark Jacobson has done research that finds: Stop obsessing over the problems and look for solutions.
  13. Sigh. Another example of the Kruger-Dunning effect. Do some research and post again.
  14. Europe has much higher gas prices. The last I checked, they hadn't degenerated to abject poverty. In Norway, over half of new vehicles sold are EVs. Maybe Norway is a total hellhole. Or maybe they're just smarter than we are. Maybe they've figured out that the higher one time costs of EV's is offset by much lower operating costs. What I'm advocating for is that people living today don't have the right to f*ck up the planet for people who are going to live 50 years from now. Regardless of whether it raises their cost of living. Do you have a problem with that? It's ironic that right wingers refer to people who listen to climate scientists as "climate alarmists" and then light their hair on fire at the thought of making changes that will improve everyone's life. Just a few years ago, there was a guy on here who insisted that using renewable energy would send us back to the stone age. Who are the real alarmists?
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