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  1. The Buildings were called Blowback from years of western imperial intervention in the Middle East and Central Asia that has left millions dead and millions displaced. Your 'we're going to kick their ass,' knee jerk reaction is the typical braindead response that has led to the perpetuation of violence between east and west. As I said if you're going to brag about kicking their ass, then don't whine like a little baby when some guy gets hacked to death in response.
  2. Wow you really haven't been paying attention. The whole Middle East and Central Asia have been consistently raped by western imperial intervention at the point of a gun, and then its done its best to funnel as many weapons as possible into the fray in order to encourage divide and conquer tactics.
  3. I don't see hacking a soldier to death any more barbaric than wiping a bunch of little kids out with clusterbombs in Iraq.
  4. And what weapons do those Muslims use? The weapons pumped to them through the U.S., Russia, Israel, Canada, Germany, France, Britain, China etc, all using divide and conquer amongst the Muslims to try and get their resources out the back door, and making a fortune for the arms manufacturers. Leaving outsiders in charge of the Islamic peoples' future is like leaving the pedophiles in charge of the daycare.
  5. Why play Britain is the innocent victim routine? Britain has been a driving force for imperial wars waged on Islamic peoples around the world. This is getting off light compared to what happened in the Khyber pass in the 19th century. Don't get me wrong I'm an atheist, but I simply can't feel sorry for a bunch of people whining when one British person gets killed in a unilateral conflict that it started that has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced now millions of people, and while the British government fuels weapons into the Syrian meat grinder.
  6. If you declare war on people don't be surprised when they fight back. A two year old can figure that out. And don't complain when it gets nasty either.
  7. No more barbaric than the hundreds of thousands of people killed in the Islamic world by imperial intervention.
  8. Pretty sick watching Canada being sold off for scrap with utter contempt for the very living systems being trashed in the process. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/may/16/canadian-government-doubles-advertising-spend-tar-sands
  9. http://www.theprovince.com/technology/study+finds+fish+species+shifting+north+climate+change/8390002/story.html That's been fairly obvious by the anomalies like massive amounts of humboldt squid washing up on the shore off B.C., but this study confirms it.
  10. Let's be real everyone knows this was probably set up by the liberals and the cons just didn't think to cancel it yet.
  11. I wouldn't call losing her riding vindicated. There was simply little change since last election. Voting habits are tough to break. The big loser is B.C.'s environment which is going to be raped as per campaign promise. To many here that's not a big deal. It would be nice if they would just go to Mars where they can all circle over the resources there without actually irrevocably harming life on earth.
  12. The Conservatives still have time to completely soil that reputation.
  13. I don't see why really. Voter identification will probably correllate BC Liberals with Federal Liberals, because that's as shallow as most voters in BC go.
  14. The last part sucks. If you have any liking for B.C.'s nature at all. If not feel free to go to Mars and exploit it for inanimate minerals instead.
  15. Andrew Weaver world renowned Climatologist has just been elected B.C.'s first Provincial Green MLA. In my riding too http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/05/14/andrew-weaver-green-party_n_3276101.html?utm_hp_ref=canada-politics The riding next to mine is still pretty close about 150 votes apart, so its almost 2 green MLAs. That riding elected Canada's first Green Federal Member of Parliament Elizabeth May last election despite the corporations who control the Federal Debates banning her from the debates, despite her previously getting into the debates because of public outrage the time before
  16. I don't usually agree with Putin, but this time he's right on.
  17. Neonicotinoids are an insectiside which wipes out bees, and has been causing colony collapse disorder. Europe has recently moved to ban them. Canada should too. http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2012/01/30-9 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-22335520
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