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  1. Canada has too many laws. Even judge are unfamiliar lots of them. How can you ask normal people not to break a law they don’t even know its existence. Most laws are meaningless and just tools for legal industry to profit from working people, it increases the cost of made-in-Canada products and services with other blood sucking blood-sucking carnivores in Canada’s economy. That is the reason that the job opportunity goes to China and other countries, and the intelligent property purchased by big companies of US when they acquire Canadian companies. So blame China or any other country is just a
  2. Not really. There are many aspects. Some of the important reasons are innovations, science and technology, better designs. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/01/160119151244.htm According to Indicators 2016, China is now the second-largest performer of R&D, accounting for 20 percent of global R&D as compared to the United States, which accounts for 27 percent. Between 2003 and 2013, China ramped up its R&D investments at an average of 19.5 percent annually, greatly exceeding that of the U.S. China made its increases despite the Great Recession. Developing economies
  3. If someone insist to come, tests are easy to pass, especially with the help of the agents. So you will get more liars come instead of honest people. However, you may not mind, because most politicians tell lies too. There are people who believe the west propaganda. but after they come and see the real situation, they are frustrated. So your test only test the previous status, it is useless for the person in future.
  4. One out of every 10 Chinese go abroad to you called free world each year for travelling. Can Chinese government control the media out of China? Like in the United States? Chinese have more freedom in getting information from more channels than most Canadians who are surrounded by western brain wash content only. p.s. The episode was broadcast. If you call it propaganda, it is actually propaganda for Canada and "free world". http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rrm4glr8.html
  5. It is not a problem of what China's foreign minister want. It is a problem of what you want or not want. They don't hostile to you, you want to hostile to them. You want to stick on your decades long brain washed content that said China people are poor. You want to follow the US no matter how many US take from you. However, US has already benefit from China. http://tinet.ita.doc.gov/pdf/2015-Top-10-Markets.pdf Rank Country 2015 Spending 1 China (+12%)
  6. The fact is Canada government keep its own people ignorant on native chief while push to air content blame China's human right situation, and you did not say you find it offensive.
  7. Did you even watched it? it has never been broadcast. How often do you tell lies like this? Can you tell me any Chinese government member that showed American passport in China when caught by police after drinking drive and then stay in jail for 6 months? And the media company where the episode supposed to broadcast is not a state-owned company:
  8. An example: http://www.evangelicalchristian.ca/EC_cms/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=28%3Ahistory-of-censorship-in-canada&catid=9%3Afrontpage&Itemid=35 Dr. Charles McVety President of Canada Christian College “to regulate all radio broadcasting in Canada and to provide and deliver to all regions of the country, entertainment and information programs that were primarily Canadian.” “American pastors can preach the gospel without censorship, where as Canadian pastors are censored every day and may even have their sermons pre screened and some are even taken off
  9. That is likely a fiction that you like to believe. (borrow your words.) With your word, you are spin the facts to support narratives that you prefer. The "Chinese way" is just your imagination, it is only your way. I am now very curious on what the first nation chief said, If Canada is with freedom speech, Can we hear what he said? Can Destination Canada release that to Canada audience. Or can National Post or other mainstream media broadcast his opinion? If it is not possible, that means, Canada has freedom of speech is just a lie. If we can see it eventually, that would be the firs
  10. Destination Canada Destination Canada (formerly the Canadian Tourism Commission) is Canada's national tourism marketing organization. A federal Crown corporation of the Government of Canada http://en.destinationcanada.com/about-ctc Destination Canada asks Gao Xiao Song to replace or remove the show of the following pieces: 16'42'' - 17'17'', 19'00 - 20'35, 20'35, 22'44'' - 37''42'', 38'27'' - 38'58'', and other change suggestion for other pieces. If Canada government can ask a foreign TV show to change according its own taste, how many TV shows has already be interfered by the government
  11. So China should have no freedom of speech because you have heard a lie and insist keep repeat that lie? Are you honest yourself? Are you talking things you believe yourself? Your above post seems shows you don't believe freedom speech yourself. The reason is you keep stealing thread by change topic. When I talk about the behaviour of Canadian government, you try to interrupt and talk about Fa Lun Gong, which I have answered your previously. So, do you mean Freedom of Speech should not be a right for the people that has different opinion with you, or from first nation, or live in China? I
