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  1. Yes he bought them a pipeline. It's highly unlikely the project will ever be started. I won't hold my breath,Gerald Butts will not allow it.
  2. Why did it fail in Ontario with all the massive spending during the McGuinty/Wynne years? Take note that Trudeau has the same advisors pulling his strings.
  3. How do you figure that? We all know that Trudeau will go to any length to protect and promote Quebec jobs, but what has he done to help Alberta?
  4. And only one candidate who openly says we should not be afraid to talk about these very high immigration levels. Why can't anyone question why the levels are so high without being labelled racist?
  5. Right wingers/conservatives overwhelmingly believe you have an absolute right to your opinion and to express it. The same cannot be said of most left-wingers. Maybe you're one of those that believe the world will end in 10-12 years,or that there are dozens or hundreds of different genders or gender pronouns. It's nonsense but I firmly believe in your right to have your far-out opinions.
  6. It seems to me that there are far more nutjobs on the left than on the right. It is primarily leftists that are opposed to free speech, which means any and all opposing views. ANTIFA is a leftist group and a perfect example of their sick mindset.
  7. I think the facts will show that an enormous amount of money has flowed out of Alberta over past decades,mostly to the benefit of Quebec. Why wouldn't Albertans be frustrated with this? Where would we be in this country without the contributions from the oil and gas sector? https://edmontonjournal.com/opinion/columnists/gary-lamphier-how-much-money-has-flowed-out-of-alberta-to-ottawa-a-lot
  8. I'm all for shutting down the Human Rights Commissions completely. I suggest Ezra Levant's book Shakedown, a good read. HRC's have little to do with human rights and everything about pushing idiotic political correctness down our throats.
  9. Quebecers ALWAYS vote for their own self interest and little else. How much can they keep getting from the rest of Canada? Lot's and lot's. I think Trudeau get's another majority thanks to the hypocrisy of progressive voters and naïve young Canadians.
  10. I just checked my Liberal MP's website and clicked on the Justin Trudeau link at the top. JUSTIN TRUDEAU! TEACHER...FATHER...ADVOCATE...LEADER! He's sitting with what appears to be a "family of colour"(progressive-speak). At least Trudeau had the sense to leave the blackface paint at home. Seriously,what do these photos say about this man's judgement other than it's pretty bad? This reinforces my opinion that he's just a grown up spoiled brat and has always been used to getting his own way. He constantly repeats that diversity is our strength but he does not tolerate diversity of opinion. So far I think he'll survive the scandal easily but he'll have to use his corny acting ability to the max.I just listened to a few minutes of callers to CBC Radio and it seems most Liberal supporters are ok with Trudeau's blackface habit.
  11. Even with a third photo surfacing of Trudeau's blackface routine, I have no doubt he will survive this and still win the election. Can anyone deny,even his most ardent fans, that Justin Trudeau brings hypocrisy to a whole new level?
  12. No matter what the polls say one way or the other, I will get my ass out and cast my vote. I think Trudeau will still get a majority, the NDP might spiral into the toilet with many of their supporters going Green. Watch the mainstream media go into full attack mode against the Conservatives... on second thought, that's pretty much a constant thing anyway.
  13. Of all the gun crimes committed in Canada during a typical year, how many said crimes are committed by legal gun owners? How many are committed by gang members?
  14. How do you feel about coal exports from "green" British Columbia? And for the record,I do want Canadian oil to be exported.
  15. Trump's racist tweets? How about Ilhan Omar? She is openly bigoted, the mainstream media gives her a pass. Take a good look at the future of the Democratic Party. I almost forgot about the Democrat's version of the brown shirts,Antifa. "America,love it or leave it" has been around a long time. Blunt perhaps,but not racist. Basically what Trump was saying.
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