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  1. "So China should have no freedom of speech because you have heard a lie and insist keep repeat that lie?"

    Non sequitur/red herring.

    "Your above post seems shows you don't believe freedom speech yourself."
    Further non sequitur/red herring.
    "So, do you mean Freedom of Speech should not be a right for the people that has different opinion with you, or from first nation, or live in China?
    If so, how hypocritical your are."
    Non sequitur/red herring. Its all you have.
  2. Most women are just to emotional in their ways of thinking to think rationally. Sad to say but many lack any common sense and logic. A sob story gets to them every time, and dam the consequences of what they will go along with until later which may be too late by then. The feminist movement is a real joke which is sadly being dumped on many women who just never bother to ask questions about who or what feminism is supporting or why. They support feminism because it mainly sounds like a good thing for a women to belong too and become. They have been led to believe that most men are nothing more than a bunch of anti-women a-holes who only look at them as sexual objects, and they eat up that nonsense.

    Of course many women are for open borders and are pro-immigration because they see and read all this stuff about poor refugees and others who are in need of help. Being of a caring and loving nature, they are conned into believing that they must help these poor people. And they don't care as to what the benefits are for the country or how much tax dollars this will all cost. They just want to help which in the end could end up being a disaster for their country.


    I agree that neither of the parties you mentioned nor those which you did not mention (like green party) would do the right thing and adopt the SMART immigration policy which is cutting the number in half and SELECTIVITY of those who admit in based on financial situation and cultural compatibility. However I am not going to vote for an extreme right wing party who may be willing to select based on race and religion and skin color or stop immigration altogether as I enjoy cultural diversity in Canada and I see it as one reason why this country is the best in the world.

    Even if you completely stopped immigration tomorrow there wouldn't be a lack of cultural diversity in Canada.

  3. "Canada doesn't have a population problem."

    The proposed site C dam is a perfect example.

    "We did that when we caved to globalism."

    And you are doing the same thing when you support immigration.

    "No, that's too wimpy. Be braver and more honest about it and shrink our economy. That's what really needs to be done and emulated."

    How can we do that without limiting the population?

  4. It's just like those feminists who never say anything about how women in some of those Islamic countries are stoned to death by their own religious fanatical leaders just because they were raped by a stranger. These feminists should be fuming. But for some strange reason they remain silent.

    Now if this were being done in a Caucasian country they would be screaming like hell about it along with the lame duck liberal media, along with our oh so politically correct politicians who would be all demanding that this cease right now or else. My suspicions are that they are too afraid that they would appear to be somehow racist, and thus remain silent. Hypocrites they are indeed. Just my opinion of course.

    A lot of feminists are for open borders or pro immigration, so they are actually helping the spread of Islam.

  5. This defeatism/todestrieb is too whimpy. We should be lions not cowards. We know what the problem is. Let's deal with it instead of surrendering to it and living like defeated dogs.

    As a country let's lead the way and show the world that Canada can deal with its population problem and not become a casualty of it like everyone else. Let Canada's population reduction policy be an ideal worth emulating by others across the globe.

  6. "We certainly don't need the hundreds of thousands of new immigrants that come here every year. I am surprised that the environmentalists don't cry about all this massive immigration going on into Canada, and all the extra environmental damage that is being done as a result of all these new immigrant people. Hello, where are you enviros? "

    I've been posting about this thread after thread. I'm in full agreement with you, but note also that very few alleged/claimed environmentalists speak out about this at all, which is grossly hypocritical.

  7. We can learn from the EU model. Free movement of people. Let the market figure it out.

    But we're all for free markets until skin colour and accents come into play it seems.

    The EU model? The EU is falling to pieces as we speak as a result to its narrow sighted policies.

  8. "If we were actually serious about that we wouldn't have allowed our corporations to take advantage of the substandard quality of China's governance in this regard. Instead we cheered it."

    Of course. And its the exact same with immigration:



    Its essentially outsourcing within Canada.

    Its all part of the Neoliberal globalist agenda which is ruining the planet and destroying ecology, people and cultures worldwide in the interests of unfettered profit.

  9. "Yes, but how do you enforce that?"

    We already have a lower birthrate than 2 children per family.

    All that has to happen is that we don't allow immigration beyond spouses and the rare exception for excellence.

    Also people beyond a certain number of children should be sterilized e.g. the mormon with 133 kids, but that's not actually necessary even, merely enforcing strict immigration as immigrants have much higher family sizes.

  10. It's not a strawman. GHuxley has openly expressed his desire to maintain Canada's roots as a Eurocentric country so anything he has to say about empty houses and unpaid taxes has to take into account that this is a poster with personal biases against non-Europeans.

    Please quote that. I made no mention of Eurocentrism. In fact I would prefer Canada embraced its indigenous heritage over that of importing newcomers into indigenous lands for profit.

  11. Many a times you've said your issue is about maintaining "Canadian" culture but what I'm getting in your post here is that your issue is empty houses and unused citizenship cards.

    So are you now basically saying that you don't have a problem with Chinese families who actually want to raise a family in Canada or is it just their Chineseness that bothers you?

    I have multiple problems with what is happening. My main problem with the Chinese is their inability to control their population and their massive takeover of world resources and space. There are 38 Canadians to every mainland Chinese. The Chinese should demonstrate their ability to find balance with nature in their own country before overrunning the rest of the world and turning it into an industrial wasteland like they have China.

  12. If Canada's current immigration rate stays the same, our natural population growth would become negative by 2020. Increased global competition for high skilled workers requires Canada to address this issue so we can fill our labour market needs.

    If Canada doesn't change our immigration policy with other countries we will be left behind in innovation and entrepreneurship.


    This is silly. How is encouraging more people to come and destroy the environment equal to progress?

  13. You are confused once again. The paper, from back in 2011, stated that if rates remained the same, then Canada's population growth would be constant.

    Do you understand that? It's not a bad thing. And our immigration rate did not remain the same, it increased substantially. So our population growth will get faster. More people crowding into our cities. More forest and farmland paved over for housing tracts. Yaaaaay.


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