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  1. the IDF has responded to several specific accusations of targeting buildings where no militants were present by saying there were militants present. amnesty has done a thorough investigation in many of these incidents and they've come to the conclusion that there were no militants present. so i'm only repeating what the IDF has said, so yes, i'm speaking on behalf of the IDF, where you're making shit up and making excuses without having a clue what you're trying to defend. i base my comments on the report and specific incidents. you base your comments on justifying israeli actions by any means possible and without having any knowledge of any of the incidents and without having read any of the report. all you're really doing is babbling nonsense. this is the reason your ass is being kicked.
  2. bonam, you are lowering yourself to dancer's level by making comments like that. all i have done is post information from investigations from human rights organizations. i offer these investigations and reports and dancer offers his worthless opinion.
  3. so now you're speaking on behalf of the IDF? in many of the instances, IDF had said there were militants in the buildings, but the investigations of most of the incidents have proven that there weren't. but i'm sure the IDF is glad that you're so quick to jump in there to give excuses. yes. the 300+ children are all dangerous. a woman walking out of a building waving a white flag is definitely dangerous. i'm sure, even you don't believe your own bs. thanx for the babbling and pasting an article that doesn't relate to this matter. ass kicked. babbling again. ass kicked.
  4. thank you for the prompt reply. - when there is a hamas member in an empty building, shooting at the IDF, it doesn't give israel the right to shoot a missile at a residential building with occupants that is 2 streets over. when israel does that, they violate international law. - when a woman with children behind her walk out of a building, waving a white flag, and they get shot at by soldiers, they're violating international law. - when a group of civilians are forcibly held in their own home by IDF soldiers, and then the soldiers begin shooting from the home, thus, use them as human shields, that's a violation of international law. - when IDF soldiers force civilians to go into buildings to check for booby traps or to tell hamas fighters to stop shooting, that's a violation of international law. for many, these are simple to understand and accept, but for you, i'm sure it will take a bit of time to ponder and perhaps even understand. i just kicked your ass again. now it's time for you to respond with more of your bs.
  5. lols. you're not really expecting people to be as simple as you, do you? pasting an article from the geneva convention does not win you arguments or proof any points. you have to see whether and how the article applies to different incidents. this is why these investigations are important and in many incidents during the gaza war the investigations and evidence have shown that israel violated international law. ps - fat fingers? "repeation"?
  6. this is a threat: I will ask you kindly to remove it pronto. I will give you by the end of the day. please go ahead and report whatever you're going to report. i just hope we can still be friends after all of this.
  7. get back to me when you've done your own investigation to prove that all of these human rights organizations' investigations and conclusions about israeli war crimes are wrong.
  8. even though your "threat" and "the talking to" was cute, i didn't remove it. it was flagged (probably by the hallway monitor, dancer) and removed. regardless, stop being so sensitive. the only similarities was the nickname "Gosthacked", which is not your real name. my point was well-received, i'm sure; an ad on craigslist is easy to post and using it to draw a conclusion like Riverwind and Gosthacked have is foolish.
  9. go and report me. your hallway monitor personality prevents you from seeing that this was an example to show how easy it is to post an ad on craigslist and anything can be posted on there. have you got around to reporting me to the copyright folks because i forgot to put quotes around a paragraph? are you ever a sad case.
  10. it might be a challenge for you, but it took me less than a minute to post that.
  11. you're making excuses bonam. israel's border has been defined and recognized internationally. the rest is just a bunch of mumble jumble.
  12. you're typing misinformation again. i have condemned hamas' rocket attacks. you, on the other hand, have condoned israel's war crimes. ps - what is demonstrateble? are you getting angry and punching the keyboard again?
  13. that's weird. look what i saw on craigslist. it must be true: http://ottawa.en.craigslist.ca/cas/1341717543.html
  14. israel has already been given a border.
  15. erroneous according to your worthless opinion. anyone who is not trying to apologize for war crimes cares about HRW's report and conclusion.
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