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  1. BS! Palestinian children seeking refuge in the schools under the supervision of the UN get bombed by the israeli raids. Hmmm! yes it's all because of Hammas forcing them to stay in school
  2. Above post is a typical example of hot airs with just lots of pride for their country. Quite frankly have seen it so many times and it's quite typical of the usuall suspects! I'm so glad that non of you are sitting on the hot button in making decisions for foreign policies! Can't imagine the catastrophes! Better stick to the argument that .... my garden is bigger than yours la bla bla ... to massage your ego than talking about iranian military strenghth. Tell yourself this what if Iran is such a weak country militarily then why so much talk about her and banging on about how powerful and mig
  3. The difference between the regime must be vanished from the page of time and Israel must be wiped off the map is quite clear. The former refers to the policies of the zionist regime the latter refers to the people of the jewish state along with their land wiped off the map, which Ahmadinejad never said in his speech. Let's look at the exaple of the old USSR Communism existed USSR but did the downfall of communism translate into the demise of the ordinary russians? No! It's not right to put both statements in the same category.
  4. Stomp your feet as much as you like. Bombing never mind invasion of Iran ain't never gonna happen!!! Enough with BS and scaremongering. As if the cost of war in Iraq wasn't enough on US taxpayers why should they take the burden for yet another war on behalf of Israel?
  5. The point was and still is that kurdish region of Iraq with its vast oil is not as lucrative as saudi arabia or other persian gulf countries to the US, which are geo-politically and startegically more important to the US to counter the russian threat. Yes, again the point here was that the US has much less influence in the kurdish region than shiite or sunny regions in the south. The kurdish region is becoming more and more autonomous which Turkey fears will try to establish an independent kurdistan and would become a strong base for PKK attacks. US knows it and like said before does not wa
  6. Whether Iraq had WMDs or not is irrelevant. Sadam had by then reached its expiry date and had to be removed irrespective of WMD or no WMD.
  7. Except the fact that they (the kurds) do not have enough ENOUGH oil or shall we say as much oil as the kuwaitis and saudis coulped with the fact that there's another reason for US to stay away from the kurdish region not to piss off a proxy ally called Turkey (remember the turkish troop incursion into kurdish area last year). The rationale here is that militarisation of countires around the 'Persian Gulf' such as saudi arabia by the US. It has a two tier advantage: 1- Profitiering the american arms manuafacturers 2- Combating the vertical influence of russians from the north That's where
  8. Hi everyone, Am new here and just thought to share some thoughts on this topic. Frankly IMO whether Iran has a nuke or not does not make any difference to Israel or Knesset. Israel is playing a common intelligence game. They want to pretend that they're trying to keep the info secret but after all having some nuclear capability is pointless if your enemies don't know about it so while keeping it a secret they have to kind of give away some info at the same time. This report by FAS (relatively old but a reliable source) gives an indication on their capabilities: http://www.fas.org/nuke/gui
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