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  1. Why does everything have to be a 'right' or 'left' issue? The money should go where it's needed the most and municipalities would know that better than the federal gov't.
  2. Exactly. As much as we may want to save her, we can't pay for her release. It will only put others in danger once the precident is set. Very sad story.
  3. Pro-Choice does not mean we want to see all poor women get an abortion. Pro-Choice means we want all women to make that decision themselves whether rich or poor. The most common 'choice' that women make is to carry their babies full term. When my daughter got pregnant I knew she couldn't raise a child but told her I would respect her 'choice', by giving her options. Her social worker spent a great deal of time with her, and I made them both aware that if she decided to keep the baby we would be there, but if she decided to have an abortion, we would also be there. She chose to keep him a
  4. 'Conservatism' is now just a politically correct word for radical change and oppression.
  5. That's rather sad because elections hould be about policies and what's best for Canadians. Instead it's about PR and wealthy supporters. So much for democracy.
  6. And against Dion, who they pulverized with attack ads to the point where he barely had a pulse.
  7. Noam Chomsky? He's a philospher and not even Canadian. What does he have to do with our conservative movement?
  8. I mentioned Ignatieff's books, not as saving souls, but just to show where this gov't's priorities lie. They're slipping in the polls so forget unemployment and the economy. Attack! Again I never used the term 'evil' and the new conservative movement is not about upholding institutions and shouldn't be about supporting a monarchy. Next to religion, monarchies have been responsible for more deaths than any disease or natural disaster, so no I don't feel all warm and fuzzy over the 82 year old head of a dysfunctional family. They are not 'divine'. They are human like everyone else and ofte
  9. Exactly. This society forgives so much when it involves religion. Often born again Christians are seeking help from their new drug of choice, like the preacher who stuffed pornographic material in mailboxes. No one will get them help because they believe that they are already being helped by God. In many cases they are just mentally ill or having a psychotic break. This story is very sad and I don't think it will end well.
  10. I'll trade you a Jack Layton for a Jason Kenney and will even throw in a Stockwell Day. Actually, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. She must be terrified.
  11. The debate might be about those things, but it's mostly the current gov't dodging those issues while reading statements from Ignatieff's books out loud in an attempt to discredit him. BTW: I never said 'evil'. Just hypocritical.
  12. What exactly are you basing that on?
  13. I don't know who George Grant is but will find out. However, abortion is a legal issue, not a religous issue in terms of government (state) intervention. I am pro-choice and while to many that means pro-abortion, it is absolutely not. The billboards with the babies is excellent. I even liked the ad that was for some reason scrapped for the superbowl about Obama and the single mom. I have no problem with any groups offering alternatives, as long as they are willing to take it past the simple birth. I am also not implying that all Christians hate homosexuals, because I know that they do n
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