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  1. Oh no, not at all, getting your kids instant citizenship simply because you came here as a tourist isn't cheating the system at all.
  2. So Canadian citizenship is worth a joke at a cocktail party abroad? Yeah you really value this country. In fact I find this an insult to my ancestors who helped forge this country, fought and died for it. Is this what they struggled for, fought and died for a joke by some ingrate at a cocktail party abroad? A joke on our behalf and generosity?
  3. Then if you don't care about China and its citizenship process why are you so staunch in allowing Chinese to get around the immigration system in Canada?
  4. Their immigration laws are actually more intelligent.
  5. Oh so you hold China to a different standard which you do to Canada making your position on Canada hypocritical to say the least.
  6. Always boiling things down to alleged monetary gain. Is that what our society is based on? Well then we might as well just rape the rest of the earth's environment if that is the case. Full steam ahead! like in China.
  7. So are you criticizing the government of China for not allowing our children to be given citizenship if born there?
  8. No, but I think they should at the very least reciprocate if we are giving them this amazing deal which we shouldn't be giving them. If they aren't willing to reciprocate then we sure as hell shouldn't give them this opportunity which we shouldn't be giving them anyway. Even their government has enough sense to try to limit their population of 1.35 billion people!!! To put that into perspective the population of Canada (which already includes numerous Chinese) would fit into the population of China 38 times!!!! But there aren't enough Chinese in the world according to some that we need to
  9. Oh that's funny. So China likely doesn't allow us to get our children citizenship if we give birth while on Holiday in China, yet we are supposed to allow the Chinese to get citizenship if they are on holiday here? That's a pretty foul uneven and unfair deal don't you think?
  10. Peter F. Does China allow anyone born there to have citizenship instantly regardless of nationality?
  11. Its called gentrification. Its also a major problem where I live in Victoria which is getting bought out in plain sight by mainland Chinese.
  12. So why are they so racist that they are going against the will of their own Chinese government? Also why are we promoting population increase? We should be lowering the population.
  13. Was it ridiculous that the Natives were appalled when the Europeans come? Was it ridiculous when the Greeks were appalled that the Persians were pouring in? It is not ridiculous to defend your country. There are 1.3 billion Chinese if they hadn't completely ruined their own environment, they wouldn't need to overrun our country.
  14. Are the Japanese racist for not letting in immigrants? How many immigrants are permitted Chinese citizenship?
  15. These assaults on people who are already Canadians are racist. If they weren't racist, then they would stay in their own countries. Why are these Chinese so racist that they consider their country not good enough to have their children be citizens there? Racists.
  16. And further destroying the environment in the process.
  17. How does trashing the earth make you an evolved earthling?
  18. This is insane. If everyone had an equal easy opportunity to gain citizenship then we would become massively overpopulated like say China or India etc., and the descendents of Canadians which actually formed the country would be overtaken and left in the dust by the influx of the new populations.
  19. Then citizenship is meaningless. There is no inherent value of Canadian citizenship or Canada then, if citizenship is just given away. On the contrary I consider Canada something worth defending. And incidentally so do the countless people who try to get citizenship consider it to have value. So we should not give it away like candy, especially to a people who have virtually completely destroyed their own environment and have 1.3 billion people in their own country already.
  20. People who have a citizenship simply based on getting around loopholes, with no interest in the actual Canadian state often living abroad without paying taxes and without any real interest in Canada other than to use its services when possible and to get further family members Canadian citizenship.
  21. Canada's population keeps increasing and we have a pseudo-citizenry. That is the problem.
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