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  1. In all honesty BC why should that come as a surprise to you to score over liberals!?
  2. What Eyeball is referring to is that it took the US government 8 years under the Clinton administration In 2006 to apologise for wrongfully shooting down an Iranian passenger plane in 1988. George senior Bush back then said he would never apologise regardless of the facts available regarding the shooting. That’s a fact. It was under Clinton compensation was paid to those grieving families....
  3. Good question and I wouldn't know the answer. Both planes were shot at different times One by Americans one by Iranian government apparently by their own admittance. End results loss of many passenger lives mainly Iranians. US government did eventually pay 62 mil dollars for 248 lives. Was it worth it? Absolutely not to the point that it is non sensical to talk about this human tragedy with compensation. Trudeau paid tribute to the loss of lives and made allocation of compensating their families for the plane shot down earlier this month. But the question is why are the mullahs in Iran not paying any compensation for this collateral damage in the warfare which clearly was their own fault by admittance? Money does not bring back the loved ones but it sure sucks when grieving the families have to put pieces together and get caught in between....
  4. So based on this logic those people who come from Middles East that use Hebrew, Farsi, Turkish or Arabic are economically less successful immigrants in Canada just because they are from Middle East and don't use Roman alphabet? Really!? is that your benchmark to assess if someone is a successful immigrant? That doesn't make sense....A university credential is based on its academic achievements, number of pupils in employment, amount of money it spends on research and development..... That is regardless if this university is in a third world country or a developed country. There are in fact some universities from those third world countries that get scholarship and have exchange students in place...The merits of a university credentials is measured based on academics' achievement not on the premise that it qualifies as English speaking country. Your blanket statement is just a generalisation that whoever comes from a certain region of the world cannot possibly have a good degree because a) their alphabet is not roman b) they are from third world country therefore not educated enough c) If a person comes from that Middle East region then they must be unworthy immigrants that can only speak broken English. Is it only me here or does anyone else agree that this sentiment is a generalisation on a group of people that borderlines racism. Enquiring mind likes to know....
  5. That is true. But the US did finally pay compensation to the families of those Iranian passengers whose flight was shot down by the US in 1988. Can’t say the same about ayatollahs who have so far not acknowledged paying compensation for the Ukrainian plane shot down earlier this month.
  6. Open ended questions will not have the desired effect when it comes to screening people let alone terrorists....Screening out a terrorist requires expertise and experience that is too much to ask from an immigration officer. There’s no fast rule around this. Heck if it was meant to be so easy lots of terrorist acts could have been avoided. Then comes the question of home grown terrorism. Someone like acting out of mental health problem harming others. How on earth can airport security detect a terrorist like Anders Breivik with those far right ideologies killing so many people? He could have been on any one of those flights heading back to Norway or going elsewhere. I have little faith in these interviews (be it open ended or qualitative questionnaires) let alone the techniques available to an interrogating officer to detect a novice from a professional....
  7. Tragic event marking the memorial of holocaust today in which not only jews but also other nationalities were massacred....
  8. I do not have a military background but was alarmed when I came across this article from June 2019. This article is from June 2019 when the US had a cyber attack on IRGC's system back then. Actually this was the first thing that came to mind when the Ukrainian flight was downed in Tehran this month....But Iran has officially denied the possibility of a cyber attack already. Or is it because the air defence is already vulnerable? http://www.forbes.com/sites/zakdoffman/2019/06/23/u-s-attacks-iran-with-cyber-not-missiles-a-game-changer-not-a-backtrack/amp/ It raises two questions: 1. Can the US interfere with Iran’s radar systems?. (Jamming and spoofing signals, interference with threat identification etc. ) does it have the technology? 2. Would the US interfere using this technology after the retaliatory missile strikes by Iran? I doubt the launch was hacked or carried out by any outsiders. But the identification was highly likely to be compromised.
  9. That may well be the assumption on Markle outside of UK but as was already pointed the story was kept outside British press and public at large. Markle was not welcome into the royal family to the point that it became apparent she is an outsider.
  10. Why should the world care what happens with impeachment!?!? It’s a domestic matter the senate needs to iron out based on the evidence.....Although with the republicans representing the house of senate I doubt this would be the case.....Let’s see how this show trial pantomime will unfold....
  11. She played a role as an attorney in TV series suits...
  12. It is very difficult for people outside the royal family and their circle to become part of them especially one that is of mixed race. Added to that is being subject to constant pestering by the British press and media. It happened to Kate Middleton photographed topless in a private island when she was on holiday. Again I stress that british press are much worse than in US....Prince Harry lost her mum because of the bloody press always on her case. His father who was having an affair with Camilla had a major impact in his upbringing. He has had enough when the press started doing the same thing with his wiife.
  13. ....Malaysia is a muslim country....I don’t see them taking over the world. This whole notion that one religion is superior to another is absurd and futile argument down the spiral. Ask the Vatican and their influence to bring Christianity in African countries... I do find myself strangely in agreement with some of the views of rue on this topic. How could this be?
  14. Still remains a mystery why missiles have put into target a commercial aircraft.... The operator was on high alert and sources confirm that he acted on self defence not hearing anything from command centre. But surely they must have to distinguish an aircraft from a missile... It is quite dubious. Another thing that remains a mystery is a a video showing on social media someone filming the whole incident before this Ukrainian plane was intercepted by a missile. Now given that this incident occurred early hours on Tuesday morning how would this person know this incident is taking place? It is baffling...
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