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  1. ironstone

    What is Wrong With the United State?

    I think the biggest problem looming for the USA is the embrace of Socialism by the Democrats. This is clearly where this party is heading and given that the polls tend to swing like a pendulum this means that at some point these radicals will be running the country.Look at the power Ocasio Cortez has right now.She is wildly popular and get's the rock star treatment but rarely get's challenged by the media. She does have enough savvy to avoid any media outlets that will dare to ask tough questions.How far can this nutbar go in politics? The Democrats have lost their way.
  2. ironstone

    Is this how you increase birth rates?

    In developed countries like Canada,we have very low birth rates compared to third world places which always have high birth rates.They have great difficulty feeding themselves and having a decent standard of living but they will always have too many babies. Now they come over here in great numbers and still have lot's of babies and probably tend to be more dependant on things like welfare. Ideally I would like to see the world population stabilized. Two children should be the norm for most couples.I agree that overpopulation is a serious problem.As usual,the burden will fall entirely on Western democracies. I don't know the best way to encourage a higher birth rate among native born Canadians beyond very enticing tax incentives of some kind.
  3. ironstone

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    I just checked the CBC website for anything on the Islamic Party of Ontario and nothing yet. On the party's own website they mention things like only two genders,marriage is only between a man and a woman,a ban on abortion and separation of the sexes in schools. Very little in the mainstream media about this for the obvious reason,namely Islam cannot be criticized . Imagine the outrage if any white,conservative political figure had put forward policies like this! It will be interesting to see how much support they get in the next election as there is a strong argument to be made that working within existing leftist parties like the Liberals and the NDP is the faster way to force the Islamist agenda in Ontario. https://www.islamicontario.ca/Islamic-Party-of-Ontario-Principles-and-Policy_324.html
  4. ironstone

    Trudeau Reckless Binge

    Most young people tend to fall into the category of "low information voters". It explains why more of them support the incredibly shallow Justin Trudeau and political correctness is their ideology.
  5. Can anyone here please clearly define what crimes were committed by Trump?Specifically,what laws were broken? What irrefutable evidence and facts are publicly known? I see vastly differing opinions on the major networks. Unfortunately for Trump,it seems nobody at the top of the big law enforcement agencies has written a letter of exoneration before the case has been thoroughly examined,like was done for Hillary Clinton. Anybody see any bias there?
  6. ironstone

    GM packing its bags in Oshawa

    US greenhouse emissions have been dropping for a while now,even if there has been deregulation by Trump. https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org/climate-change/epa-reports-u-s-greenhouse-gas-emissions-dropped/ This move by GM must have been planned for a long time,before Trump won in 2016.
  7. I'm not what one would call a Trump supporter to be fair. I do believe that Trump,like any other American, does deserve due process. If you watch CNN or MSNBC you would think that he is without a doubt,guilty. I'm of the impression that what he's accused of doing or has done isn't clearly defined as a crime. So he praises Putin, Kim and supports Saudi Arabia,how is that different from Canada's Justin Trudeau who openly expresses admiration for Fidel Castro and the Chinese dictatorship to name but two? You seem to be unaware of Hillary Clinton's ties to Russia. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/24/us/cash-flowed-to-clinton-foundation-as-russians-pressed-for-control-of-uranium-company.html Politicians lie? Wow that's news to me! It's fair to criticize Trump of course,but only someone that is willfully blind believes his 2016 opponent wasn't deeply flawed to put it mildly.Enough with the drama queen routine.
  8. ironstone

    Fake News Canada

    If anyone truly believes that this bailout will not in any way influence the media they are truly naïve. Journalists belong to Unifor,and just like all other unions in Canada,they are very left-leaning and oppose all conservative thought. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/malcolm-conflicts-of-interest-threaten-canadian-journalism The news industry has been going through some very big changes of the years and some in that business have been slow or altogether unsuccessful in changing with the times.My household used to get the Ottawa Citizen daily but I felt their news coverage was subpar. I then bought the Sun daily for many years but felt it wasn't worth the cost for the brief amount of time it took to read it. I can easily get my news from other sources without newspapers stacking up. https://www.spencerfernando.com/2018/11/21/trudeau-government-announces-600-million-media-bailout/
  9. The most consistently fair commentary on this subject comes from non other than the liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz. I don't believe most of the nonsense coming from the Trump haters. This administration get's attacked like no other in the media. Sadly,I think this will become the norm in the future with any Republican administration.
  10. ironstone

    Fake News Canada

    I don't see a lot about this story in the mainstream media.I think it's a terrible idea and I've told my MP as much. I pointed out to him that the Trudeau Liberals already get mostly favourable coverage from most media outlets and there is no need whatsoever to bribe them. Why pay for something that you already get for free? He replied by saying how hard hit the news industry has been in Canada but that doesn't wash with me. Trudeau is tripping over himself to help the mostly friendly media,but doing next to nothing for Canada's oil and gas industry. It shows where his priorities lie. It's safe to say that nobody remotely conservative will get a dime of this bribe money of course. Anyone in the news business with an ounce of integrity should flat out refuse the money.Trudeau is pathetic...….
  11. ironstone

    War of the Worlds U.N. Migration Compact

    We should all be resigned to the fact that Western style democracies ,as long as they exist,will be expected to ALWAYS have to shoulder the responsibility of the third world.It will mean the continued,massive financial support and enormous numbers of immigrants,legal and illegal.Never mind about education levels and skills,we have to adapt to their needs at the end of the day.How many immigrants are taken in by places like Saudi Arabia to name one?
  12. ironstone

    Compensating Khadr

    Khadr is indeed a very arrogant man and he really should be so thankful to have citizenship in the land of milk and honey. I am pretty certain that he will soon regain his passport and get to visit wonderful,free,Saudi Arabia.Trudeau and the courts will continue to bend over backwards to accommodate him. This whole affair has been such an embarrassment to Canada .
  13. ironstone

    War of the Worlds U.N. Migration Compact

    I'm completely with those that oppose Canada signing on to this pact. I do believe that it will not benefit this country and that yes,our Liberal government will be perfectly happy to take it's marching orders from the UN at least as far as opening up the borders for mass migration is concerned. Apparently even the US Democrats are opposed to this pact along with the Republicans. Australia,Israel,Japan to name just a few other countries that have said no to the UN. I think this is yet another instance where Trudeau wants to hear the applause from the chorus of progressives by doing something politically correct but ultimately harmful to Canada. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/malcolm-opposition-to-the-un-migrant-compact-is-broad-and-far-reaching https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-un-global-compact-for-migration-is-bad-for-canadas-sovereignty-as-scheer-says Supporters say the deal is at the end of the day,non-binding.If so,then why take the risk of even signing on?
  14. I honestly can't imagine any pipelines being built as long as Justin Trudeau(Gerald Butts) is Prime Minister. His government has put in place far too many barriers to overcome.It seems obvious that the reason for all those regulations is precisely to ensure that no pipelines will ever be built again in Canada.
  15. ironstone

    Lies We are Told About the Canadian Oil Industry

    Does anybody know of an electric car currently on the market that can be charged in the same time as it takes to fill up the average gasoline powered car?Still quite a hefty price for electric cars as far as I'm concerned.One thing I think most people aren't aware of is the huge cost of replacing these batteries when they fail. I still have doubts about wind and solar power,even with advances in storage capacity.We can go for many days or weeks without much sun or wind and how long will the stored energy get used up?I think it's clear we will still need some kind of back up energy source. There is enormous hypocrisy from so-called "green"governments like in BC.Care to take a guess what happens to all the coal that BC exports?