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  1. I have lived in Alberta for the better part of 20 years and a few years in BC. I have seen Canada from Quebec and West. I have yet to visit the Maritimes but will do so one day. I live in Alberta because I like it here. We have pretty good freedoms. My standard of living is pretty good. Aside from a whack of "service fees", the taxes are bearable. I have never been un-employed and send my fair share East every year. I do not sub-mit to the seperation movement as I feel I am a Canadian first, an Albertan second. Klein isn't perfect by any means but he has done fairly well for the province. I kn
  2. If I were you, I would wait until an election call and then take a look at all the parties platforms and go with the one that you like the best. Other than that, maybe you should run yourself <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sounds like a good idea but I doubt people would like my way of doing things. Besides, I don't relish public speaking that much.
  3. In our area we are in the midst of nominating new candidates for the Conservatives. I haven't heard the results yet as I think the voting was for today. The problem is that one of people vieing for the position is a local lawyer whom has some very questionable clients. This is mainly contractural stuff, not much criminal law here. Now this guy helps set up questionable contracts for realestate deals so hence forth I have to question his basic ethics. I know his job is to do the best for his clients but some of these clients are down right nasty and cheaters. The results have been that a lot of
  4. How about some autographed golf balls and a Canadian flag? Oppps, thats been tried before. Didn't work, but some people sure made some bucks out of that deal.
  5. Caesar, "bring cash" just means things cost more in BC because of that wonderful sales tax you have there. Agree with you in the weather statement though, man its ugly here now. I seem to ge the impression that the separtists in Quebec definately want their cake and eat it too. I see no reason why they should get all of that if they decide to leave. Plus they should also pay their share of the national debt. But we need to get back on track to make this a stonger, cooperative country. This bloody crap over east/west, french/english so and so forth does absolutely diddly to make this a bette
  6. Raspberries to you caesar but ultimately you are right. Sigh, I can not deny that. This issue has to be put to bed but it seems no one has the cahonies to do so. Reading through the posts here, there sure seems to be a variance on peoples interpretation of history. But you know, history is in the past, we can't change it. What we need to do is look towards tomorrow, we can do something about that out come. Even as a "whining Albertan", I am not in favour of seperation of any province. I do however dislike favourtism shown at times in the past just to buy a few votes. If Quebec does chose
  7. Zundels a freak as fas as I am concerned. I've seen the camps, graveyards and hundreds of pictures from the 40's in Europe. I have listened to my grandparents talk about how they hid jews and other "undesirables" through out the war. You don't all the facts from just one book. You need to lossen that tin foil up a bit paulpaul, it's starting to cut off circulation from your brain.
  8. Someones got their tinfoil hat on a little too tight I see.
  9. Though i do not agree with him, you have to give PM PM a little more credit than you do. His decision was met by a US response of basically " we don't really care what you think, we will shoot down missiles over your soveirgn airspace if we feel like it". Through past speeches from the US, this has hardly been a surprise. PM PM just appeased nay sayers of the BMD , made the yanks look like bullies and buffoons, put the opposition in a position where they get hammered no matter which direction they take. If they agree with PM PM, then they get whacked from the left and if they are with the yank
  10. Lougheed was one of the few premiers to stand up to Trudeau and eventually win. Lougheed could not be bought and he stood his ground. Face it, Canada is much too diversified culturally, ethnically and geographycally to fit neatly into a cute little perfect bottle. Lets accept that fact and then lets find ways of dealing with it. I took my oath to become a Canadian citizen and am a very proud Canadian firstly, I am a proud Albertan secondly.
  11. Correct me if I am wrong (it may be different for BC, I dont know) but isn't the breakdown for responsibility of road maintenance as follows? trans canada and hwy 16 are federal as they are the two coast to coast highways and built by the feds. I think this also includes roads inside of the federal park system. all county, rural roads and small town main streets are provincial all large town and city streets are municipal responsibilities I know the provincial government helps towns and cities with major new road construction and transit systems with grants and subsidies but general street
  12. I know where you are coming from august, in theory it makes sense. In reality, it is not doable as you suggest. I have no problem with short term tolls on roads that greatly improve efficiency. But under your idea, we can just as easily say that pedestrians should pay to wolk on the side walks, slide a quater into a meter everytime they want to use a cross walk. I know this is very simplyfied but that is what you suggest when you say user pay. My understanding of the fuel tax system is that it is supposed to be redistributed from the feds to the provincial governments, municipalities and cit
  13. I agree with you here august, the simplification and efficiency aspect should be spread across all government agencies but we all know that is a pipe dream. Looking at me own budget 15,000 is definately a good benchmark for the cutoff. This should be implemented immediately, not over 5 years either. A lot can happen in 5 years to blow this plan out of the water. Why should we pay tolls when we pay fuel taxes that are supposed to pay for all our roads? If the feds actually spent 50% plus of the collected fuel taxes on roads like other countries, then we would better roads. I think the curren
  14. hmmmmmmmmm, so you have get off of your butt, move around, put down the game control and get some exercise. You have to do some volunteer work in the community and at the end of the day, you have to write a report on it. This homeowrk assignment is over the span of 3 years I take it. I have to agree with caesar here, get with the program. This assignment sounds better than a lot of the other brain fluff that is being taught in schools nowadays. Exercise and volunteer work never killed anyone that I know of.
  15. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I have lived in Alberta most of my life and haven't come across too many Yanks living here. The ones I do know are pretty well Canucks aside from the fact that they have an accent. A lot of non-Alberta born people I know are from BC, the Maritimes and Ontario. The majority of them just want to make a decent living and not lose the majority of their earnigs to taxes. I met a lot more Americans living in Canada when I lived in BC. They seemed to like the weather more than in Alberta. The majority of Albertans I know come from all sorts of backgrounds. The one thing linking most
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