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  1. You don't think the Americans and the British had their share of atrocities? The Americans abhorred the British so much that they wanted to be free.. Think about it.
  2. "Le ciel est bleu, l'enfer est rouge" - Wilfrid Laurier reflecting on how the priests influence their followers... not going to point out any names here... but we all know who still holds this mentality
  3. By former trademarks, I meant the trademarks of old. How Canada was like when it was fully a British dominion. We still hold these institutions - we are still a parliamentary democracy and a monarchy. As for offensiveness, I am not sure what you are talking about... I believe most people favour the Monarchy.. At any rate, we are pretty late into the game.. It is only good that we are able to find our own "identity".
  4. While the Monarchy, anthem...etc should not cause offense, the recent characteristics are distinctly CANADIAN. The former trademarks were borrowed from the British, as we were a dominion until fairly recently. French + British + "Modern Canadian" ( Inc. Multiculturalism) = Canadian
  5. We do have a line , it's called the constitution and law. Everybody has guaranteed rights
  6. I am especially proud of our multicultural policies.. If Lennon's song "Imagine" would take form in a country's philosophy, it would be Canada.
  7. What is the matter with ethnic restaurants anyhow? Does that even imply ANYTHING? Damnnit , I love Japanese food and you ain't going to stop me
  8. Between Canadian citizens? No... So what constitutes a "Canadian" to you?
  9. The Government is not supposed to play favourites.. A citizen comes to this country, strips a few of their natural rights and accepts the government as the source of their security. This is what every citizen does, it is the social contract; therefore, there should be no distinction. Nationalism is not mandatory; however, if you lived in such a great country, you would inevitably feel nationalistic. Are you saying that a naturalized citizen could not love this country as much as somebody who was born here?
  10. Yes, they aren't very brilliant pieces of music... But it is more about what the songs represent.
  11. Canada is totally more than a strip of geography.. But yes, everyone from anywhere is welcome here, and everyone is equal. It doesn't matter where you came from. As long as you are willing to respect our country and our laws. Canadian pride is not merely based on the fact that you were just born here, but if you believe in our institutions, laws and are proud of our history and heritage. Do you have a problem with ethnic groups and their restaurants? How come people from around the world are not welcome in Canada? People are not comfortable anywhere else in the world , that is why they c
  12. If you read the R2P report, you could support the fundamental idea of removing Saddam from power.
  13. It is refreshing to see the opposition party being the opposition and the leading party being the leading party; not all parties attempting to become Prime Minister at the same time.
  14. You cannot take less than 2 minutes out of your mornings to honour those who worked, toiled and died for this country? I guess lunch plans are more important now; society is truly forgetting its past.
  15. Iggy supported the Iraq War on the basis of the R2P doctrine. Anyhow, the opposition holding the leading party by a leash - how parliament is supposed to work. Sounds like "team work" to me; I like it.
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