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  1. 90 kids die under the care of Ontario's CAS: http://www.thestar.com/article/591523 I believe most of the 90 kids won't die if there is no CAS. The function of CAS is cost TAX and victimize kids.
  2. Immigration is another area only for Lawyers to earn money. That is the reason why Canada has so many immigrants. Canada failed in uses the power of immigrant, actually, they could be the engine to make Canada economic miracle that never happened. See how crude Canada treat immigrants, it is not only crude to immigrants, but also to the residents that need services, and because immigrant can not make money they should be able to, a large sum of money did not generated that could become purchase power that could make other worker's life easier, therefore the government lost Tax and need to u
  3. Please take a look at the following site to see how those 3rd world standard can compare with the city you are currently living. Or if possible, plan a visit to China to see more if you don't just pick up only something like the homeless people wandering around Toronto's city hall all year long as the most main steam media here enjoy in or indulge with. http://www.pbase.com/mgk54/random_pictures_of_shanghai http://www.pbase.com/fangorangutang/beijing&page=all http://www.pbase.com/mobby/shenzhen&page=all http://www.pbase.com/markuseichenberger/be...lympic_stadiums http://www.pbase
  4. CAS cost many family a lot of money on rent additional house, lawyer costs, and others. CAS cost everyone more than $100 a year from tax (Data for Ontario only) They do things not good. http://rally4accountability.webs.com/Ottaw...519207_7635.jpg http://rally4accountability.webs.com/Ottaw...3519218_969.jpg http://rally4accountability.webs.com/Ottaw...519203_6457.jpg
  5. I don't think government can always spend tax dollars efficiently. I think tax can be waste in many places. I have heard a story: a police officer goes to a house and wait for half an hour just to tell the person in the house that his dog barked 10 minutes earlier and some neighbor has called. Another example is what I saw, some fire fighters drive with alarm light flashed in crowded King st west near University Street (Toronto) in rush hour just for pour some water to a tree. And there are other examples: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/200...ildrensaid.html http://www.cbc.ca/cana
  6. The reason is Harper has broken good Canada-China relationship. Canada started business with China earlier than most other industrial countries, now it has only a very small portion in China's import/export amount. Actually, there are still large business opportunities in China now, if Canada ignores it, other countries will profit on it.
  7. Top 50 Banks of the World by market value Company Country MCap $b 1 Indl & Coml Bank of China China 173.9 2 China Construction Bank China 128.3 3 JP Morgan Chase US 117.7 4 HSBC UK 115.2 5 Bank of China China 98.2 6 Wells Fargo US 98.0 7 Banco Santander Spain 75.0 8 Bank of America US 70.6 9 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Japan 70.1 10 BBVA Spain 45.1 11 Intesa Sanpaolo Italy 44.1 12 U. S. Bancorp US 43.6 13 UBS Switzerland 40.9 [b]14 Royal Bank Canada Canada 40.9[/b] 15 BNP Paribas France 38.3 16 Citigroup US 36.
  8. China poised to be world’s largest auto market Slump in U.S. sales has make country catch up quicker than anticipated http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29022484
  9. What is the meaning of Canadian product? "GM", "Ford", "Chrysler" assembled by Canadian Auto Workers are American product or Canadian product? Even for made in China product, How much percentage are earn by China, How much percentage are earned by Canadian business men and logistics firms?
  10. Canada's Extradition Laws Help Make Vancouver a Grifter's Haven By Doug Struck Washington Post Foreign Service Thursday, March 22, 2007; Page A15 The Washington Post - The Chinese government has been trying to get Lai Changxing for seven years, repeatedly demanding that Canada hand over the man who tops China’s most-wanted list. Lai does not want to go. The once-rich businessman, alleged by China to have run a vast bribery and smuggling empire, is unsure what would happen if he returned. “I don’t know if I will be dragged around and shot, or beaten, or poisoned,” he mused in an interview.
