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  1. kactus

    Trump caves in to EU on trade

    Trouble with Trump is that he uses his power as a president for his personal gain. That’s a conflict of interest.... If/ when the house of senate is taken by democrats there will be alot more scrutiny over Muller’s case and Trump’s business dealings with Russia.
  2. kactus

    Mohammad bin Salman

    Good to see the Armenian genocide is recognised by some and not brushed under the carpet....
  3. kactus

    Trump caves in to EU on trade

    Deutsche Bank was one of them that loaned money to Trump
  4. kactus

    Trump caves in to EU on trade

    This is all about money and trade. Trump just wanted a bigger pie in the Iran nuclear deal that European companies were already exposed to and enjoying lucrative deals. With that deal this wasn’t possible. Regardless, with or without the regime this is the harsh reality unfortunately. Trump doesn't care about the plight of Iranians as mich as he does for that share of the bigger pie.......Iranians cannot rely on him to remove this tyrannical regime. The change comes from within.
  5. kactus

    Iran needs some democracy

    If anything, I would argue that eliminating the murderous mullah regime occupying Iran will allow for a transition and reverse the trends of “brain drain” letting the highly qualified leave the country. That kurdish guy born in Iran that won the highest price in mathematics didn’t have much opportunity inside Iran. Yet he achieved great things moving abroad.... Who knows....Maybe a more populist government in Iran will help other Iranian immigrants to move back to their home country and rebuild the economy.
  6. It is quite a subjective rule in this regard. However, for a referee that didn’t notice it was a penalty and had to look at VAR several times to convince himself perhaps he shouldn’t have awarded the penalty IMO.
  7. One own goal one penalty... On the other hand a superb kick by Croatia. I like Croatia coming back...
  9. Last one yes. This one is about who will take the third place. Well we already know...
  10. Agreed! Very poor performance by English squad. Disappointing when you consider how much each of these players get paid.... What a waste of money!
  11. kactus

    Your views on Russia?

    I tend to agree with the sentiment that if Putin goes we cannot expect a miracle. Look the problem with Russia today is that there is corruption at every level almost embedded in their culture. No one can change such system dramatically. Equally, we cannot just remain oblivious to their contributions. Whether it is art, music or medicine.
  12. kactus

    Maybe no Brexit exit.

    Theresa May is s lame duck and has become a laughing stock for the rest of Europe. The question is what is the alternative to her?
  13. You can think of it as lack of experience at this stage. The English squad is full of fresh blood with several trophies under their belt. But I do agree with the narrative that their football culture still has some way to compete with the best.
  14. My novice comrade, it would be quite upsetting if Croatia beats France.... Hope you haven’t placed any bets