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  1. ironstone

    Ford's welfare rollbacks

    I have many doubts about the Liberal basic income program,the biggest being that it would certainly encourage able bodied people to not work for themselves and encourage lifelong dependency.Here's a perfect example of what would have happened with large numbers of people in Ontario had this program continued. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-taxpayers-shouldnt-be-paying-for-free-rides I do get that those with physical or mental issues do need help and should get some kind of assistance,but I draw the line for those who don't want to contribute and just freeload off the system.
  2. Cap and trade IS a carbon tax! How on earth can you not understand that?If there was an initial cost to emitters(many of them received free credits to start with)they would have passed on or just added more cost to consumers.Companies don't pay....we pay. http://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/goldstein-wynnes-carbon-scheme-deserved-to-die
  3. ironstone

    Andrea Horvath Appeared On Drugs

    As awful as Wynne has been for Ontario over the years, I have to admit that Andrea Horwath would have been even worse for us.Now that Doug Ford has won,just sit back and watch how the left-leaning media will really go into attack mode.
  4. Andrea Horwath is just as competent and intelligent as Kathleen Wynne which isn't saying much. She'll as bad as Wynne or worse.More idiotic nonsense from the Left. As for green energy and the environmental concerns, I suggest you guys check out John Robson's documentary on youtube "The Environment,A True Story"
  5. ironstone

    Trudeau Is Falling For Hamas Propaganda

    Hamas does not merely encourage resistance, they wholeheartedly encourage violence at every opportunity. Not only against Israelis, but Hamas is all too eager to see their own people needlessly die for the sake of propaganda. How much effort is given to building a robust economy in Gaza compared to resources wasted attacking Israelis? As for the multi-generation fear,loathing and hatred,it hasn't been allowed to fester......Hamas teaches it, encourages it and promotes it!
  6. ironstone

    Trudeau Is Falling For Hamas Propaganda

    So what has Hamas done for it's people? Can Gaza survive without massive aid from the West? Would you enjoy seeing them fulfill what's written in their Charter about the destruction of Israel and it's people?
  7. If anyone will end up nailed to a cross,it will be the taxpayers of Ontario who are already taxed too much! Corporations have a choice...they can relocate and it's likely that many will under a a Horwath run Ontario.Most of the Liberals major policies have been failures,the NDP will continue many of these policies and move Ontario even further to the Left.More wind turbines and solar panels,shutting down nuclear plants,deficits for the foreseeable future and a colossal debt will await us if the NDP win.How about an ever increasing number of able bodied people contributing nothing to our economy? Could the Leap Manifesto be Horwath's template? Scary! brianlilley.com/meet-andrea-horwaths-crazy-ndp-candidates/
  8. Is that an admission that the people actually living in Chicago are not obeying the current gun laws?
  9. Doesn't Chicago have very tough gun laws in place? Do you have any thoughts as to why there are still so many shootings there in spite of the anti-gun laws? https://www.dailywire.com/news/28630/watch-actors-audition-reading-gun-facts-camera-frank-camp Any shooting is one too many of course,but the sad fact is that there will always be crimes committed in society, no matter how many laws are in place.
  10. ironstone

    Omar's lawyer is now a federal judge?

    It's really too bad for all concerned that Omar Khadr wasn't left to die on the battlefield.Something is seriously wrong with our immigration system when people like the Khadr family are welcomed with open arms into this country.This horrible family never has and never will contribute anything positive for Canada.
  11. ironstone

    Islam Is Peace

    But you were supposed to list the things you admire most about Islam! What are those things?
  12. ironstone

    Whites need not apply

    Why bother to mention race at all in any job posting?Why shouldn't the job go to the BEST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE?
  13. ironstone

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    The Conservative attack ads before the last election were correct,Trudeau is simply not up to the job of being Prime Minister.He's pretty much just a shallow figurehead for the Liberals. But despite the fact he hasn't proved he's up to the job so far ,he will still win the next election because most progressive voters go for style over substance. Judging by some of his "costumes" ,I don't think he has style either.
  14. ironstone

    Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    Having listened to Justin Trudeau and Ben Shapiro speak on various subjects ,I would pay good money to see these two debate any topic! "Peoplekind" got mocked ,and rightfully so .The sad part is ,Trudeau wasn't making a joke when he said it.This is actually how he thinks,political correctness 24/7.
  15. That would be just as bad or perhaps worse than still having Wynne as Premier.