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  1. The upcoming budget will either make or break the conservative party. If the budget is successful, they will likely remain in power. If it is not, an election is very likely to be the result given Ignatieff's comments about the coalition. But you never know, if the budget fails, Ignatieff could possibly ask our governor general to hand him the government. The coalition still lives on, whether we like it or not.
  2. When will somebody fire Sid Ryan? He has been running recklessly loose. People across the country are calling for action to be taken against Sid Ryan for his racist marks against Israel. There is no doubt that someone needs to step in and remove him from his post. http://informedvote.ca/2009/01/cupe-leader...srael/#more-426
  3. This shocking story will definitely have implications for party platforms whenever a new election is held. Find the story at: http://informedvote.ca/2009/01/canada%E2%8...reen-party-hat/
  4. What about if Israel stopped exporting its technology to the US and the rest of the world for that matter? What if Israel never exported cellphone technology, computer chip technology, or any of its breakthrough's in medicine (I can keep going for a very, very long time). Half the world would be gone in less than a year.
  5. Israel has just commenced its ground operation in the Gaza Strip and are already in gun battles with Hamas militants. If you want to read about the history of this conflict and how the recent violence came to be, check out: Israel & the Gaza Strip
  6. Is multiculturalism in Canada a good or bad thing? This article presents the pros and cons: Multiculturalism in Canada
  7. This article brings about a very interesting way to look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. http://informedvote.ca/2009/01/the-middle-...wo-cents-worth/ Canada really needs to take action by rallying other countries to support Israel. The world can not turn its back when a terrorist organization attacks a sovereign state.
  8. Nova Scotia will now be offering up to $500 worth of tax credits for enrolling in fitness activities: Nova Scotia to Offer Fitness Tax Credit Is this really a justified use of our tax dollars?
  9. I absolutely LOVE your analogy LOL. And it's true. They will never learn their lesson with Israel.
  10. He might be more intelligent than Dion (or Harper) but I think the Liberals have a long way to go before they are in power again.
  11. The US just provided more bailout money to GMAC, a GM financial affiliate. When will the madness end!?
  12. Hopefully they'll get the job done and destroy Hamas during their current operation.
  13. 2008 has been full of surprises in everyway. I found a great article that gives an overview on this year's events: A Political Year in Review - 2008
  14. As most of you probably already know by now, Israel has begun a huge offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. I found a really great articles that gives an overview and history of the conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip and what is happening right now. You can see the article here: http://informedvote.ca/2008/12/israel-stri...s-need-to-know/ Which alternative from the article do you think Israel should follow, if any?
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