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  1. I think all shamelessly hypocritical robbers love your logic. You'd better go back to high school and re-learn what is fallacy of ad hominem
  2. You mean, you will send a battle boat to US too?
  3. Your ancestors are aggressor, they grabbing territory from oboriginals in North America and South America. 100 million people have been killed here. According to your position, a thief has a most recent control of what he has stolen, even if he takes money from bank, to minimize the conflict, you should let him control those things.
  4. You did not answer the question "Does US obey all "International laws"?" That means you probobly want use "reduce conflict" to high the nature "for some people's own interest". Do you really honestly believe send a battle boat there is "reduce confilict" instead of "increase conflict"? If no incident happen why there is a law? Is there a law to ban any one from traval to the Sun so that all people's energe source will be in danger? China did not claim Sourth China Sea by artificial islands, it claimed it 1000 years before that, China create artificail islands because its islands has been i
  5. Does US obey all "International laws"? Who create those "International laws" based on who's interest? Is China the first country to build an artificial island? What happened before that? Why should US spend their tax dollars on sending that boat? Will Canada benifit on that? If new war created, should Canada receive more millions of refugees? What would be the ecomonic impact to Canada, Europe because of this? Will any of Asian country benifit on that? What would Canadian tax payers will pay for that if the situation goes on? Who else in the world on the earth can benifit on that oth
  6. China is doing real things for peace and development. US and western counties damage the world by make people blame people, people hate people, people fight people in mideast and everywhere. ---------------------- President Xi Jinping told the United Nations on Saturday that China would pledge $2 billion as an initial investment for development assistance to the poorest countries. Addressing a United Nations summit meeting on development, Mr. Xi said China would increase its funds to $12 billion over the next 15 years to help the United Nations reach a goal of eliminating extreme poverty by
  7. Is this sufficient to guarantee all other women and men she met were without eveilness?
  8. Just have some curiosity about why she used a lit cigarette against a woman. Was that woman a drug dealer and she tried to burn the dug? Did that woman carried a bomb and she tried to make explosion with the cigarette? Because of lack of detail, the imagination can be without limit.
  9. Canadian media is nothing more than a joke. When I read National Post, I found “Ex-senator’s wife charged after alleged attack with a hand-held fan and a lit cigarette at a medical clinic” http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/ex-senators-wife-charged-after-alleged-attack-with-a-hand-held-fan-and-a-lit-cigarette-at-a-medical-clinic It says: -- quote: In the alleged assaults, police say she used a lit cigarette as a weapon against a woman, and then a hand-held fan on another woman during the same incident. ...threatening three city police officers while holding kitchen
  10. I believe Hobbes's moral philosophy is no longer useful in now in US or in Canada. The reason is that now there are too many laws. Lots of laws are against traditional moral. The result is traditional moral system has been destroyed by the legal system. So nice people can easily find himself a law breaker if he does that. Shop keeper find him break law when he try to catch a thief, priest find himself break law when he wrote a letter express his worry about same sex marriage, a youth find himself break a law when try to stop a thug teenage bully a young girl, law has prevent people from help e
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mYW5nmS9ps Make your own conclusion after watch this video about Hillary.
  12. Did you miss what I just said: -- Whatever US blame any other nations, US did it itself. A simple search US patent can easily find some: Ladies Underwear with Calendar (US Patent 5606748) Anti-eating face mask (US Patent 4344424) Forehead Rest For Urinals (US Patent 6681419) ...
  13. Yes, China has thieves. But US has more thieves. US has the higher crime rate than China. US has much more patent thieves than China. Only from German between 1945 and 1948, US has stolen countless patents. Whatever US blame any other nations, US did it itself. According to World Intellectual Property Indicators ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Intellectual_Property_Indicators ) China has 652,777 patent applications in 2012, higher than US. And it is still in increasing.
  14. 1. The reason why US has many able people is because US warmongers bring so many wars to everywhere in the world, and rob so many wealth from all over the world, so that US is a place that has more money and have relative peaceful environment. So that too many immigrant who have ability go there. Lot of Nobel prize winners did not receive early education from the US system. At the same time, the US system generates the highest jail rate in the world. 2. Nobel price has political consideration, and it requires nomination that need social network. It is a system with bias. 3. The Chinese educa
  15. You are using the same skill as media. Why I said new=lies? Because they don’t talk about real problems, when big issue comes that is not help their profit, they try to move topic to another place, try to change focus. Most time I talk about China is because people like you try to hijack the topic. China is a another topic, China need not my apology. Western media is liars, because they always focus on the part that helps their profit, ignore others, you are the same as western media.
  16. No one knows how many people were killed recently in Ukraine. But if Russian appear there, all news will full of it. News = lies. ABC News = ABC lies CBS News = CBS lies NBC News = NBC lies CBC News = CBC lies ...... They all have the same content. Too few people are not brain-washed.
  17. That is because west propaganda media keep focus on politician’s personal issue like smoke so that politicians need not to care about it. That is so called democracy. Most people are unable to express what they really need to care about, and easily be played by media even when they lost jobs, they still don’t have any idea on what to do. If they need to protest, (like in G20), they really need neither to go to street nor Queen’s park, they should go to “CBC”, “Toronto star” and other media, protest them fool people and waster tax payer’s money on issues that has nothing to do with most people’
  18. How about Hawaii, Texas, British Columbia? Weren't those be "annex"ed? How did US did in Iraq and Afganistan when they "vote"? Did US Army left? Did Russian Army said anyone don't vote or vote different, they will shoot them? How many people dead up to now in Crimea? Are you suggesting that for the "freedom" of the people of Crimea, you need let lots of them lost the right of living in a war, and with Canadian young people's lives. Westen propergada machines regulaly tells lies to make people fight people in other countries so that US can find a reason to found more millitary base the
  19. It is not Ukraine be swallowed whole by Russia, it is US that want to swallow Ukraine as whole into NATO from very begining. Why should Canadian's life need to be lost there?
  20. I guess this is part of what Harper show US his govenment can fight for US with Canadaian tax dollars. However, he can not get any reward, he can not even have oil pipe build to US be approved.
  21. It is meaningless and misleading to provide income statistics only. The more meaningful data is how much percent left after pay for food, clothing, shelter, and GST/PST/HST and income tax and property tax.
  22. Read this: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/canada/webcam-murder-case-expected-to-be-in-jurys-hands-today-254141701.html What the jury didn't know about man convicted in "webcam" murder The "webcam" murder, Dickson's father is a retired family service worker for the Children's Aid Society Those workers keep telling others how to raise child!
  23. In China, they build, maybe at same time they corrupt. In Canada, they quaaral, at same time they ask for salarys, include those on the sunshine list, but they don't build. That is the reason we need someone who is willing to build and cut cost. Do you think Tory, Stintz, Soknacki, or Chow would survive in China?
  24. Ford has his problems, but has it anything to do with you except entertainment? You may have your own problems too, you need to pay more and more income tax, purchase tax, property tax each year, and the quality of the services you received are worse and worse. Don't you think you need someone who is willing to do some real work like Ford to do it? What will be your choice? Do you just prefer enjoy continue paying for the politicians for them to endlessly quarrel about Subway -> LRT -> Subway -> LRT for another decades and let the cost increase and use tax dollars feed those consul
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