  12. An employee with the Globe and Mail since 1988, in September 2006, Ms. Wong penned “Get Under the Desk,” a highly controversial column that linked Montreal’s Dawson College shooting to Quebec identity politics. The column prompted immediate condemnation from across the Canadian political spectrum, including a letter from Prime Minister Stephen Harper saying it was “completely prejudiced to lay blame on Quebec society in this manner.” http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/jan-wong-ordered-to-pay-back-209k-to-the-globe-for-disclosing-firing-settlement-details
  13. Canada’s has announced to China that Canada has no freedom of speech and no human right last Friday. Gao Xiao Song is a popular Chinese music producer, songwriter, film director, novelist. He has even produced a song for Celine Dion in 2013. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1DFQkAsAmI His Talk Show “Xiao Song Talk on Wied Things” is the No. 1 online Talk Show in the world, the show has accumulated viewership of over 850 million, highest in the world, one recent episode has over 40 million hits, has also set the record high. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gao_Xiaosong Xiaosong work
  14. That's lie. When China start built Yu-10, US air craft companies went to China, said they are advanced, so China's own air plane development stoped for more than 10 years, after US stop cooperate with China, China resumed its research and development and created big plane. Sometimes, China is just a lazy country, when you give it technology, they would like to use yours, when you don't give it, or you don't have it, it has the ability to create its own. Because their education is better than Canada's, especially, they don't have CAS to disturb parents and teachers from teaching the kids. S
  15. Many documentary tells lies. Originally, Falun Gong is just an organization that attract people to do excise to improve their health by lies. When it becomes big, US used it, then it become a tool of CIA, when China find it and ban it, most people left that organization and find other ways to do physical exercise. The head of it who said himself is a god move to US. Many people who wanted to become US resident join it in US so that they can say they can not go back to China. During that period, they told lots of lies, or intensionally misleading stories, some of it became documentary. Ex
  16. They contribute tax, they don't bring grand parents. Without Chinese kuli, there would not be Pacific railway that Canada has used for more than a hundred year. Those works are not the kind that workers with unions can do.
  17. American jobs are not taken by China, they are taken by American government, because they ask working people to pay banker's lost, so that the cost of every company rise, that makes American bosses looking for low cost job market such as China or Mexico.
  18. But in US and Canada, the tiny voice of truth is under the oceans of mainstream media that most people can not hear. For the very small amount of people who know the truth are not able to make others understand it. It is same as what happened in "Allegory of the Cave", and the brainwash continues.
  19. The result is Canadian employee who had a job lost their jobs and you don't care. What you care is only not give China a chance instead of check if Canada can get benefit tool.
  20. Too many US company in China ask for English speaking employees. When I was in China, I have several job interviews by foreigner, they did not speaking Chinese, that means I will have no chance if I can not speak English.
  21. Zellers acqured by US company Target, and then Target gone, what about those poor Canadian employees? Did you ever care about them?
  22. I am in Canada for more than 10 years, and in China more than this, how many years you have been stay in China? Where is your knowledge came from? books? teachers? media? or other kind of brainwash material? Like people in the "Allegory of the Cave" ? I don't like Wang Yi. I don't think he handle this well. But the journalist has started all those. What he want is just attacking Liberal, so that she can attract more votes from those brainwashed voters. But her behavior is rude to the guests. It is like when I am talking with you, my friend ask me if I have tell you about Sammy Yatim, Robert
  23. How many iPhone sold in China, How many HuaWei cell phone sold in the US? How much "A Canadian company" can earn when they sell those cell phone to Obama, How much iPhone earn from Canada. How much Huawei cell phone station build in US, How much Chinese solar battery sold in US, isn't that US block China instead of China blocks US? And this topic is trying to block China. isn't it? So basically, this is your first lie, am I right? I don't know what is TFW. May be they can not hire enough qualified work in Canada in a short time. It is true that no US worker hired in US owned Canada c
  24. Did you think about what US can take from Canada when hundreds of Canadian companies were acquired by US companies in recent years like Zellers, Tim Hortons, ATI. Did you asked what they had taken? Why you care so much about what China get and care nothing about what you can get? Did you even think of what you can keep if exclude China? Even in 2nd rate cities in China, they can build a new subway line each year, why Toronto cannot add even one station in 10 years? Did you do it yourself? Did US help Canada do it? Exclude China might be a good idea, but we care about the real improvement of
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