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  1. Oh please Heinz is not going under, they are just moving their manufacturing to another location. How immature of McDonalds to decide to stop using Heinz Ketchup just because Warren Buffet now owns Burger King. A & W also uses Heinz Ketchup, but they didn't have a childish temper tantrum and announce to the world they are going to start using inferior ketchup, when everyone know Heinz is the best, Period! IT's thicker, richer and generally better tasting especially with fries. I once purchased Campbell's Tomato Juice in the US, because I like Tomato Juice with beer, but Campbell's is not a
  2. This is the end result of pure corporate greed, thousands unemployed, while the corporate executives and their bought and sold politicians make out like bandits all the way to the bank, or the nearest offshore tax-haven.
  3. Not in this lifetime, as all countries look after their veterans, as they unlike people like yourself were willing to put their lives on the line for this country, while obviously you are a coward. As the NDP has stated, "If the Conservatives are unwilling to look after injured military veterans, then stop producing them, and don't send any into harm's way. " I was always of the belief that before politicians should be permitted to order soldiers into battle, they should first have been required to serve in active infantry battalions, so they know what they are asking of these soldiers.
  4. Anyone in Canada that thinks that striking theri wives is okay has no place in Canada! Women are not chattel, women are not property to be ordered around like virtual slaves, WOMEN in Canada are EQUALS to and man, and should be treated as such. Any immigrant male who treats his wife in such a manner should be immediately deported, while their wives and children should be given permission to stay and become citizens, as they have a right to be free thinking human beings.
  5. The reality is that our whole society is out of whack when we pay Business Graduates and lawyers more than medical professionals or teachers. It doesn't take a very intelligent individual to become either a lawyer of a graduate with a MBA, so why are they being so favourablly treated in our society when they contribute so little? We have even allowed these MBA and lawyers to creep into the hierarchy of government and the senior ranks of public services, while we are eliminating the jobs of the front-line civil servants to make way for more MBA's, this is crazy. In education without teachers th
  6. Let's turn this around. While I don't condone her ignorant comments and would never vote for her, I'm happy she let us all know what a bigot she is before we go to the polls. As for feeling offended, hurt , and prejugdiced against I'm wondering how the English speaking people in Quebec feel when the province has actually passed legislation that virtually makes the English language illegal, yet Ottawa and the ROC sits by and does absolutely nothing to stop this discrimination. Canada is supposedly a bilingual country yet Quebec and parts of NB gets to opt out, talk about injustice! NB is basica
  7. Why would the Harper Conservatives sell ACL to SNC-Lavilin, a corporation presently in the midst of an international corruption scandal?
  8. Are you really naive enough to think that enabling addicts to stay high is helping the peoblem? We have Mayors and former Mayors from BC running around telling us all that Marijuana should be legalied, becuase of the gang violence between the competing gangs for a share of the drug profits. THey are naive enough to believe that legalizing marijuena will somehow eliminate the violence concerning illegal drugs. I'm here to tell you that this is just stupid thinking, because the same people that are selling pot are the same people that are trafficking in Meth,Heroine, Cocaine, Crack-Cocaine Ecsta
  9. I have to disagree on privatizing Canada Post, because the one reason for privatization is to allow a private corporation to make a profit, that's the name of the game, and there is no way that regular service to rural and remote areas will continue on a daily basis. In fact it wouldn't be very long before the contractor would be demanding additional compensation in order to just maintain existing services, as well as postal rates going through the roof. When businesses are required to pay higher postal rates, guess who will be paying the biil, the consumers as usual. I say that because CN onc
  10. Right on! We should also put an end to immigrants bringing in family members who are seniors, unless these immigrants are willing to post a bond large enough to provide for all costs of care including the full costs of health care. Pensions should also not be made available to senior immigrants unless they have worked and paid taxes in this country for a minimum of 10 years.
  11. Are you for real? The police arrest perpetrators, (habitual criminals), and then it is then supposed to be up to our joke of a justice system to put these people on trial. Unfortunately the Crown prosecutors being the lazy bunch that they are, enters into pleas that basically allows criminals to plead to lesser charges. Once it gets to our appointed, and unaccountable judiciary they also allows this joke to take place. In the end, they are sentenced to incarceration, it is often no where near long enough, considering the crime committed. Once in jail they become eligible for parole, (also a s
  12. You basically answered your own question regarding the bizarre motives that drives Iggy, and the Liberal Party of Canada, and lets not forget the NDP, The Greens or that group of separatists from that other country, Quebec. All seem to be against anything the Conservatives suggest. My wish is that the clowns in the opposition would get to work for a change and instead of spending all of their waking hours looking for ghosts in closets. We pay these clowns to move legislation forward that will improve the safety and security, as well as the welfare of Canadians. We don't pay them to act like k
  13. Any law that basically makes a woman property of the husband as Sharia Law is intended to do, has no place in Canada or in any other civilized country. If Muslims want this type of law, I suggest they climb back on that plane or carpet, and fly the hell back to whatever backward country they came from. Canada should have one law for everyone, and if cultures from other parts of the world don't like that they can always leave, nobody is begging them to stay.
  14. I believe that the single source contract was entered into because in effect there is ONLY one contractor that meets the specification requirements for the newest generation of stealth fighter jets, and all others have decided to bow out of research and development or have put their expertise into development of this particular aircraft, including Canada's aerospace industry who has already benefited from the research and development. All other NATO participants are signed on for this particular aircraft so it would make sense for Canada to have the same aircraft and access to the same parts w
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