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  1. It is true, most Canadians have a hate for America they rationally can not explain.. but what people don't look at is the simple truths... most of those people are out there slaving away at a job just like you and me... We both have walmart, we got tim hortons and starbucks, and they are now just getting tim hortons... We both got sears, home depot, office depot, etc, etc... We both have people that vote for stupid political parties that don't get results, and people wonder why that is... BECAUSE WE ELECTED STUPID PEOPLE!!!... We think that having a minority gov't is a bad thing... Americans
  2. ok lets cover all this for each party: Conservatives: everyone says they hate them, but then alot of people run out and secretly vote for them because they dont like the liberals, Bloc, and the NDP. And wont certainly vote for the greens. Liberals: Iggy comes off as wishy washy, and well even less then the Dion did. I dont think he has a chance of winning impo. NDP: Jack has no chance of winning he comes off as a wingnut, and too far out there. Green Party: No chance in hell of ever getting a seat with May as their leader. The reason is, people vote on presentation and appearance. The deb
  3. no you can't choose your own plan, you can not say I dont want cpp taken off. also the other part of cpp, is if you make less then your min personal deduction you get your cpp back on your taxes. the fact is, its a system of gov't welfare anyway you slice it, you can call it whatever you want. its still welfare. while both EI and CPP are both listed in the constitution as federal jurisdiction, welfare in general is a provincial matter... kinda odd but thats how its written.
  4. creationism and intelligent design is exactly the same thing.. ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligent_design I would go for science because our understanding level is fairly small.
  5. well how do you think they got this bailout money??
  6. personally I Would like to see the CPP made optional... that way we can choose our own path to retirement..
  7. iggy is a conservative in liberal clothing, nothing more, nothing less..
  8. This whole terrorism and fear mongering is all BS, made to make you feel scared and accept your real id card in the usa or rfid, because its the only way to really track the terrorists. the whole real id was quietly implemented in canada over the last 10 years anyways.
  9. it also sounds like a wrestling tag team...
  10. some states had higher voter turnout then 60%. and I still want this coalition to go through, so Elizabeth May can be put in senate
  11. probably looking for refugee status when things in the south get worse
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