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  1. We need more immigrants? Why do you loath Canada's environment and people?
  2. There are lots of picks of people who have messed up their countries beyond recognition. Maybe we should start considering how good Canada is now and preserve that instead of recklessly, irresponsibly and unwisely bringing other people's problems here.
  3. That person would be descended from those who who built this country, so they are continuing the legacy, cultures and traditions of this country. If you think the Chinese would do a better job. Go live in China for awhile. "In any case immigration policy is driven by population control, which is an important part of managing wage and price stability. This kind of thing should be monitored, and if it becomes necessary the policy should be changed or capped to a quota." No immigration policy is currently driven by the State's desire for population increase. This is disastrous, short sighte
  4. http://www.canadianbusiness.com/business-news/canada-aims-to-spread-chinese-immigrants-across-country-john-mccallum/ I'm not allowed to express what I actually think of this here. We are already becoming China.
  5. And Canada's red party are busy kowtowing to their masters. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/08/10/liberals-increase-chinese-investment-migrants_n_11434858.html
  6. Its pretty obvious how it works. You book a birthing home in Vancouver fly to Canada give birth to a kid and then fly back to your home country.
  7. The ID you got by giving a couple mortgage bills and a hydro bill without a birth certificate?
  8. "I don't think there is such a thing as 'citizenship papers' unless you're an immigrant." Its called a birth certificate. How you not have a birth certificate being born here?
  9. How did you get a drivers license and health card without having citizenship papers and a birth certificate?
  10. How can you call it "our society" when you said that you don't have any citizenship papers and you won't even say whether or not you live in Canada?
  11. "Huxley you have clearly stated that you fear the yellow hordes." I'm opposed to all population hording, it is a crime against mother nature. "Everyone else here so far have not resorted to your racist claptrap. Except you. " You have revealed your racism in that you claim Canadian citizenship is as worthless as a piece of paper and yet you care nothing at all that China is protectionist of its citizenship. Why are you racist and discriminatory and demeaning towards Canadians and our citizenship? "Me and you got nuthin to talk about." Of course not, you just admitted that you don't have
  12. "I don't have any citizenship papers at all. " Do you live in Canada?
  13. "Canadian citizenship IS candy!" But you said it had no value. Candy has value. "China can confer citizenship on whoever they want for whatever reasons please them and I do not care in the slightest how the chinese government determines those things." So you consider Chinese citizenship more valuable than Canadian citizenship, since they don't give it away like candy.
  14. Peter F: Canadian Citizenship is a paper tiger. It has no value other than the paper its printed on. If Canadian citizenship has no value, why do people go to such great lengths to get it?
  15. If that's all you consider your citizenship to be worth, then you shouldn't have any problem using that paper as fuel for a fire to keep warm.
  16. All Peter F cares about is that more mainland Chinese get Canadian citizenship.
  17. Of course, in fact its amazing such people are so naive. Not to mention that, but China has massive ghost cities left right and center which were built for pure speculation. http://www.wired.com/2016/02/kai-caemmerer-unborn-cities/ Maybe instead of sending more mainland Chinese to overrun Canada and the rest of the world as a part of the new strategy of global Sinopoly, they should populate their own ghost cities.
  18. Well then let's get overrun by more mainland Chinese, solution solved!
  19. Of course it isn't. There are 38 mainland Chinese to a single Canadian. China's environment is completely devastated. Chinese tourists in Tibet take photos of the sky, because they've never seen a blue sky before in their lives. The Asian Tiger is now almost extinct. This is the future you are supporting for Canada.
  20. This should obviously be revoked. So tell us again Peter F, why you think Canada should give away citizenship like candy and yet you have no criticism for Beijing for being protectionist of Chinese citizenship?
  21. The difference is we spend our whole lives paying taxes, while they just reap the benefits in old age.
  22. You want Canada to be a massively overpopulated and over polluted megalopolis?
  23. Its alot easier when you already have a foot in the door and children that are citizens obvious.
  24. Its a real joke when we have to foot their medical bills and those of their aging parents.
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