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  1. His influence in deterring and controlling ISIS was monumental and he did succeed. However, with him gone now there is a vacuum and the US has literally given a green light to ISIS.
  2. In 25 years when it is declassified by CIA.....But then why would it matter?
  3. To be honest if the US could have taken the no 1 guy in Iran as well then it would have opened a window of opportunity for people to topple the regime. Sadly with mullahs still in power the killing of general and the fear of attack by the west will bolden people’s support behind these backward mullahs as they have no other alternatives
  4. The guy you call mastermind was the same guy that prevented the influence of ISIS in the region. Now the region has become more vulnerable
  5. Your tactic of isolating people who have different opinion to yours and then portray them as anti west doesn’t wash with me Mr Cohen. Go and try that on some sheep.... There is alot I don’t agree with the ideology and the system that Iran has found itself for the last 40 years but to accuse me of hating Iran is a lie and I have seen you doing this consistently on this forum. Go and read your OP on the other thread where you have accused the only language “Iranians” can understand is a missile up their ass....The fact that you have used such a generalised term speaks volume about a
  6. Jeez are u guys being deliberately obtuse or just framing the conversation? Soleimani fought the ISIS. The fact that ISIS didn’t get to Iran under his leadership is a good thing. That is the only thing I hold him accountable for. Again your analogy of comparing apple and orange is baseless.
  7. Just to clarify incase it us difficult to get into the thick skull of some individual I do not hate Iran. I have repeated that I have no love for mullahs and it should have been clear if you were not acting stupid that it is no love for their government but I do love Iran and Iranian people.....ffs Rue de cue even if you were trying to propagate for Israel you could have done a better job.
  8. .....Challenge me all you like. Maybe that flavoured nostrils needs to adapt to other people's way of thinking instead of spewing hatred and prejudice against others which you often do indiscriminately against a hole nation.
  9. Who is the one with paint brush now? Like I said, I have no love for mullahs and as I have said repeatedly a regime that murders its own citizens indiscriminately for their own survival has its days coming. But we have moved on abit since 1930's. There are international laws circumventing assassinations and as such it may violate those rules especially of a high ranking officer.
  10. I am talking about assasination of Gen Soleimani as a high ranking officer but you are obviously so fixated with the German ranking officer that is clouding your judgment.
  11. Israel was not part of JPCOA agreement so BiBI is irrelevant... With the exception of the US, EU, Russia and China still wanted to honour that agreement that Trump pulled away from....
  12. According to BIBI yes Not the JCPOA members who were still in that framework.....
  13. .....But who gives a pack what you think or stand for Rue...I certainly don't...Get a Kleenex to rub that big nose
  14. Sure......Everything does come at a price....Ask a lawyer....
  15. Actually, BiBi is not exactly mother Theresa either ML....He travels to US to brown nose the congress and complain how inept he is to deal with Iran and spend the American tax dollar to get the job done. Israel has meddled in the Iranian affairs too by committing a terror act and murdering the Iranian scientist few years ago....Now imagine if that happened the other way round....
  16. It is still wrong to assassinate a high profile high ranking officer. That is disputed.....
  17. Not really...Thought it might be obvious to you
  18. Look...I have no remorse for that General. As far as I am concerned he was a peseant with the wrong ideology and brought up in the wrong system...
  19. Big nose is quite normal from people in that region. You should know
  20. Actually the nuclear deal package worked pretty well ML under Obama before Trump decided that he will thrash it....
  21. ......because you have habit of accusing others who don't agree with you as 'Iranian agent' or having an affinity for 'shiite' as was evident from your last comment.....
  22. I know you have no love for Trudeau and that is clear. But Trudeau is still the prime minister. Trump on the other hand has a lot to answer for and after all an impeachment is still going on
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