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  1. That is the most surprising thing i have heard in a long time.... not. I knew that a long time ago that people were stupid... this is one of the many many things that proves this. It became stunningly apparent with the amount of people who said the coalition government was undemocratic and how the conservatives were voted in to govern.
  2. Even if they weren't slaves... The ones in charge would still say they work hard, while everything else does the hard work.
  3. There's also a difference between working hard and hard working... Egyptian slaves working on the pyramids had hard work.... The slave drivers probably said they worked really hard for their pay.
  4. Except it won't be 2400 a year... it's private... and they will be out to make as much money as possible.
  5. So you are better than someone because you make more money than they do? Hmm.
  6. Here's a problem with tier two healthcare.... where do you think the doctors are going to go? The private hospitals where they can set their price and make more money.... are you going to stop them from working in the private clinics in order to have doctors for the public ones? Why should you get better care because you have more money to spend?
  7. How many people in your family... There are many people who work hard and don't make enough to pay for it... don't give me this work hard bullshit.
  8. It's more than just good deals... that's a simple example. I could get into how people who don't make a lot of money can use their credit to allow them to live life a bit easier and are likely getting screwed. But there doesn't seem to be much compassion or consideration for anything on these forums and that it is not black and white.
  9. It is ultimately up to the consumer... but it is such a good offer that people buy into it. It does, but at the same time a lot of companies offer things through credit you can't recieve through cash... which makes it all the more enticing.. I do blame the consumer... but i wouldn't blame it ALL on the consumer.
  10. Except that there are things that affect supply and things that effect demand. To simply say it was supply and demand is an incredibly vague statement. The supply of oil is why the oil price went down.... but what caused the supply to increase.... or not to decrease compared to earlier times.. Although i suppose Gold is a lot less useful than oil.... which makes it a more stable base than oil because so many things can effect the demand of oil... and maybe a few less things can effect the supply of gold in comparison to oil.
  11. I know that a reason they didn't continue their advance on Baghdad was the sheer amount of destruction they had caused on their way towards it... I would say a possible the reason was as much to liberate Kuwait as it was to a) keep Iraq from having a sea port to export their Oil, severely limiting their presence in a international market... B ) To secure the Oil in Kuwait to keep it in the hands of a more internationally "friendly" country...
  12. Do you have any more sources of info on that? I mean i could simply look at the price of gold and see that it goes up and down... but that doesn't exactly show the causes of the increase or decrease in price. Not doubting your information... It just needs more info attached to it than the gold price by itself...
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