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  1. http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...?hub=TopStories I mean, talk about policy reversal. Where are all your Conservatives that lapped up the misinformation about "techinical" deficits? Cut taxes, cut programs, and don't pay down the debt. Awesome leadership.
  2. The answer in the first place was to alter income tax. Bump up the exemption amount. Cutting the GST did nothing to my spending habits, just screwed the gov't out of 2 cents per Tim Horton's coffee.
  3. I figured this would be a big discussion point today since it means we are putting money in as well. Thoughts on this?
  4. The federal government will provide $13.4 (USD) billion in loans to Detroit automakers, the White House said today. An additional $4 billion may be available in February, the Bush administration said. The loans are designed to stabilize U.S. automakers through March 2009, at which time the automakers must show they are financially viable.
  5. The sad nature of what we are facing under a government that has no idea how to do what is right for this country is just too bad Oct. 7: "I think there are probably some great buying opportunities emerging in the stock market as a consequence of all this panic." Asked whether he would unequivocally rule out a deficit under his government: "Yes. ... Yesterday I think I was asked one question about whether we would run a deficit and I said, 'No.' That's my answer." Oct. 11: "The fact of the matter is independent analysts, including the International Monetary Fund, say that Canada is not goi
  6. A conservative government like Mulroney's? I really don't think that the coalition has anything to do with this.
  7. The books should be publically accessible. Mr. Flaherty lied to the people of Ontario in the election that saw the PCs in Ontario get decimated. I can't believe they are letting this guy run the country now. He said a surplus of $8 billion, when they were defeated and the books were looked at, there was really $3 billion.
  8. Scared CPC supporters need to say something right.
  9. It is nice to see a well balanced statement.
  10. I don't think that is the case at all do you? Really. You don't have to hide behind the CPC all the time you know.
  11. What are these morons doing? No deficit. Small deficit. Technical Deficit. $30 billion deficit. Read it and weep. http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...?hub=TopStories
  12. Wow, I thought this thread would have been way bigger considering the CPC supporters should be outraged.
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