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  1. @BubberMiley, That's the media for ya, scaring us with stories about guns by reporting them.
  2. The point of the story isn't about an MP's career, but embarrassment for the government. Harper seems to be digging his own grave. The whole country is up in arms about a sense of entitlement in Ottawa, yet the Conservatives just dig their heels in even deeper to protect a couple of their own rotten apples. Or maybe there's more than just a couple. We'll never know if Harper gets his way. Trudeau scored big yesterday when he announced that Liberal MPs and senators will post their expenses online. That's what voters want to see, not more hiding behind a cloak of elitism.
  3. When I watch American news, I hardly ever see stories about deranged druggies killing people in home invasions. Any news involving guns is almost always about mass killings or school kids settling a score or domestic shootings or accidents involving kids. The only indication I get of the need for self-defense against criminals comes from the NRA, not the media. Mass murders are pretty sensational on their own, don't you think? It wasn't the blanket media coverage of Sandy Hook and Aurora and Arizona and Columbine that made me appalled at the killings. I was appalled the first moments I heard about them. Blaming the media for outrage against guns or pretty much anything else is a tired old cop-out.
  4. Whose responsibility is it for taking a quote out of context?
  5. First, just because I oppose discrimination doesn't automatically make me a "leftist". Second, I was being sarcastic not because discrimination against whites is a problem, but because you think it is. I didn't think I'd have to point that out, but now you know. And third, I wasn't complaining about whites in positions of power, just pointing out that they're there, to rebut your point about discrimination against whites. Why should I have to do someone else's job for them? The police are hired to do a job and are paid to do it by taxpayers like you and me. If they're not doing their job, wouldn't you as a taxpayer want to know?
  6. British Columbians might want to know if the police allowed a serial killer to go on killing in their neighbourhood. Most people might not have cared about missing prostitutes, but I think they care about psycho killers in their midst and if the cops didn't do anything about it, that's a major dereliction of their duty. You said it, brother. Despite holding the overwhelming majority of positions of power in the country, white males are the new Natives. Come, let us sing in solidarity... "We shall overco-o-ome, We shall overco-o-me..."
  7. I think that's called damning with faint praise. I don't find her attractive, but I don't think that would sway my vote. I think Sarah Palin looks nice...until she opens her mouth. She wouldn't get my vote if she showed up at my door on her knees with beer and pizza and a hockey game. I admire Redford for her character but I still wouldn't vote for her. I must be a strictly policy guy when it comes to voting.
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