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  1. Of all the gun crimes committed in Canada during a typical year, how many said crimes are committed by legal gun owners? How many are committed by gang members?
  2. How do you feel about coal exports from "green" British Columbia? And for the record,I do want Canadian oil to be exported.
  3. Trump's racist tweets? How about Ilhan Omar? She is openly bigoted, the mainstream media gives her a pass. Take a good look at the future of the Democratic Party. I almost forgot about the Democrat's version of the brown shirts,Antifa. "America,love it or leave it" has been around a long time. Blunt perhaps,but not racist. Basically what Trump was saying.
  4. Trudeau has met all my expectations....and of course my expectations were very low. He does shine under certain conditions, like when journalists fawn over him and ask idiotic questions about his socks or other nonsense. It is true that he is primarily just a puppet. Now it appears Gerald Butts is back on the scene from his (temporary) resignation and will be pulling the strings once again. I'll likely vote Conservative but I can't rule out Bernier either.
  5. When I buy gas I don't know exactly which country it originates from but I would prefer to support our Canadian oil industry. By all means, build more pipelines and get the oil to the market. I can't imagine how many billions of dollars have flowed out of the Western provinces to the enormous benefit of the rest of the country. I don't believe any pipelines will get built under this Trudeau government however.
  6. I think the Government of Iran certainly knows quite a lot about using real violence and intimidation against citizens, particularly against it's own people. Economic sanctions pale in comparison. Iran won't change it's ways anytime soon, that much is obvious. They are hoping the Democrats will win in 2020 and implement their much friendlier policies with the Islamic dictatorships in the Middle East.
  7. Why doesn't AOC clearly state what exactly is going to happen to the world in 12 years if she doesn't get her way? If she makes a drastic statement like that, she certainly owes it to us to explain, in great detail,what's going to happen. I'm kind of worried about the Greens making gains in Canada. They are basically a one issue party. Too much way too soon. It is somewhat helpful that the left/far left vote get's split up more than the right of centre vote.
  8. This report is just an extremely long way to demand ever increasing amounts of money. Using the word genocide is insulting. No doubt natives have suffered at the hands of others in the past but will there ever be a time when anyone in their ranks will stand up and say it's about time to stop continually blaming others for all their ills and start taking responsibility for their own lives. Why not make an effort to stop the cycle of dependency on tax dollars. https://www.fraserinstitute.org/article/taxpayers-are-generous-first-nations https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/federal-budget-includes-5-billion-in-new-spending-on-indigenous-affairs https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/mark-milke/first-nations-and-taxpayers_b_4455894.html
  9. It's pretty sad that there is so much hatred for Trump. It's not merely disliking the man,it is flat-out hatred. He's certainly not politically correct and frankly I find that refreshing. The US economy is humming along very nicely with better rates of growth than Obama had. It is truly remarkable that he was able to win the presidency(fair and square) in spite of relentless attacks by the mainstream media.
  10. How can we take this guy seriously?
  11. I think there are some aspects of the job that he absolutely loves,like being in front of adoring fans, the chance to show off his "acting" skills, taking softball questions from the paparazzi . It's obvious that he's very weak on actual policy and he relies largely on those that helped run Ontario into the ground for advice. He should still be considered the favourite to win the next election but I think he will lose a few seats overall. Trudeau will get largely positive coverage from his median minions since most of them will soon be supported by our tax dollars.
  12. The first thing you mentioned was the NDP environmental policy. https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/yes-anti-pipeline-vancouver-really-is-north-americas-largest-exporter-of-coal BC is really screwing over Alberta,big surprise.
  13. This is our Prime Minister......without the script!
  14. Everybody knows that Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister thanks largely to his last name. I personally don't hate the man but I think he's pretty shallow and a narcissist as well. I haven't seen any evidence so far that says he up to the job. He's a drama queen,always playing to the cameras. He often behaves like a typical stupid celebrity. We have also seen that JT has a temper and he clearly is used to getting his own way. He has no qualms about throwing female members of his party under the bus if they don't bow to his demands.He's certainly lacking in integrity. What on earth do people see in him?
  15. Strategic voting is something that has typically been used against the Conservatives in past elections, most of the time being NDP or Liberal supporters moving to one party or the other. I would have urged them to just vote for the party that they truly like, strategic voting be damned. I like some of what I hear from Bernier to be honest. And he comes across as being a real conservative ,unlike Scheer. It'll be a tough choice in the coming election as to where I'll give my vote. I do want to give my current Liberal MP the boot!
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