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  1. Thanks, i've checked through the database and they have not had that name registered as a trademark, am i fine?
  2. Hey everyone, I know this is not a political question, but please help me out. I have a question regarding names if someone could help me out answering. First of all, let’s say I made an online web cartoon, and called it Bob adventures. I then decide to make t-shirt merchandise for this cartoon with an image of Bob on it. So I register my business name call Bob merchandise. I then print t-shirts with an image of my cartoon Bob and beside him text saying: Bob clothing. After that I find out that there's small clothing company called Bob clothing that also makes t-shirt but different style
  3. Hey everyone Lets talk about the Young Offenders Act. Personally I think Young offenders should be treated equally as adult. I think in today's society our youths are more aware and intelligent, with things such as media and other influences present in today’s society. This is why I think they shouldn’t be treated lenient. Also the young offenders act is just putting out the message to youths that they can get off easy, which they'll never learn from their actions. What do you think about the young offenders act? and why?
  4. Hey, I'm looking for some articles on the internet or some resource on taxes going up again on cigarettes, if some of you could kindly link me up i would greatly appreciate it, thanks for you time.
  5. I read an article regarding freezing Canada's prices on oil, and how the price for gas have skyrocketed, and that some places they're going $1 a liter. Swell Ottawa is planning to sells it's last 19% stake in Petrol-Canada. What are your opinions on this matter?
  6. Thanks willy, I'm starting to understand more of it. I do how ever have some few questions if you or anyone don't mind answering them. 1) Who decides how many seats to be sought? 2)What does each party much do in order to win the seats? 3)Willy stated that which ever win the most seats forms a government, but then he also stated that if other parties have more seats they can vote down laws. How is this possible? when the government won the most seats in the first place? 4) Once a party wins the most seats and forms a government, does this mean they're the government that runs the countr
  7. Hi, Could someone kindly explain to me how minority government work and how number of seats etc. work? I'm slowly learning it so please be kind. Thank you
  8. Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum, and this would be considering my first post. Could someone explain to me the difference between political left and political right and what they are? Thank you
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