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  1. It is very difficult for people outside the royal family and their circle to become part of them especially one that is of mixed race. Added to that is being subject to constant pestering by the British press and media. It happened to Kate Middleton photographed topless in a private island when she was on holiday. Again I stress that british press are much worse than in US....Prince Harry lost her mum because of the bloody press always on her case. His father who was having an affair with Camilla had a major impact in his upbringing. He has had enough when the press started doing the same thi
  2. ....Malaysia is a muslim country....I don’t see them taking over the world. This whole notion that one religion is superior to another is absurd and futile argument down the spiral. Ask the Vatican and their influence to bring Christianity in African countries... I do find myself strangely in agreement with some of the views of rue on this topic. How could this be?
  3. Still remains a mystery why missiles have put into target a commercial aircraft.... The operator was on high alert and sources confirm that he acted on self defence not hearing anything from command centre. But surely they must have to distinguish an aircraft from a missile... It is quite dubious. Another thing that remains a mystery is a a video showing on social media someone filming the whole incident before this Ukrainian plane was intercepted by a missile. Now given that this incident occurred early hours on Tuesday morning how would this person know this incident
  4. Who will pay the security costs for hosting them in Canada still remains...Canadians won’t be happy to fork this out of their tax pay...
  5. Well he did that with the Kurd who thought against ISIS and were on the same side as US. The Kurds were at the mercy of Turkish army. I wouldn’t read too much into his tweets. If they last past the election then perhaps there is something in that message for Iranian people...
  6. This is a good move by Trump to play up the supreme leader against Iranians. I have seen footage where people openly refuse to trample the American flags and this is a good start for a dialogue. This gesture of goodwill by Trump towards Iranian people and moral support is a good sign but it may soon fizz out after the election....
  7. I see that model as Europe during the middle ages when the church had lots of power that interfered with the day to day lives of people. This came to the head when King Henry VIII wanted to re-marry and the church did not allow him. Of course he married again and told the church to [email protected]& off. He instigated the separation of church from the state. The rest is history following the industrial revolution and modernisation in Europe. Bottom line there’s no place for religion in politics or in Henry’s case personal life... England got this right but somehow their interference in other coun
  8. Unfortunately, this is the same predicament many Iranian women of her stature have faced under this brutal regime. Iranian women are fighting the apparatus of this regime on a daily basis by not covering their hair and wearing hijab. It is an ongoing battle and the women in Iran and their movements is one of the forces that the regime is very afraid of...
  9. Even if this true which is questionable as I do not know the background to this. Nevertheless she is the bride to the Royal family and has been subject to racism from day one when she married Prince Harry and became part of the Royal family and all because of her background and her colour of skin...The press in UK is very intrusive. Much more than in US. Prince Harry has had enough of this and understandably like any responsible would chose his wife over his royal family obligations. If she was a white American actress this would not have been the case and she would not be subject to racism. T
  10. Interesting perspective but not far fetched given the pathetic interview Andrew gave to Emily Maitlis. The guy’s desperate attempt to hide his ties with Epstein was quite telling and quite an embarrassment to the Queen.
  11. If you asked any average American who Soleimani was until a few months ago they wouldn’t have a clue.... it would be interesting to see what the long term strategy is to defeat ISIS. That’s for all the parties concerned. Their cells are well active across the middle east.
  12. Cost of security for keeping a royal family member in a foreign country safe is not cheap....It’s a hell of a responsibility and headache for canadian government.
  13. It is exactly the race thing and the colour of her skin that prompted this decision to leave UK for Canada....
  14. You need to take into account that the role of paparazzi in UK is quite different from elsewhere. Very intrusive into the royal family lives as is evident by the death of Diana....Meghan was subject to a lot of racism and it is a real problem with inter racial marriages in UK. Unfortunately, racism has been inherent in the British culture and the more you go away from London the more this becomes transparent but in a discreet manner ....Oddly!
  15. Dougie I have a lot of respect for your style of writing and the posts you share here on MLW. There were several other flights before this and it begs the question why this particular flight was intercepted by an anti missile? It seems to me that there is a vested interest for the regime to specifically target this airline. After all, it is a Ukrainian airline, not Ghatar Airways where the regime has less negotiation powers as far as their own leverage and financial interests are concerned. I am coming to the way of thinking that perhaps this attack was intentional and am deeply concerned
  16. True... Or they may be hanged from their balls. On a serious note, it is problematic when religion is mixed with politics be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism or whatever ....ism exists out there. You get my drift.
  17. We have been down this road before. 1953 to be exact....Conflict of interest exists with foreign powers on O.I.L. Perfect wisdom for myopia.... Maybe and only maybe then we wouldn’t have had all these conflicts or ayatollahs....
  18. Gen. Soleimani being no 2 posed a direct threat to the authority of the supreme leader. The position of the supreme leader has been shakey for some time now. Sanctions have taken their toll on the indigenous population. People are not happy with the regime and I doubt any country will grant entry to the supreme leader if the situation turns regime change... The ayatollah will do anything to survive or justify their existence even it means killing Iranians as was evident in the recent protests across the country or tip off Soleimani’s whereabouts to Trump's administration. Afterall, making Trum
  19. It is naive to contemplate that Trump knew Soleimani’s whereabout....He is tipped off by the Iranian regime. Trump takes the credit for his assassination and boldening his support at home. Win win
  20. Talking of climate change I came across this article today that ER (Extinction Rebellion) is an extremist ideology! Where is this gonna stop now for goodness sake?...We are talking about counter terrorism that is clearly designated for white supremacist, neo nazis and islamist extremists....And now ER added to the list for the fear of radicalisation. Seriously!? By this measure Brexitiers should be associated with extremism: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/extinction-rebellion-prevent-extremism-terrorism-racism-climate-change-a9279761.html Here's the excerpt: Si
  21. The last that I have heard was that Gen Soleimani’s protege and his wife were also on the same flight to Canada. Now, whether this has any links to his assassination and the regime wanted to silence him before he steps a foot in Canada remains unknown. I believe there was a ‘deal’ agreed between the supreme leader and president Trump to take Soleimani out. Time will tell...Maybe it won’t.
  22. Jasmin 'Jaws' Moghbeli — the first Iranian American astronaut says space 'unites' us all https://www.businessinsider.in/science/space/news/facts-about-the-first-iraninan-american-astronaut-jasmin-moghbeli-who-believes-space-unites-us-all/amp_articleshow/73222541.cms This is a positive news given the current tragedy and sad news over this airline.
  23. Sad thing is the expert on this matter is specialised on commercial flights and aviation. This requires a much deeper understanding of what has gone wrong.
  24. If that is true the military defence has been seriously compromised...The plane was heading back to the airport after the interception by the missile.
  25. The accident happened shortly after the take off within a short distance from the airport. One would assume that the airport still has this plane under the radar system and it makes it very peculiar how this can go wrong. According to the article from Washington Post the operator had 10 seconds to decide what to do in the absence of confirmation from the control centre....
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