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  1. The thing I fear most about climate change/global warming is the steady onslaught of rising taxes and the cost of living.Perhaps the world should keep a close eye on Al Gore and his activities/lifestyle choices.How many of you truly believe people like Ocasio-Cortez and her assertion that the world will end in 12yrs? Really? https://www.theblaze.com/contributions/8-highly-inconvenient-facts-for-al-gore-10-years-after-his-infamous-movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDdB2wXzyvo I urge you guys to check out the above links, quite interesting.
  2. It's more a case of Mexico invading the US isn't it?
  3. As long as they're not actively promoting violence, I have no problem with radical leftist groups using social media. They have a right to be wrong, to lie and mislead and twist the facts. Take note that I think everyone has the right to speak their mind
  4. To name but one,how about Louis Farrakhan , leader of the Nation of Islam. His hatred of Jews is no secret and yet he doesn't have to worry about being banned from social media. I'm also somewhat sceptical about so-called right wing extremist postings in chat rooms and can't help but wonder if they're simply trolls stirring up things. Which side get's continually banned from speaking on campuses? How about Antifa? Large,well organized and funded....and violent. What's the right-wing equivalent of Antifa? You seem to be equating the right to free speech and simple,fair questions with promoting racial and sexual hatred. An opposing point of view won't kill you.
  5. There probably are some tiny groups of white racists here and there. It seems to me that the big social media groups are using this to try and ban more and more conservatives from the popular platforms. I think there are way more extremist crackpots on the left but they don't have to worry about being banned. Those on the left are quite hostile to any opinions other than their own. The people that run platforms like Facebook ,Twitter and so on smell blood in the water and are using this as an excuse to severely limit conservative voices.How many radicals from the left have been banned from social media? Can you think of any?
  6. If I were the leader of any country outside of Canada,be it an ally or an adversary , I would definitely want someone like Trudeau being Prime Minister.My line of reasoning is that Trudeau is weak and easily taken advantage of by other leaders.
  7. They are shamelessly going after more new voters and more revenue tools at the same time. I love that hat scribblet!
  8. During this ongoing SNC affair, the Liberals that were putting pressure in JWR all but openly admitted they merely have to pick up the phone to get instant support from the mainstream media. It seems to apply to legal opinions too. I have a rather long commute to work so I'll pay a lot more with this Liberal carbon tax. I doubt most Canadians realize that this tax will raise prices on just about everything.
  9. I listen to a variety of medio sources,more on the right but also some on the left. It's often interesting to note that some stories will get many mentions from some sources but nothing from the other side. To cite just one example,recently I heard about some possible campaign finance irregularities from media darling Ocasio-Cortez. A quick check on the MSNBC website about this story brings up nothing. News is news and in a perfect world , these big stories wouldn't be overblown or completely filtered out like they seem to be now.So called journalists put their own spin on the facts and we have to sort through all of it.
  10. I suspect most media outlets won't want to dwell on the fact that the shooter is Muslim or talk about radical Islam.That would be Islamophobia wouldn't it?
  11. I think the biggest problem looming for the USA is the embrace of Socialism by the Democrats. This is clearly where this party is heading and given that the polls tend to swing like a pendulum this means that at some point these radicals will be running the country.Look at the power Ocasio Cortez has right now.She is wildly popular and get's the rock star treatment but rarely get's challenged by the media. She does have enough savvy to avoid any media outlets that will dare to ask tough questions.How far can this nutbar go in politics? The Democrats have lost their way.
  12. In developed countries like Canada,we have very low birth rates compared to third world places which always have high birth rates.They have great difficulty feeding themselves and having a decent standard of living but they will always have too many babies. Now they come over here in great numbers and still have lot's of babies and probably tend to be more dependant on things like welfare. Ideally I would like to see the world population stabilized. Two children should be the norm for most couples.I agree that overpopulation is a serious problem.As usual,the burden will fall entirely on Western democracies. I don't know the best way to encourage a higher birth rate among native born Canadians beyond very enticing tax incentives of some kind.
  13. I just checked the CBC website for anything on the Islamic Party of Ontario and nothing yet. On the party's own website they mention things like only two genders,marriage is only between a man and a woman,a ban on abortion and separation of the sexes in schools. Very little in the mainstream media about this for the obvious reason,namely Islam cannot be criticized . Imagine the outrage if any white,conservative political figure had put forward policies like this! It will be interesting to see how much support they get in the next election as there is a strong argument to be made that working within existing leftist parties like the Liberals and the NDP is the faster way to force the Islamist agenda in Ontario. https://www.islamicontario.ca/Islamic-Party-of-Ontario-Principles-and-Policy_324.html
  14. Most young people tend to fall into the category of "low information voters". It explains why more of them support the incredibly shallow Justin Trudeau and political correctness is their ideology.
  15. Can anyone here please clearly define what crimes were committed by Trump?Specifically,what laws were broken? What irrefutable evidence and facts are publicly known? I see vastly differing opinions on the major networks. Unfortunately for Trump,it seems nobody at the top of the big law enforcement agencies has written a letter of exoneration before the case has been thoroughly examined,like was done for Hillary Clinton. Anybody see any bias there?
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