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  1. Not really...The 1979 Iranian revolution was the penultimate architect by Carter to create that enemy. The struggle between the Tudeh party (communists) and the clergists elites (islamists) gave the clergies the upper hand... Prior to that Iran was a monarchy and an ally of US. In fact the Shah of Iran before the 1979 revolution warned of the rise of the evil forces taking over Iran. He referenced them as Reds (the communist or Tudeh party) and the Blacks (the islamists). Many of the Iranian jews were actively involved in Tudeh party Fact is post Soviet Union collapse and the end of cold war the West needed an enemy to justify arms sales. A fictitious enemy that turned into reality. Then revitalised the concept of my enemy’s enemy is my friend. 8 years of war ensued between two neighbouring middle eastern countries and resulted in millions of casualties....That manifested the theory.
  2. Oddly enough the balkanisation of The former Yugoslavia pretty much resembles the balkanisation of Iraq by Bush Junior into Sunni, Shia and the Kurds.
  3. Ok. It’s clear! When you wrote the above I thought you were implying that Trump’s no engagement in wars is exactly the same stance both Bush have taken. I still think the allies invasion of Kuwait was a strategic move and Margaret Thatcher played a pivotal role in engaging the US to defeat Saddam. US got rewarded handsomely by the Arabs...
  4. Interesting that the America Firsters is part of Trump fusion paradigm and fake news agitprop! I think starting another war with Iran when the consequences are unknown has more leverage than the argument that the US was going to invade Iran. The cold war argument has more gravitas IMO
  5. First of all both Bush senior both engaged the US in a war. In what way are they similar to Trump? Second of all are you saying that Iraq war started by Bush senior was a stupid war?
  6. You could also argue that with the election next year Trump does not want to start another war. But I agree with your assessment in essence that he wants to show the world that he is the one who made the deal. Quite ego centric but then again we know these idiocincracies in his character. It is about being Trump....
  7. Looks like Trump has sacked the hawkish security advisor John Bolton. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-us-canada-49655279 Throughout his administration he has literally sacked everyone which reflects his judgment and ability to make a sound decision. Nevertheless, Bolton was a good riddance and not liked by many in his administration.
  8. It’s a very sad news indeed. Unfortunately, Iranians of all walks of life have been taken hostage by the current mullah regime. Unless they are mercenaries or paid by the regime which is very few... You do have to make a distinction though. Iran is not a terrible place as you stated. The current government is.
  9. There is no credible opposition to Tories despite the bismal performance of BoJo in the house of commons. Jeremy Corbyn with all the issues around anti semitism in his party and lack of credibility is not going make it. Furthermore, the prospects of a General Election with no deal by 15th October makes it hard for the leader of the opposition to join the race. A bit of a catch 22...
  10. The 52% who voted Brexit in 2016 didn't know they will be presented a "no deal" on a plate by BoJo...The very fact that he has suspended the parliament to not stop him with his no deal scenario on 31st is undemocratic. What are you talking about? The parliament has consistently voted AGAINST a no deal on Oct 31st. What terms is the parliament meant to set? Boris's failure to deliver Brexit and win the support even from his own party clearly shows that the current government is in disarray. I reiterate people who voted Brexit did not expect a no deal as Boris is pushing in with that agenda on Oct 31st...
  11. Read again...You are deliberately changing my words. My post clearly referenced parliament being held at ransom and nothing nothing about "the will of people". And yes trying to suspend the parliament for 6 weeks prior 31st October deadline is committing an offence against the democratic values. This action by BoJo has prevented the parliament from holding the government to account at the time of national crisis. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/sep/03/johnson-suspend-parliament-before-asking-queen-court-hears The parliament has voted AGAINST a no deal Brexit. Despite his rhetorics BoJo does not have a clear agenda on Irish Back Stop. BoJo has asked for a General Election because he was defeated in the parliament. 21 of his own Tory MP's voted against him and were sacked including Churchill's grandson and the heavy weights Kenneth Clarke... Shifting the General Election before 31st October was a political move by BoJo that will put any government at a precarious position to negotiate with Europe. This is why no other party including Labour is keen to form a government before 31st October.
  12. Far from it....What BoJo has done goes against the principles of democracy by holding the parliament at ransom. His party has always wanted to push for a no deal Brexit and since he didn’t get the vote in parliament yesterday he wants a general election. He created this whole mess because he just wanted to play the general election game before 31st October... To start with he should have sacked Dominic Cummings for getting him into this terrible mess. The Tory party is one hell of a confused party right now.
  13. BoJo has always been a lame duck but not be realised because of his quirky look.... He has made many promises he couldn’t keep and guess what now he is going to blame everything gone wrong on others....
  14. Like these 12 Israeli boys who raped this british woman??? We fear 'creepy' Israelis, say UK women in Cyprus hotel at center of rape case https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-5554606,00.html https://www.haaretz.com/amp/israel-news/12-israelis-arrested-in-cyprus-on-suspicion-of-gang-raping-tourist-1.7535169 https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9653280/ayia-napa-gang-rape-student-confession-forced/amp It’s interesting there are british ex-pats on this forum with head stuck in the sand and only favour muslim bashing at any cost to draw a conclusionon someone’s religion.... It is about sick individual mentality that that drove these people to act “gang rape”
  15. The inconsistencies of this buffoon is staggering....Tells alot about this POTUS. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FEpwkaJQh1k Whether is cancelling his trip to Denmark, fictional bilateral meetings with German and Indian leaders or taking a war on China, it’s hilarious to watch him.
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