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  1. Yes if you can call being shot at while driving my car. I was driving my car along a secondary road . I had my youngest daughter with me ( aged 8) in the front seat. The bullet broke the window . The glass was every where . We were lucky my daughter and I only had some small cuts . I drove to the police station to report what had happened. The next day my car door was removed and they found the bullet inside the door panel. No this person was never found. But I did get a call from the police they told me over 300 people had the same thing happen that year in the same area. This was in t
  2. I agree with you Hjamar. Trudeau (Liberals) and Jack Layton ( NDP) ( two birds of a feather) . Past and present, different parties but they both over spend . If layton is allowed any influence in government affairs it will take at least 3 generations to correct. If we have too many people on social dependency , we will become a nation of losers. Doesn't bode well for the future.
  3. Boydfish That is no myth. It could be more than 200! Even the Canadian forces have missing weapons at times. every time they go out on the range they have to count all they have used and what is left. The nukes I am talking about went missing , why do you think they are guarding our ports they way they are today? Yes they are extremely delicate but safer to store than conventional weapons. Have you ever heard of broken arrow? Stale is not a word I would use. This is old stuff , at least 20 years old or more, do you think our goverments tell us everything!
  4. Reverend Blair I agree with you Reverend Blair. The Amercians should have gone in because he was a threat to his own people. The UN and other countries should have agreed to stop him. What he did to his own people was a war crime., just like Hitler . He should be tried in the international courts.
  5. Cartman Its not the registered guns I think we need to worry about its the unregistered ones . The ones used to commit crimes, such as murder, I am sure someone who is going to commit murder is not going to go register that gun. I do believe that money would be better spent going after the people who commit crimes. Has anyone seen any data on registered guns used for criminal activity? Also there is another thing I would like to say about weapons. I don't think the star wars defence system will do anything to stop the terrorists which is the biggest threat to the USA and Canada today . W
  6. Here is my prediction: Conservatives -- 162 Liberals ---------- 80 Bloc ---------------- 58 NDP ---------------- 8 Talk to you on Tuesday morning
  7. montlid & maplesyrup I think you have gone too far. That is totally disgusting. This is as offensive as child porn . :angry:
  8. This is not one subject we can agree on its on the same level as abortion .
  9. maplesyrup I don't think so most Canadians are smarter than that!
  10. caesar Children should protected in this country ! Child porn should not be allowed. All poltitcal parties should agree on that issue. There is a diffrence between child porn and an art form we as adults should know that. Reverend Blair This statement is in very bad taste. Children should be used by no one . Not politians , and not sex offenders. :angry:
  11. British Columbia Conservative Harper all the way
  12. To all in this forum Two children I can think of that could still be here if our laws had protected the child and not the criminal. Holly Jones - a beautiful little girl ages 10 taken because of child porn on the net. ( her killer admitted he was watching child porn ) . Michael Dunahee - A beautiful blue eyed, blonde 4 year old who disappeared from Victoria has never been be found. If you go to child finders you can see how many children in Canada are missing. We owe it to these children to change our laws to protect them. All parties should be for a stronger laws to protect children n
  13. maplesyrup Thats a laugh maplesyrup after election day you will eat thoses words . Both Martin and layton are on the same page . The thing they know best to do is lie. If Layton got in there would be no money left in 3 years. Spend spend spend. They will not protect the children of this country. Harper is the only one going to do something about children being killed by porn loving men). How about the terrorists Maplesyrup? Martin said they have hand held weapons to shoot down planes. Then he forgot to tell the people of Canadian about the missing nukes 200 of them ( russian). Als
  14. I think you really had to be in the USA to really understand what it was like on 911. I was in Washington it took me 21 days to get back to Canada. My days spent there were helping others . I worked from a church helping people who were in shock. I have worked with cancer patients and their families. Which is not an easy job. I will never forget. I don't think we should forget. Canadians died there also. I don't think its last time they will attack. Canada has troops in afganistan . Do you have to be reminded Canada is not so innocent we sold reactors to countries who would use
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