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  1. More schadenfreude against the British people! Its a good thing they can decide for themselves and not have others decide for them.
  2. Its a combination of the left and the right, both of which belong to the same paradigm going back to the Cold War and continuing under Blair (center left), Hollande (center left) etc. The left and right act as two sides of the same coin leaving the Middle East in tatters have both have historically sought to exploit it.
  3. I didn't say the whole of British rule was benevolent, of course not. It was naked imperialism. I said their leaving in the late 40s was benevolent.
  4. The Neoliberal left has also caused a bloodbath in the Middle East (goaded on by the Jewish Neoconservatives in the US) and that is what all these refugees/migrants are fleeing from. "Neoconservatives typically advocate the promotion of democracy and promotion of American national interest in international affairs, including by means of military force and are known for espousing disdain for communism and for political radicalism.[5][6] The movement had its intellectual roots in the Jewish monthly review magazine Commentary, published by the American Jewish Committee.[7][8]" https://en.wikipe
  5. "Hiw did you know they were islamics? Did you interrogate them or was it written on their foreheads? For all you know they could have been second or third generations of indians that are as much british as the white brits...." I know the difference between Middle Eastern people and Indians geez. " Whilst i am not denying what you are telling me but could be a scenario in any country in this day and age including canada." That's the point, its like this all over the world. That is globalization. "What has this got to do with colonization?" If they have a kid in the country, then the ki
  6. Indeed, we should remember that Blair and Cameron messed up all these countries which led to their refugees overrunning Europe.
  7. "nigel farage from ukip has explicitly stated in his campaign that refugees are at the doorstep of UK. That is a blatant lie and distortion of facts...." That is totally true, just look at what is happening at Calais.
  8. Because I"ve seen how it works. When I passed through Calais there were two lineups for entry, one for those in the EU and another for those not in the EU. There were only myself and a Mexican in one line and the other line most of them were Islamics in a long line up. They just let them all pass through without any questions. Also I used to work in the UK on a farm and there were numerous illegal labourers there mostly from the Baltics being paid a fraction of minimum wage.
  9. Kacee: There are numerous financial hubs in the plural sense. "It attracts forieign investers." So? London is the capital of England, should it be ruled by the interests of foreign investors? If the medium is money, then the message is one of rule by money. One global empire replaced by a globalist empire of the monied elite. "The fact that it is tolerant of foreigners keeps it unique and a role model for other capital cities." That doesn't make it unique at all. It is common in major cities. "You won't find that dynamic in any other european city." Yes you will. "And what do you m
  10. How is that unique? Every major city is like that now. There is nothing unique about globalization it is the destruction of all that is unique. "The question still stands...what has this got to do with european union" It is a microcosm of all the major cities in the European Union. The EU is losing its numerous cultures by being overwhelmed by foreigners. It is being colonized by the new neoliberal class.
  11. Immigration is reality. Have you been to London lately? Seen many people of British heritage there?
  12. And then they benevolently decolonized half the world. So why are you being racist against the British? This is the cruel spiteful mentality of Christian morality combined with Neoliberal Globalism. It is a form of ressentiment turned to schadenfreude and todestrieb towards one's own culture, people and country.
  13. I see the EU collapsing and this being like the beginning of the fall of the Soviet Union. Imo it will be Scandinavia, or the Balkans, but most probably Scandinavia that goes first.
  14. Only if your eyes are completely shut. All the stores in the village I grew up in were just bought by the Chinese in one fell swoop and now they are buying up all the properties. Similarly the number of Islamic people in Canada has doubled within the last 20 or so years from 500,000 to 1 million. At the present rate of increase, Islam will be the dominant religion in Canada in only a few generations.
  15. The word modern word xenophobia has been completely reversed of what it actually meant to the Greeks who created the word. The Ancient Greek concept of xenophobia was that someone who didn't provide hospitality for a guest was a xenophobe (fear of guests 'xenos'). It didn't mean that one allowed one's country to be colonized (the modern sense). The Greeks fought tooth and nail against being colonized, a perfect example being the battle of Thermopylae. The moderns consider defending one's land to be xenophobia, while the Ancients would have thought them and rightly so to be insane.
  16. Hooray for Brexit! Now Canada should do something about its own immigration problem and sovereignty.
  17. "People in the Middle East, Muslims in particular, have always sought to blame outsiders for their internal civil wars." Jeez I wonder why, could it be because they stoke them regularly?
  18. And so you just want to complete the process for them by ruining Canada too?
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