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  1. Machjo


    You've never dealt with the CBSA, have you? I have and among the ones I'd dealt with, at least a few were functionally illiterate in their language of work. It wouldn't surprise me if there are a few more like that embedded among their ranks.
  2. I absolutely agree. Like I said, I don't condone that Chinese candidate's comment and she should retract it. I'm just saying that that Anglos (and Francos too by the way) are not immune from it either. But I digress. Back to the OP: she should formally withdraw her comment or face the consequences. I as a voter would certainly reconsider voting for her for that comment.
  3. I lean conservative myself and I certainly reject any Candidate that appeals to his or her Chinese or any other ethnicity, but I include Anglo ethnocentricism in that too.
  4. What about Harper's 'Old Stock Canadians' comment?
  5. Machjo

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    The separation of Church and state in Canada is hogwash. The reigning monarch must profess the Anglican Faith and cannot be married to a Catholic and the Constitution itself entrenches the separate denominational school system and the government imposes Christian holidays onto the private sector. Even Quebec has a crucifix on the wall of its National Assembly. Separation of Church and State you say? And what about the Christian Heritage Party? I say eliminate all official recognition of political parties and have them all run as independents like they do in Nunavut.
  6. Machjo

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    The point still stands that the Charter violates the Covenant.
  7. Machjo

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    Thanks. I fixed it.
  8. Machjo

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    Now there's one problem with that party. A Canadian who professes Islam probably does so sincerely. In Iran, there's no way of knowing who's a real Muslim. For all we know, maybe more than one in ten professes Islam just to keep his head, so in Iran, it's meaningless. Is that really what that party wants to bring to Canada?
  9. Machjo

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    Those are precicely the parts that attract me the most.
  10. Machjo

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    Actually, the religious-school provisions of the Charter violate the International Covenant in Civil and Political Rights. Just read Waldman vs. Canada.
  11. Machjo

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    Your voting style exhumes so much patriotism there. A few catches though. Islam tends to respect contracts, so if they voided the contract, you'd be giving everything back or they would have had a grandfather clause to exempt you. Also, if banks don't want to give mortgages anymore, house prices would plumet.
  12. Machjo

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    The opposition benches have no real power anyway.
  13. Machjo

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    What are they going to do with 72 virgins? Think about it. If they're virgins, they.re not easy.
  14. Machjo

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    If they banned interest, you might never have gotten a mortgage in the first place. Why would a bank agree ti an interest-free mortgage? The NDP proposed a cap on credit-card interest rates a while back. I actually liked the idea but probably not for the same reason the NDP did. The obvious effect would be banks to refuse credit cards to any high-risk applicant. I doubt that's what the NDP had in mind though.
  15. Machjo

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    But what do we do when there is no other real conservative voice? I agreed that I would never want to see that party form government, but I could certainly support it in the opposition benches as a kind of protest vote to signal ti secular conservative parties that they want to become a little more conservative in their own right to win back some of those votes.