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  1. If the government has already done a lot and result is not good, does that mean it is not efficient? Does the government acting based on carefully study or just for votes? Are there more effective ways to do it?
  2. Many countries are in debt trap. "Like most governments" is not an evidence to prove it is a good choice. Bank of Canada does not earn interest means it is a best choice for government to borrow money from. Who received the interests of public debt? that is 10% of the tax dollars that Canadians pay to the government? Where does it go? I think the government should give us an clear answer.
  3. Why fentanyl in China did not cause problem? But cause problem in other country, it is obviously this is just a management issue of the country that has the problem, not a problem of China at all. If you need cooperation from China, why not just talk to them and ask them to make from new laws. Why you enjoy blame others first, as if you are an angel?
  4. It seems lots of people enjoy every negative news about China, and ignore any positive news about China. Over a long time, this kind of self hypnosis become the illusion that China is evil.
  5. I was not talking about loan to individuals. It is about loan to government and pay interest by tax to private bank. All Canadians have been suffering this exploitation for so many years. This is the key reason that our product cost is so high.
  6. Sorry for you bad luck. However, China has more than 500 thousand foreign invest companies, if no money can earn, I think most of them will have to go somewhere else. When GM close its factory in Oshawa, it did not close the factory in China yet. That means it can still earn money there. When you talk like this, I know you are not in China, or stay in China but only read western fake news, and has too less connection with ordinary Chinese people. You know nothing about real China. And China never did something like smallpox rugs or residential schools. I agree with you on this
  7. There are too few big companies own by Canadians, too many companies acquired by the US. when Canadians pay too much tax for the interests of government loan, the cost of Canadian product goes very high, and can not compete with the product of foreign products. In this situation, job loss is inevitable. If Canada can stop paying debt interest for private banks, new government loan are only from Bank of Canada, and prevent US from acquiring companies from Canada, Canada economy will start to grow very fast.
  8. When there are enough job opportunities for them, and they receive enough education for the jobs, and they are busy in jobs, they will not likely have enough time to crime. Government can do a lot on this.
  9. This is not true. According to the Extradition Act: And actually Trudeau knew that: I don't think China is bully Canada, I think Canada is helping US bullying China. I don't think China has ability or intention to intervene in Canadian political affairs. I know US and Canada never stop intervene in China political affairs, they keep try to convert China into a western style democracy system. I don't know Chinese espionage, just heard the media talk about it everyday among others which Trump called "fake news". I did hear about US never stop
  10. So you mean I am very important, after I go to China, Canada will be one of the state of the United States, instead of one of the province of China? LOL.
  11. Why should Canada damage China by sacrifice its own economy? Is it simply because fear of the united states? So Canada is not an independent nation, it is only one of the salves of the US? https://www.thestar.com/business/2018/12/13/canada-must-protect-trade-ties-with-china-farm-group-says.html
  12. The US record of violating or dissolving key international treaties It is no secret that the modern globalised world is increasingly dependent on the quality of states implementing international agreements that regulate relations between countries. This is of particular importance in fields such as human rights, the environment, and, of course, disarmament and WMD prohibition. The United States and the Western political circles, the self-styled architects of the “new world order,” constantly violate or drag their feet on the signing of fundamental international agreements. For
  13. I don't know any "rule of law" China break with Canada, I know US lack of adherence of rule of law with Canada such as NAFTA. I agree with this, US bully every country in this planet include Canada.
  14. I have lived in both Canada and China for more than 15 years. How long did you live in China? what you know about China is from media, you know media tell lies about Canada and the US. But why you choose trust what they say about China?
  15. what makes you think china is a "crude, corrupt, violent, bullying" country? The US is far more "crude, corrupt, violent, bullying" than China, and you can not see. Either you are brainwashed, or you are trying to brainwash others.
  16. Do you use products from s***hole everyday?
  17. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/12/13/huawei-arrest-looks-entirely-political-says-stephen-roach.html
  18. Why do you think like that? Is it just because you are not able to organize an argument? What a pity.
  19. I doubt how much China care about such a small economy like Canada. I think Canada should care about self. Not always think others will take from Canada, especially talk about other countries when ignoring US acquire hundreds of Canada company each year. Actually, after Meng's incident happened, the winter of economy has already start.
  20. Trump's trade war, makes everything expensive. Canada's arrest of Ms Meng will make things in Canada even more expensive. They fight political wars based on lies, the most people in US and Canada suffers, and have to lower their living standard.
  21. Canada just bullied by US in NAFTA, and many other issues. The biggest bully in this world is from the US.
  22. https://twitter.com/jeffmason1/status/1072639587275718657
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