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  1. Pachinko -Min Jin Lee Yeongdo, Korea 1911. In a small fishing village on the banks of the East Sea, a club-footed, cleft-lipped man marries a fifteen-year-old girl. The couple have one child, their beloved daughter Sunja. When Sunja falls pregnant by a married yakuza, the family face ruin. But then Isak, a Christian minister, offers her a chance of salvation: a new life in Japan as his wife. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Much more interesting than it sounds very well written too.
  2. FTFY-Athletes generally aren't much given to cowardice but I can see the brainwashed/[url=http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/25/americas/ryan-lochte-brazil/index.html]braindead[/url] US team acting like frightened rabbits
  3. I remember owning a watch strap made from Capybara leather-it lasted for years & years.
  4. They're safe & living in a ravine somewhere-winter will bring their demise.
  5. Deliberately misunderstanding someone's post is a poor way to present your apparently jaundiced views. We all know that the phony 'hunger strike' undertaken by 'Chief' Teresa Spence was just that-a cynical attempt to portray herself as suffering for her people when in fact all she did was stuff her face in private-as evidenced by her not losing a gram. How any sane person can claim otherwise is beyond my understanding- she is as phony a a 3 dollar bill.
  6. I still think the tribe could make billions if they shared the secret of how to go without eating for months and gain weight!
  7. OK I have the book on hold @ VPL-it's been a while since I read anything about Riel one of his descendants is a friend of mine so I should keep up.
  8. Tesla is setting up a service centre just a few blocks from me and of course my 'hood is already crawling with them. It'll be interesting to see how other high end auto manufacturers like Jaguar & Maserati respond in the next decade or so- it's not as if people who already own their products care about costs.
  9. No issue here. No idea what the lightswitch is though.
  10. As to Noriega he spent 20 years in jail in the USA, 7 more behind bars in France and @ age 81 is still locked up down in Panama WTH does he have to do with anything?
  11. When I get home from work-and often just as I leave the place I turn the cell off-enough is enough. Of course most people lack the intestinal fortitude to take such an individualist stance but they can all rot in a hot dark place.
  12. So we're told but there's notta helluva lotta in Canada.
  13. If any of you had even bothered to read the (elementary school level) interview you'd know Penn met Chapo back in October. The whole 'Penn Meets Chapo and We All Win' angle is pulled from deep dark recesses of the Mexican gov't anal orifice to deflect attention from their own corruption & incompetence and of course in the Modern Age people would rather titter over celebrity foibles than think for themselves-see the posts above for details.
  14. In some countries people still do they are convinced manual is more efficient and automatics can't handle hills.
  15. Mods create the forum they want and it seems that the present Mods don't want much.
  16. Don't worry-autonomous vehicles will be here first.
  17. Insurance companies gouge everyone because they can-didn't you know that? Also-here in BC commercial passenger vehicle are inspected twice a year.
  18. Uber is a minimum wage job and they have to pay income tax with a taxi job at least part of the take is cash which can be hidden-to a degree anyway and in this world any little bit counts. Ever been turned down using a CC to pay for a taxi fare? That's why.
  19. Today there was an emergency of a kind in front of my building an injured Raccoon was being harassed by some Crows-I came inside and called Wildlife Rescue since I was just leaving/couldn't be around when they showed up I authorised them to use my parking spot! Aren't you proud of me!?
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