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  1. With Trump I think people know what their getting. With Joe Biden,what are they going to get? Middle of the road Joe, who hasn't really accomplished much of note in almost half a century in politics? Are they going to get Bernie Sanders ,AOC and their kind as the real behind the scenes decision makers?
  2. If Biden is packing it in early on so many days during this campaign, can anyone deny that he would not be up to the job of President? More evidence that he would quickly step aside for Kamala Harris if he does win. Even Trump's biggest detractors would have to admit that he does have tons of energy compared to Biden. We all get old but some age much better than others. As for the poll numbers,are they all that different from 2016? In that year,there was a huge sign many people missed,myself included. The huge amount of enthusiasm at Trump events. Biden campaign events are like mortuaries
  3. CNN is about 99% part of the entertainment industry and 1% actual journalism. Maybe I'm being generous with 1%. It's all done in the name of attracting viewers and pushing false narratives. Chris Cuomo basically admitted it when he was being recorded by Cohen.
  4. China would be funneling money to every side wouldn't they? They do want to cover all the bases.I do think it's very clear they would prefer to have Biden(soon to be replaced by Harris) in the White House.
  5. In a perfect common sense world, we should at least be steadily weaning ourselves off this relationship with China but that's not going to happen. It is worrisome just how far the tentacles of the Chinese Communist Party are reaching into Canadian politics,in all parties. At the end of the day, Justin Trudeau was and is a fan of the Communist Chinese.
  6. Even though Biden still appears to be leading overall in the polls, I think the election will still be closer than people think. Clinton was also leading in 2016 in most polls. The Dems of course do have a very good chance at winning but the aftermath would be very bad for the country. There likely wouldn't be any mass rioting ,looting and burning as we currently see from the Left. But the Dems will likely go ahead and stack the deck permanently in their favour by stacking the Supreme Court and doing away with the electoral college.I know many on here still point out that Clinton won the popul
  7. The Republicans have a very deep bench compared to the Democrats. Off the top of my head I can't think of any reasonable candidates on the Democratic side. If there are any, then they might be able to fill into a minivan. The rest are catering to the radicals(Antifa etc). Who in their right mind would be happy about how far the Dems have moved to the Left?
  8. Trudeau is like the Canadian version of AOC except he's in total control.He's going all-out left now it appears. Pragmatism is out the window with this government.
  9. I don't think anyone can honestly deny that Biden's team is heavily protecting him from any and all possibilities of tough questions. If he actually does plan to be in live debates with Trump his staffers must be terrified at the prospect of what will come out of his mouth.He does tend to flip-flop as well on big issues like his support for fracking. At some point he should come out in the open and leave the teleprompter behind. Why doesn't he take question? I mean unscripted questions?
  10. I know a lot of people posting on here really hate Trump and of course he has his faults. But for those on the Biden side, do you have any concerns about his mental and cognitive state right now?He often looks lost without the use of a teleprompter and sometimes he's clearly confused even while reading from one. His campaign events are carefully controlled and scripted and questions are hand-fed to him. If he wins in November, does anyone seriously think he can serve two full terms? I think most of you truly want the US to get a reasonably good and competent government. My concern with Bi
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/lilley-another-trudeau-mistake-that-cost-canada-big-on-covid-19/ar-BB18WuX8?li=AAggNb9 This appears to be another huge mistake/failure by the Trudeau Liberals.Brian Lilley's article is very interesting and it seems nobody is willing to give straight answers.
  12. A pity so many people are totally blinded by hatred and unwilling to recognize or give some credit for any positive accomplishments.
  13. I heard this story this morning and at that time,apparently no mention of it on CNN but it did appear on CNN online. I think he's certainly a worthy nominee. I'm guessing he doesn't have much chance at winning because of backroom politics.
  14. Any thoughts as to why the media sat on this story for around two years? Why didn't they publish this story right after it happened? Were they saving it in the hopes of dropping a bombshell during the next election? It's no wonder most people have a low opinion of journalists.
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