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  1. Of course, it is beneficial to the people who want to bypass immigration to get here. It is not beneficial to Canada or its environment.
  2. The environment would be the most important value. "Since when has an immigrant been required to fix their country of origin first? Never." That is the problem with immigration. It doesn't solve anything.
  3. Actually they are usually overseas not paying Canadian taxes.
  4. Canada is a wonderful country, because of its low population, its heritage and for its values. That is worth protecting. The world if it finds that impressive, should seek to emulate it first by lowering its own populations to improve quality of life in other countries, not by overwhelming Canada, exploiting its environment and overpopulating it like every where else.
  5. We're not saying that you should have your citizenship removed. We are saying that coming to Canada to have babies so that they can become Canadian citizens should not be permitted.
  6. There's a certain portion of Canadians who wish to become like the panda.
  7. Yes and smoking makes no difference on health and herbicides make no difference on food quality and water makes no difference on forest fires and we should get rid of fire extinguishers while we are at it, because they don't really make a difference. In fact nothing makes a difference, everythings hunkey dorey, let's just give Canada a way, because Canada doesn't matter!
  8. 26 birth houses identified used by Mainland Chinese to get their children citizenship. http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/b-c-aware-of-26-baby-houses-as-birth-tourism-from-china-booms It is obvious that the government of Canada does not care one iota about preventing Canada from being colonized. If they did they would close these abhorrent back doors.
  9. Fully agree. I saw through Obama's speech for exactly what it was: a call for Canada to provide military welfare to our neighbours down south.
  10. It does a lot of things, but it doesn't lower the human population.
  11. Well right now in Canada the right are in a decline, and yet our current government are massively exploiting the tar sands and increasing the population even more than the previous conservative government.
  12. Why not instead do something now to reduce the population, instead of waiting for us to wreck the rest of the biosphere first?
  13. He was a left wing only in a Neoliberal sense, which is that his policies were built on classical liberalism, but globalized. Blair was a combination of left and right.
  14. I chose to place Blair as center left, which I agree is questionable, but it doesn't really matter, a problem is viewing the political spectrum through the prism of economics, it prejudices our thinking towards economics, whereas economics is not the most important issue in politics and blinds us from more important issues. Neither the left, nor the right have a monopoly on corruption or destruction. "Blanket statements (not that I'm pointing at you) like "the left believe this" or "the right believe this" don't really explain the sentiments. There are many who may consider themselves as le
  15. Non sequitur. Facepalm. And bleeding-hearts without rationality are not progressives.
  16. "It's definitely becoming more about quality of life, something that will make money secondary when it becomes harder to come by." Then if its all about selfish anthropocentric 'quality of life,' then one must be ecologically minded as quality of life is directly tied to ecology. "No, it's against conservative right-wingers. Destroying the ME was their stupid idea." But its not just to conservative right wingers. Neoliberal center leftists e.g. Blair and Hollande have also participated in this (as well as the left e.g. the former Soviet Union) and the result is you are destroying your cult
  17. Muslims are a threat. I'd advise extensive travels through the Middle East to confirm for yourself.
  18. True they were pretty bankrupt, but they could have been obstinate. Incidentally I would say Britain didn't have much of a choice whether to stay in the EU or not. To remain as in India would have been certain doom.
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