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  1. Anyone who thinks Bernie is a socialist should try and get a refund on their education. Same goes for anyone who thinks a socialist and a fascist or remotely similar concepts. It seems even here Trumpism has managed to dumb down the discourse. You're one step away from making your arguments using fart noises.
  2. Nice. I see that MLW is following Trump by descending into racist, delusional conspiracy mongering. Well, done.
  3. This statement is simply idiotic. AOC never said that and people who claim she did have zero credibility. Get your facts straight or stay out of the debate. The 12 year timeframe has been repeated in dozens of news stories such as this one which is quoting an IPCC report that says:
  4. Yes, but I hopefully we get a clue quickly. A Harvard study has shown that levels over 1000 ppm lower certain types of cognitive abilities - the very ones that we'll need to deal with climate change!
  5. Every time you get involved in a discussion, it culminates in the logical equivalent of you chanting U-S-A!! Find a new schtick so I don't have to block you.
  6. I think Dunning and Kruger might have been reading the nonsense you write when they had their insights.
  7. Well. We're all gonna die then. Let's just give up. Good thing you're not one of those "alarmists".
  8. It is pretty simple. The most difficult part is getting people to stop denying the change and looking for excuses why it shouldn't affect them. Stanford University Mark Jacobson has done research that finds: Stop obsessing over the problems and look for solutions.
  9. Sigh. Another example of the Kruger-Dunning effect. Do some research and post again.
  10. Europe has much higher gas prices. The last I checked, they hadn't degenerated to abject poverty. In Norway, over half of new vehicles sold are EVs. Maybe Norway is a total hellhole. Or maybe they're just smarter than we are. Maybe they've figured out that the higher one time costs of EV's is offset by much lower operating costs. What I'm advocating for is that people living today don't have the right to f*ck up the planet for people who are going to live 50 years from now. Regardless of whether it raises their cost of living. Do you have a problem with that? It's ironic that right wingers refer to people who listen to climate scientists as "climate alarmists" and then light their hair on fire at the thought of making changes that will improve everyone's life. Just a few years ago, there was a guy on here who insisted that using renewable energy would send us back to the stone age. Who are the real alarmists?
  11. Well, nobody suggested ceasing oil sands production right now but if it did, it would have a significant effect on CO2 reduction. Prices would spike and people would use less oil. It would take years to replace that production. Meanwhile, with every spike and gyration in the price of gasoline, more and more people are opting out by buying electric vehicles. People whine incessantly about the price of gasoline and then run out and buy the biggest fuel waster they can find. The problem isn't that gasoline is to expensive; it's that it has been way too cheap for way too long.
  12. It is part of human nature. Like any other flaw in human nature, humans with intelligence and self-awareness can recognize and compensate for it. I see a lot of statements that indicate that people are quite unaware of this tendency.
  13. I think that warming will continue for 50-100 years after the GHGs in the atmosphere stop increasing. I think that the more we change the climate, the greater the odds that we will trigger massive releases of CO2 or CH4 from permafrost, from the soil, from oceans or from forests that dry up and burn off. The massive amounts of stored carbon would dwarf our emission cuts and could result in runaway climate change. I think nobody can really predict how bad it's going to get but that scientists are in the best position to guess. So maybe we should start paying attention to them. Most of all, I think I'm worried about the Dunning-Kruger effect and how it it has prevented any effective measures on climate change to date.
  14. Then maybe you need to start paying attention. It is impossible to ascribe any one event to climate change but it is possible to consider the range of events and calculate the odds of it happening without climate change. This has been done and the odds against it are astronomical.
  15. And drugs? Good drugs? I'll bet all those scientists who wasted their time on degrees and research are gonna feel pretty silly when they realize that all they need is logic and reason.
  16. That's never stopped right wingers before. In fact, they probably view it as a plus.
  17. and you've come to this happy conclusion.... how?
