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  1. I heard the Chinese pay trolls to post pro-government propaganda on internet boards.
  2. Overthere with those pro environment actions I'll give credits to Trudeau.
  3. And look what they have done to their environment. Utterly annhilated it, made the air unbreathable and the blue sky unseeable.
  4. China has nothing on Canada when it comes to freedom and human rights: http://www.chroniclejournal.com/news/local/tour-brings-awareness-of-organ-harvesting/article_489a1b98-6c0b-11e6-8349-7756fb10855e.html
  5. Agreed. Even if you completely stopped immigration tomorrow there wouldn't be a lack of cultural diversity in Canada.
  6. "Canada doesn't have a population problem." The proposed site C dam is a perfect example. "We did that when we caved to globalism." And you are doing the same thing when you support immigration. "No, that's too wimpy. Be braver and more honest about it and shrink our economy. That's what really needs to be done and emulated." How can we do that without limiting the population?
  7. A lot of feminists are for open borders or pro immigration, so they are actually helping the spread of Islam.
  8. This defeatism/todestrieb is too whimpy. We should be lions not cowards. We know what the problem is. Let's deal with it instead of surrendering to it and living like defeated dogs. As a country let's lead the way and show the world that Canada can deal with its population problem and not become a casualty of it like everyone else. Let Canada's population reduction policy be an ideal worth emulating by others across the globe.
  9. "We're also opening up opportunities for evolution, the way a comet does...that's nature, taking it's course." A comet strikes once, while we just continually strike endlessly. I don't see how reducing life back to earlier forms is progress.
  10. "We certainly don't need the hundreds of thousands of new immigrants that come here every year. I am surprised that the environmentalists don't cry about all this massive immigration going on into Canada, and all the extra environmental damage that is being done as a result of all these new immigrant people. Hello, where are you enviros? " I've been posting about this thread after thread. I'm in full agreement with you, but note also that very few alleged/claimed environmentalists speak out about this at all, which is grossly hypocritical.
  11. Each species takes billions of years to form. We have wiped out an extensive list. We've wasted billions of years of evolution with our flawed existence.
  12. The EU model? The EU is falling to pieces as we speak as a result to its narrow sighted policies.
  13. How is humans destroying nature 'nature taking its course.'?
  14. "If we were actually serious about that we wouldn't have allowed our corporations to take advantage of the substandard quality of China's governance in this regard. Instead we cheered it." Of course. And its the exact same with immigration: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/chinese-immigration-canada-china-1.3725202 http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/08/18/john-mccallum-china-canada-vancouver-toronto_n_11585174.html Its essentially outsourcing within Canada. Its all part of the Neoliberal globalist agenda which is ruining the planet and destroying ecology, people and culture
  15. "Yes, but how do you enforce that?" We already have a lower birthrate than 2 children per family. All that has to happen is that we don't allow immigration beyond spouses and the rare exception for excellence. Also people beyond a certain number of children should be sterilized e.g. the mormon with 133 kids, but that's not actually necessary even, merely enforcing strict immigration as immigrants have much higher family sizes.
  16. One doesn't have to be reduced to lower the population. One must simply have a rate no higher than 2 people per family and defend one's territory.
  17. If anyone cared one iota about the planet we lived in, we'd be reducing the population.
  18. Please quote that. I made no mention of Eurocentrism. In fact I would prefer Canada embraced its indigenous heritage over that of importing newcomers into indigenous lands for profit.
  19. I have multiple problems with what is happening. My main problem with the Chinese is their inability to control their population and their massive takeover of world resources and space. There are 38 Canadians to every mainland Chinese. The Chinese should demonstrate their ability to find balance with nature in their own country before overrunning the rest of the world and turning it into an industrial wasteland like they have China.
  20. Did the Ancient Germans need the Romans?
  21. This is silly. How is encouraging more people to come and destroy the environment equal to progress?
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