  11. Five fugitives hiding in Canada, China says GEOFFREY YORK BEIJING -- A bank manager who allegedly stole $150-million from his customers is just one name on a list of at least five fugitives China is demanding be extradited from Canada, published reports say. The existence of four other criminal suspects on the list is the latest development in a growing controversy over whether Canada is sheltering Chinese fugitives. Chinese and Canadian authorities are refusing to confirm the existence of the list. But the Chinese media are giving heavy coverage to the issue, creating an impression that C
  12. Lai Changxing granted work permit in Canada Nearly a decade after fleeing China in the face of smuggling and corruption charges, Lai Changxing continues to surface in the media every time there's another twist to his marathon legal battle in Canada. Several of today's newspapers, including the New Culture View, reported that Lai was recently granted a temporary work permit by Canadian immigration authorities. The move may inflame the lingering anger of some in China who believe that Canada is sheltering the fugitive from receiving the punishment he deserves. Canada has hesitated to extradit
  13. Take a look at the following case: ------------------------------------------------------- Beeble Beeble Posts: 1 From: Burns Lake B.C. Registered: 9/18/08 (309 of 315) Re: Children's Aid Society Corruption Sep 22, 2008 3:51 AM The nightmare never ends. I have a granddaughter that was Born in B.C.. Her mom (My daughter) took her to live with her grandfather (my X). He said there was a job waiting for my daughter and they could stay with him. Well the job was not there. When my daughter went to visit my granddaughters dad . My daughters dad showed up and dropped all their stuff off a
  14. 1. I think most parent that said to be abusive loves their kids. Some just for education, others may just happen to not control themselves very well just like drive after drinking. Those are simply accidents. They are not intentionally abuse their kids. However, once kids are put into "in care" system, they become really under an environment that near the worst small part of the society that full of real abuse, ignorance, lies, criminal, violence, drugs. That will definitely change the whole life of the kids. We need to study. We already have the statistics said only 24% kids under such sys
  15. No, my main opinion is CAS should be cut because it makes not only so many family suffered, but also so many kids victimized and become poor educated and criminalized. This has nothing to do with this topic although I am glad all my kids are very well and receiving better education than average Canadian kids. However, a lot of other kids are not so lucky, here is some examples: http://vimeo.com/766883?pg=embed&sec=766883 http://vimeo.com/1018929?pg=embed&sec=1018929
  16. After it is put into law, what are you going to do? Are you going to make enough advertisement to let every Canadian know this and make every potential immigrant know this, or simply try to hide it so that CAS can catch more kids, cops can have more work to do, lawyers can have more cases so that all involved can earn more money and leave more kids in correction system so that again the court system can get more benefits?
  17. The main job of CAS is collect evidence and convert kids into "In care" kids. In Ontario, about 30000 kids are in CAS's care, how many employees they have? it is impossible for them to have time to do anything but collect evidence. After that, they can send kids to foster care, and then repeat collect evidence. Or they talk to kids regularly, with the most ugly things human being can do like, do your parents beat you? have you sex abused? Did you tried to kill yourself... These kind of questions have been asked to lots of kids who knows nothing of that and have the first chance in their life t
  18. If as you said, then why not just write this into Constitution as "Only rich people can have children. Those who don't have enough money have no human right to have child"? Or simply add a new criminal code to arrest all parents that are not rich enough?
  19. But CAS don't think so. They can send someone to your home and come with cops to take the kids you love away.
  20. That is the reason that Canada need more immigrants. And with CAS exists, some who have kids have to flee abroad to seek safe environment and better education.
  21. From the website of Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care ( http://www.childcareontario.org/?p=970 ), I saw 22,000 affordable child care spaces are at risk. I hope CAS ( Children's aid socity) will be cut. Only in Ontario, CAS obtain more than $1.2 billion each year from tax payer. For each child in care from CAS, they take $87 a day. More than one child from every 100 Ontario children is "in care" from CAS now. The children in CAS care have less chance graduate from high school and have more chance to end in correction system. And the suicide rate is significantly higher when a child in
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