  18. The idea that Canada is going to be some sort of "beneficiary" of climate change is a stupid and dangerous notion. As is the idea that the worst that will come of climate change is a "disaster relief" effort. Here is a short (and partial) list of what's potentially in store for us if we don't deal with climate change: Reduction/loss of the pacific rain forest Reduction/loss of boreal forests from drought and fires Decline/collapse of pacific salmon stocks Flooding of portions of our coastal cities (notably Vancouver) Loss of farm productivity due to drought and flooding Increase in precipitation extremes leading to periods of drought and flooding Increase in duration and intensity of heat waves I'm assuming you believe we will benefit due to warming of the arctic but I'm not clear what benefits you anticipate. It's not like the arctic consists of millions of acres of prime farmland buried under snow and ice. The most dangerously stupid idea is that Canada can somehow sit back and enjoy climate change while the rest of the world suffers. While we are in a fortunate position compared to say, Bangladesh, we now live in a global village and global problems make themselves felt everywhere. Again a short list of possible effects that will make themselves felt here: Effects on the global economy If there are global food shortages, it will be felt everywhere When effects start to become severe elsewhere, the inevitable effect is mass migration. And the effect of mass migration is a rise of racism and racial tensions in the world, Canada included. So look forward to white supremacy as being one of the effects of climate change. Southeast Asia has about half the world's population and 4 densely populated, nuclear armed countries who don't like each other very much. There are already strains in the relationships due to lack of water. What do you think is going to happen when glaciers start to disappear?
  19. I'm not sure which climate scientists would have made that claim. The effects are already noticeable to anyone with an open mind - melting arctic ice, massive increase in the intensity of wild fires in North America, temperature warming. It's happening, now, not in 200 years. The effects are cumulative, though, and subject to feedback effects - positive or negative. That means climate scientists can't be certain of future impacts. Now, for those of you who argue that uncertainty means we go right on polluting until we're certain, I say 2 things: 1. It takes time to modify the climate and will take even more time to fix it. Waiting until we're certain is a recipe for disaster. 2. It's possible that climate scientists are being too aggressive in their climate change projections but it's more likely they're being too conservative. Most of the potential feedback mechanisms are positive in terms of accelerating climate change and many are poorly understood (and not reflected in the models). In the face of uncertainty, you turn to risk management techniques to manage the outcomes. In this case, that means cutting GHG emissions.
  20. Fascinating how people who arrogantly sneer at climate science still use microwave ovens and GPS's. Are you sure those people in your TV screen are just pictures being beamed in from somewhere else? Maybe there are actually little people inside your TV. Better take it apart to be sure.
  21. The world's dumbest conspiracy theory posits that the poor oil companies are victims to all of the big money to made by environmentalists inventing a phony climate crisis.
  22. Jesus. You guys really don't get it. They thought they were voting for change when they elected Obama but he let them down. Clinton was completely out of touch and didn't even bother to campaign on change until long after she was defined as a tired, corrupt legacy figure. So, they held their noses and voted for the buffoon Trump. If AOC were old enough to run for POTUS, she would probably win in a landslide. She's young, smart, savvy and not afraid to say what she thinks.
  23. Your analysis paints you as someone completely out of touch with reality. You obviously want the next George Bush. Unfortunately for you, hardly anyone else does. People want change. When Obama couldn't (or wouldn't) deliver, they were so frustrated, they elected a senile know-it-all who talks like someone's embarrassing racist uncle. Trump won't deliver either, at least not in any way that will make most people happy. It looks more and more like Trump's main accomplishment will be to demonstrate conclusively that about one third of the US electorate consists of racist lunatics who aren't too bright. It's likely Bernie would have beat Trump in 2016. Unfortunately, the Democratic party is controlled by people who (like you, it seems) are perfectly happy with all the wealth being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. The tsunami is coming and people like you are going to find yourselves swept away. Buh bye.
  24. Wait. Are you talking about the China that completely owns the solar panel manufacturing market? Or the China that is winning the battle to control the battery market? Or the China that has almost 100% of the world's electric buses? Or the China that is positioning itself to take over the auto industry as it electrifies? Right wingers need to stop eating their own bullshit. China is a harsh dictatorship and they won't shed tears if there is a die-off, including some of their own population. But they are also realists and they are skating to where the puck is going to be, not where it used to be. Yes, they have modernized their country using coal - who hasn't?? But while we squabble over pipelines for dirty bitumen, they are leapfrogging us. Wake up.
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