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  1. The United States said Iraq has WMD, after that no one found it. However, every one knows the United States has WMD. And many people also know the US had provide Iraq Chemical weapons. When a debate looser can not make an valid argument, he/she tried to use personal attack, but that is not helpful to his conclusion.
  2. Why it need to pay to watch, fear of too many people watch it and identify the lies inside it?
  3. The difference of the corruption between China and Canada is, in Canada, corruption is legal: Over the last few years, seven renewable energy companies donated $255,000 to the Liberal Party, and in the latest round of renewable procurements all seven of those companies were awarded contracts from the Ministry of Energy. These contracts occurred despite the Auditor General confirming that the province is overproducing electricity and selling it at a loss. -- http://www.ontariopc.com/News/Details/Ministry-of-Energy-Handing-Out-Renewable-Contracts-to-Donor-Companies
  4. The above are just some cliché of political correctness doctrine, which formed by decades of mainstream media propaganda enforcement and taught at schools and colleges, to fool people with the same method as the allegory of the cave, enjoyed by the old men that lived in the Valley of Ignorance described by Hendrik Van Loon in his book Tolerance. If you ask those young Chinese students study in Canada universities and colleges, you will find most of them have no feeling about which country is more freer between Canada and China. Hypocritical people always enjoy blaming others and blind on thems
  5. It is the Politicians of the United States and its followers hostile to China and many other countries, it ask for sanction for other nations, wage wars, use its media to blame other governments, make people hate people. China does not hostile any other country, it trades with any country. The reason of most people's life become worse is not because China, it is because inability of our own government. It is because too high tax makes people hard to earn money, so their purchase power becomes less, so that industry can not compete with other countries that has lower tax rate. 9% of the tax
  6. Or trade with the United States, which waged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, created the ISIS, that caused millions of people killed in recent years.
  7. Many documentary tells lies. Originally, Falun Gong is just an organization that attract people to do excise to improve their health by lies. When it becomes big, US used it, then it become a tool of CIA, when China find it and ban it, most people left that organization and find other ways to do physical exercise. The head of it who said himself is a god move to US. Many people who wanted to become US resident join it in US so that they can say they can not go back to China. During that period, they told lots of lies, or intensionally misleading stories, some of it became documentary. Ex
  8. <quote> http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/us-navy-spying-case-what-china-was-really-after-15753 Their operational objective is to keep US and allied forces at a distance and stop the United States and its allies from waging war in a manner we have displayed from Operation Desert Storm in 1991, </quote> US want to attack every country, any country try to protect itself from US attacking is all what "threat" means. This clearly shows that democracy United State is the reason that world is not peaceful. This can not be solved, because all mainstream m
  9. Rob Ford is the best politician in Canada that I known since the day I came to Canada in more than 10 years. No one is better than him. He did a lot of things for most citizens. What others blame him is for his private life, which is not harmful to public at all. Because drugs are painkillers, it is very possible that Rob Ford used it was just for releaf himself from pain caused by cancer. The most evil people are those who keep saying Rob Ford is bad, those people are simply for their own interest and harm to public interest. And they can not tolerate anyone do and good things for public
  10. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/proposed-beaufort-licences-infringe-arctic-sovereignty-1.3498469 Proposed U.S. Beaufort Sea drilling leases infringe on Canada's sovereignty, says Yukon Area proposed for drilling includes a 21,000-sq-km section of offshore territory disputed by Canada By Chris Windeyer, CBC News Posted: Mar 19, 2016 9:00 AM CT Last Updated: Mar 20, 2016 8:20 AM CT Last week, the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management issued a proposal for new leases off the coast of Alaska. The map of the area that could be opened to drilling includes offshore territory Canada cla
  11. It is US boldly push outward, instead of Russia and China. US use its rumor machines to make chaos everywhere in the world include Ukraine to make them crack the democracy elected government so that it can expand NATO into Ukraine that make Russia feel cornered, that makes Russia fight back. It is US spent military budget that is more than the sum of other countries. It is US spy on Merkel’s cellphone. Are you so sure about JT’s cell phone not spied by US when Snowton is still stay in Russia now. That’s a joke. Almost every war after WWII has US in the front or in the background.
