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  1. The reason for this postponement is because for years governments have invested in nuclear arms forgoing investment in medical research and NHS. That fear is deeply rooted in the knowledge that even the best NHS system cannot cope with the vast spread of the virus across the whole population inevitably resulting in higher mortality rate. Especially, where limited testing is still being carried out in many countries. That’s why there are the strict measures on social distancing...
  2. For new vaccines, scientists need to assess the potential side effects of the drug and weigh the risks on the sample of people tried, which is what makes it time consuming....
  3. On another note though, I find it quite surprising that the level of spread of this virus is quite low in war zone areas like Syria with refugee problems. You would expect the magnitude of the spread in those regions showing a much higher proportion of people catching C.19.
  4. It is one hell of a job to go down the conspiracy route. Given the kind of impact this virus had on stockmarket in recent days shrinking major economies to the magnitude incomparable in peace times...It is beyond comprehension why a government/s would do such a thing...
  5. There's a lot of fake news around capitalising on this god damn virus....
  6. It is a bit of a good news but as the interviewer said I am sceptic of 100% treatment of Coronavirus. Furthermore, we don't know about the side effects of malaria drug on Corona patients.
  7. I do not think that's the way they calculate the mortality rate during an outbreak. The mortality rate is based on the number of cases reported and does not take into account unreported cases. Although this may not be an accurate representation (as in the case of Italy) where mortality rate is far higher suggesting there are many more asymptomatic cases unreported.
  8. Wouldn't it be ironic if Trump was brought down by a virus from China named after a Mexican beer
  9. For now...Wait until Canada reaches the peak just like Italy
  10. Such a silly thread to blame a whole nation for this epidemy... This will just fuel hatred against another nation.
  11. Given the numbers and the lack of the proactiveness from the italian government I am not actually surprised. Italy is a lesson for other western government not to repeat the same mistake. Fortunately with the WHO emphasis on "test" "test" "test" The UK and other western governments have stepped up the gear discussing with manufacturers to increase production of ventilators. Macron announced 300bn euro injection into the economy. Delay phase strategy has already started.
  12. Too much dooms and glooms at the moment. Panic causes chaos. Chaos provides a perfect environment for this virus to grow...
  13. One of the things known about this virus is that elderlies with weaker immune system can die from this disease. It affects their lungs and the whole body can shut down. It is not the best way for this group of people to catch the virus and “get over it” as many countries now including UK advocates elderlies to stay at home. Covid.19 is not a cold or a flu and old people with existing condition have died from the disease. Infact, the data on mortality rates amongst 70+ is much higher worldwide, which does make this group vulnerable.
  14. Panic+ignorance is a combination that has caused mayhem for the government. Well, when you have a government that states we have the worst health crisis for generation and you are going to lose families and loved ones and on the same statement mention and by the way we are not banning school closures and mass gatherings do not get surprised when football bosses make their own decisions to postpone/ cancel matches. People get panicked and swamp supermarkets stockpile on staple food, toilet papers to the point of rationing.
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