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  1. US sanctions against Iran violate the "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the Iran Nuclear Deal)" signed by US itself.
  2. 1: US (and Canada) legal system is not independent from politics, it can be used to seize hostage for trade purpose, Somalia pirates love to seize hostage for money too. 2: <Quote> In 1995, President Clinton signed an executive order barring U.S. investment in Iran’s energy sector. To evade U.S. law, Halliburton (CEO = Dick Cheney) set up an offshore subsidiary that engaged in dealings with Iran. So why wasn't Dick Cheney arrested? </Quote>
  3. Canada - a wholly owned province of China state of US
  4. Arrest Ms. Meng clearly shows Canada legal system is a only a joke.
  5. Anyone Trump recommended will not be a good choice for the interest of the most people in the united states and all the world.
  6. Canada surrendered first. Actually, it is meaningless to get any agreement with US. US can break its promise any time and ask for more whenever it feels like just like the NAFTA when has now already become history. Just like it break the Bretton Woods system and deny to pay gold. And other countries have no choice but surrender, and laugh at China.
  7. Nowadays, democracy only means if a country allows American bankers to suck enough bloods from that country by let the puppets of the bankers legislate. If not allowed, that country is not a democracy no matter if the leader of that country was elected or not.
  8. American government loan from private banks and pay huge interest by tax its people. Hardworking people have to give large amount of money to those blood sucker bankers. So does Canada, France, and other nations. That is not sustainable. So America has less money to pay for R&D, build new infrastructure and other activities. But the bankers want more, so Trump try to suck more from other nations, just as greedy as his grandparent take advantages from poor whores. China is the largest trade partner of the states, so tax those trade can take more money. That is the explanation of everything
  9. Corporate media [is worse than] Satan [is worse than] Hillary Clinton [is worse than] Trump
  10. I don't like Trump. However, his many opinions are same with mine. I don't support wars, I thinks the economic problems are caused by bad management of the government like the people as Hillarary Clinton, I think the health care system directly take too much money to some major monopoly interest groups such as medicine makers and others, so that the efficiency is too low to take care of most people. The reason why we can not hear truth from main stream media is the there is no freedom of speech on main stream media in the United States and Canada: The reason why there is no f
  11. It is you that keep ignore truth and insist only lies. By review the thread, it is easy to find that all truths in this thread that not support your goal have been ignored by you. That clearly shows that you just intentionally tell lies. It is Canada has no freedom of speech. It is in Canada that journalist will have to resign if he/she tell his/her belief that is different with political correctness on newspaper: It is in Canada that politician will have to resign if he/she tell his/her belief that is different with political correctness: “So today we remember the tragedy of 911. T
  12. It is normal there are people not satisfied, How many Canadians satisfied with the government here? But that can not change the fact that Tibetan culture has been preserved very well in China that Canada should be shame about what Canada did. Tibetan in China live a better than Tibetan live in India. Most Tibetan lives in China. Western Journalists have chance to hear their voice. However, Western nations have no freedom of speech. They are not allowed to talk about positive opinions about China. They are just like you, you have no freedom of speech, you can not talk about positive side of
  13. Those Tibetans who created the web-page you cited are not Chinese. They create that web page for US, and US pay them, US need them to create conflict so that US can profit from. They are not happy because they are not Chinese so that they can not get the welfare the 600 million Chinese Tibetan can get. Those several individual people who escape out of Tibet were cheated by the US payed Tibetan outside China, just like I was cheated to Canada by immigrant agency. The difference is they are famous so that it is hard for them to change what they already said. I am nobody. I can tell truth whenev
  14. All you can prove is your brain has no function of thinking. It is only repeat what has been programmed. Tibetan language is printed in Chinese money. Tibetans learn Tibetan languages in school in Tibet. Tibetan temples are full of Tibetan people who understand the meaning of it. Tibetan history has been documented for more than 1000 years. How many Inca temples has native people living inside? How many Mayan writings can be recognized by native people? How many aboriginal has no child be sent to residential schools force them not speaking their own language. This clearly shows how sh
  15. 'The Chinese see us as barbarians; often, you're giving them reason to do that.' – Alexandre Trudeau, remembering what his father said to him as a child in China – Canada has lost its voice and become a 'confused follower nation,' says Alexandre Trudeau – http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/alexandre-trudeau-follower-nation-1.3761033 The fact is most Tibetans in the world are Chinese, they are living in Tibet as a part of China. Only US wish them unhappy, so that it can create conflict. As an automatic answer machine of US, you certainly have no brain and no your own voice.
  16. What you can do is just repeating what US said, like an brainless automatic answering machine. how pity you are. You post off topic content is to avoid the talk about the fact that Canada's human right and freedom speech situation is worse than China. And you want to follow US to tear China into pieces so that it can become weak so that US can rule the whole world as a dictator, so that 0.01% of the richest people can rob wealth and slave people from all over the world include US itself and Canada. So that you can ask for some soup from those rich guys. How pity you are. China is not aggr
  17. That's why I say a thief can not imaging there are people are not thief exist in the world. China is never aggressive. The people outside China is aggressive, because they want do robbery from rich china. China send army there is after china found build great war has no use to protect itself. Otherwise, there would be no western nations now.
  18. Lots of Chinese were poor is caused by more than 100 years of wars started by western nations for robbery from China. And how poor is chinese poor people and canadian poor people has nothing to do with if Canadian politicians willing to improve the condition of Canadians. Chinese has poor people is not an excuse for Canadian "democracy" don't care about its own people. Actually china has made 660 million people out of poverty from 1978 to 2010, most people's living condition greatly improved there. At the same time, "democracy" Canadian government unable to do much on improve people's livin
  19. What you said is completely wrong. I don't fear west, I just look down it. It is not due to Communist Party in China. When I was in China, once I was very admire west system, that was part of the reason I moved to here. The change happened after I live here for many years and found there are too many people in Canada live in a poor condition. And the government has almost no intention to solve the real problems, they just focus on attack between parties and keep themselves elected, and then I started to research more and find although democracy may be good, current style of western democracy i
  20. Totally lies. What US want is rob more from China. Singapore government has one party only, Saudi is dictate nation, US live with them very well, because US can use them as a base for attack other nations. Haiti's president was democratically elected, Ukraine's president was democratically elected, US used various ugly methods to remove the president. US also use Brexit to remove David Cameron because he try to work with China to improve British economy. US don't care if a nation is democracy or not, it cares only about its interest. You comment is nonsense. after all those color revoluti
  21. So you intentionally ignored my comment in the same post: Now we can clear see what you really are. Those are national security issues. Those are wars between China and US leading west world. Many US politicians and Canadian politicians are hostile to China, they want to change the system of China by means of color revolution. Google, Facebook are tools used by US government to launch color revolutions in many country. Thousands people died in those color revolutions, refugees created because of those revolutions and other wars backed or involved by US, more terrorists created after tho
  22. And how many of them speak enough English or other local language that would allow them to follow the media in the countries they visit? How many even bother even if they could? People on vacation usually don't spend a lot of time watching/reading the news. There are plenty of information prepared by CIA supported organizations such as Fa Lun Gong written in Chinese full of every kind of Chinese media in US, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and everywhere. Those people just stand everywhere like in front of supper market, I have even seen them at the Ferry Boat port to the Toronto Center I
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