  12. Democracy is never beyond a lie. Ancient Greece democracy was for noble people only. Washington’s democracy was not include the slaves in his family of cause. Lincoln “liberate” include black slaves into democracy, but killed countless native people, did he ever care about the right of the aboriginal people? Nowadays, democracy is still no more than a lie, mass media controls most people’s thoughts, makes most people think the way the boss of mass media wants them to think, that’s why those who control the mass media, who control main search engine, they control the behavior of the governm
  13. Internet is a place full of errors, and many content is same as western media brain wash content. You are wrong. Communist Party of China is better than any party here. It created a country that stopped people suffered from foreign robbers for 100 years. Stops the war that foreigner add to Chinese, that war same as westerners make 100 million death of native people in Americans. And the communist part of china's aim is improve the life of the people. Its aim is serve the people. It made many mistakes, there are corrupt people in the party, but the party itself and the theory is good. And t
  14. The poor child's death was not caused by Marx or Lenin, not caused by their theory, it is due to Capitalism. This story won't happen in Mao's time. at that time, people were more equal than now. My mother is a university graduated, her salary was about 50 yuan each month for decades in the 60s, 70s and a few years in 80s, a new physical labor worker's salary was about 30 yuan each month, all people in my memory are in similar situation, no one is rich, but people worry far less than now and have far less pressure in living than now. I had once in the room when my mother was in a meeting, the
  15. There are far more freedom of speech in China than in US and in Canada. There are too many pro-US, pro-capitalism, pro-democracy, pro-freedom pro-every-thing-of-western-world literatures in Chinese mainstream media, even when US economy is not in a good shape and too many negative event happened in US. There is almost no pro-Communism, pro-China literatures in US and Canada mainstream media, even when too many achievements happened in China in the recent 30 years, even when from toys to iPhone to 60 inch LED TV, almost everyone use somethings from China. That fact clearly shows that people
  16. Mainstream media has repeated those lies much more than 1000 times.
  17. Hitler believes that when a lie repeated 1000 times, it becomes truth.
  18. So, you are here just for repeat what mainstream media said.
  19. No matter what China did, your response is allways negative, on the other hand, if US did something not beautiful, most time you keep silent. Actrully, individual freedom situation in China is much better in USA. In the United Status, 20% population have been convinced as guilty. Is that something can call it human right? Why the system can not provent it from happening? Isn't that too many laws? And too less rights of people there? or too worse environment there that people have no choice to avoid breaking law? Why you keep blind at that but just indulge in blaming China blindly and brain
  20. China have almost solved the problem peacefully when US were keep silence. Then US start to make conflict by talk to those countries behind since for its own purpose. US is the country that fears of no conflicts. It is US that impose change in that area with war. It makes Philipines change president and the new president "ask" US base back to the philipins that previously Philipin people spend many years protest to drive US base away. That is why US want "democracy" in other countries, so that it can change govement with pro-US ones. It is US use war to make change, most wars in the last 50
  21. China was in those islands long before you call it "artificial" when you yourself are living in an "artificially" expanded city. After the monkey took 80% of apples from the tree, it said, no more apple should be taken from the tree, that is the rule, then it took 80% of the bananas from another tree, it said again, no more bananas should be taken from the tree. The rules are not for eliminate the conflicts, the rules are for create more conflict, because it is not fair, there will be angry, US can use that conflicts to eliminate the governments that US bankers cannot make enough profit fr
  22. Did you make any comment on US illegally occupied Kingdom of Hawaii, is Hawaii's closest nation the United States before US ocupied it? PR China has demonstrated control over those islands for decades, which now you call it artificial islands. What you are doing now is just use different laws to different nations. This is common ugly behavior used by lots of shameless lawyers that generate too many social problems nowadays. This is also the ugly behaviour that generates the most problems in the world, from mideast to east Europe, to the whold world. You following US so loyally, no matter
  23. I don't want to commend Qin, but that was civil war. The fallacy of problematical premise -- Who is the "someone else" before China is there 1000 year ago?
  24. You need to improve your learning skill. From the web page you linked clearly said all the neighbors are belong to Zhou Dnasty, that you failed to notice. It is just like the states of US. I never pround of any robber. In the mean time, I don't support any statement proposed by any robber because when robbers blame others, they usually have hidden agenda, just like this time US blame China. I am getting tried of this quarrel, you did not answer if you will send a battal ship to US after last time you talk about 2 wrongs make right things. LOL
  25. Before Qin dynesty, there was Zhou, at that time, China already united. China is not the fist and not the last, why when it is China, you will blame, when it is US, you keep silent? Why when someone take China's belonging, you keep silent, when China try to build the land it has controlled for decades, you becomes so excite? The "artificial islands" diescribed by recent US control mainsteam media actually have been controled by China for decades if not hundred of years. What do you think how should be describe your such kind of behaviour?
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